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Daddy: story

Keeping the stories coming…
This one I just came up with in the shower.

NaNoWriMo deficit: 8140/9514
NaNoWriMo weekly: 0/12.500
NaNoWriMo month: 11.126/50.000

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This sunday’s drawing lesson I have some spanking pictures that bring back memories. In these pictures it’s not the spanking that brings back memories, but something else. Somehow this is imagining a spanking in a situation you remember, eventhough there wasn’t a spanking in the real memory. O well, you’ll see what I mean.

The first picture reminds me of when I was a little girl and it was summer. It’s the chair used for the naughty girl to bend over. Almost everyone must’ve had that type of chair. I’m sure we did. It reminds me of family parties in the backyard, never was I spanked during one of those, but imagine if I had? The embarrassment and excitement that would’ve come with that. I’m sure me and my cousins would’ve earned a good spanking with a switch from the backyard at at least some of those occasions.

Our second picture reminds me of schooldays. Like any school we had “runs”. I’m not sure how to call them in English, but a large group of kids running a couple of laps around a thicket of trees. There would always be those that hid behind the trees and just sit there as the rest of us finished their laps. They would join us again in the last lap without having done anything at all. I’m sure those cheaters would’ve learned something had they been treated like the girl in this picture.

Our third picture brings me back even further. Back to when I played with dolls, I remember fondly that my barbie earned spankings regularly, just like the one in this picture. Perhaps I already knew back then what type of girl I was. No-one ever found out about those games with my dolls, I imagine would that have earned me a spanking, or not?

Our last picture is more of the now, everyday I take the train to work and I used travel by train to school as well. The long ride was always boring and a place to fantasise. Often enough I got home with my panties wet because I had sexual fantasies the whole ride home. Often I fantasised about being spanked, by the conductor, for not having a proper ticket, or by someone else for other reasons. But unlike the girl in this picture, I’m still waiting for my public transport spanking.

Hope you liked today’s post. If you like stories, I also added a couple of pages to ‘a little black dress’ today.

Wet bottoms

Hey everyone, it’s time for another wednesday’s photoshoot, I hope you will enjoy today’s subject and the pictures I have for you.

Today it’s all about wet bottoms, they make spankings more interesting for several reasons: a spanking on a wet bottom stings a lot more and gives a good lesson to a naughty young lady; usually when you get your bottom wet, you first get out of your clothes, a spanking after you just showered means you’re naked, extra embarrassing; and just for the spankers out there a wet bottom glistens very nicely and is a nice sight to behold.

Lets start with a place where everyone’s bottom is wet, at the beach. This young lady seems to be getting surfing lessons, or well she is getting lessons, not sure if they are about surfing. Her wet suit will probably barely protect her bottom from those smacks, and out on the water she is in full view of any watching eyes… poor girl.

Imagine you’re out with friends and they want to go swimming. They all agreed to wear their bathing suits under their clothes, but forgot to inform you. “just keep on your panties” they might say, afterall don’t your panties cover as much as any bikini? Well that might be true, but once wet they are much more revealing then normal swimwear. And what might daddy say when ou come home all wet?

The same problem goes for our third girl, water makes your thin white clothing as good as see-through, and when you’re not wearing any panties, well you could just as well be naked, with your bottom out for everyone to see.

Talking about naked, this girl doesn’t seem to mind you staring at her naked bottom. Personally I like swimming in the nude as well, but offering my bottom up like this? That would be asking for a good couple of swats.

On the subject of naked swimming, you could do it at a spa/sauna where everyone is naked. But it’s a lot more fun outdoors and skinny-dipping isn’t only exciting, it’s also naughty, guaranteeing your bottom a good tanning when you get caught.

Now I’m sure you all enjoyed these lovely bottoms, but where are the spankings you might ask? Well I saved the best for last. Like I said the best place for an embarrassing wet and naked spanking is the bathroom, just after a bath. Just imagine your bf/spanker/daddy coming in telling you you are going to get spanked whilst you’re already naked and embarrassed in front of them. And on top of that, the spanking will hurt a lot more because you are wet.

A BDSM kind of first date: story

This is my first attempt at writing a story that is more of a master-slave situation than a normal spanking story.
I’ve been wanting to write something that combined bondage and slave-play in one story for a long time.

This story is a bit more explicit than you’re used to from this blog, so be warned,
but I hope you all enjoy it.

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Sports and tanlines

We’ve had tennis, pool, volleyball and lots of girls in swimwear. But swimming isn’t only fun, there are a lot of professional swimmers out there and to get the least water-resistance they can come in odd little swimming outfits.

If it wasn’t for the professional swimming goggles and sport-event background I wouldn’t even be sure if todays picture realy was about a sporter. Her swimsuit is not what you’re used to see on professional swimmers. But what we care about of course is her bottom. And a great view it is, the swimsuit leaves it almostcompletely bare to appreciate, and it shows her tanlines from when she was wearing a more normal swimming outfit. For me tanlines say one thing: “you’re seeing something I normally keep covered up” it gives the whole image a higher level of ‘nudity’ and accentuates that her bottom could as well be bared for as much as the swimsuit covers her. Enjoy:

bare bottom swimwear

Swimming pool

More swimming today as we head out to the swimming pool.
This is coming from my ‘outdoors’ collection again. Things you might see if you go out a litte more. Though I must admit you have to be very lucky to encounter this sexy bottom at the local swimming pool. But there are enough cute bottoms in tiny bikinis when you do go to make it worth your while. Not to forget swimming is healthy.

Just don’t forget to listen to the lifeguard, otherwise he might spank your red bottom for everyone to see.
Speaking of for everyone to see, getting a spanking before you go swimming can be very fun. That light pink sheen on your bottom (a bikini hides nothing really) rally makes people think and stare.

sexy bottom at the swimming pool

Pool party

I can think of many ways the situation in this picture came to be. The spankers uniform and the spankee’s swimsuit, together with the cocktail suggest a pool party where a naughty girl got in trouble with one of the waiters. However, cutting a switch and tieing her up goes a littl further than an angry employee pulling her otk for a good spanking. I imagine the people at htis party were playing games, and as it goes with games there were bets. This unfortunqte young lady lost the game and the price to pay was a spanking by this waiter.

If it was a pool party as her swimsuit suggest, her bottom might be wet, adding to her pain, anyway I love how he pulled up her suit to bare her bottom for his switch. When it is all over round two of the poolside games start, but she better not lose again, her bottom is already red and next time that swimsuit is coming right off…

pool pqrty switching

Wet bottom

Three reasons why wet bottom are so interesting:

One, they look absolutely sexy, that shiny glistening skin, those water drops. You can’t resist touching or spanking it.
Two, they feel amazing when touching, stroking, massaging.
Three, they give that extra sting when spanking so the naughty girl really learns her lesson.

I absolutely love fantasies where a girl gets spanked on a wet bottom. Possibly at the beach or the pool, after having a swim, during a swim or after using one of the public showers, bikini-pants pulled down and that wet bottom spanked. Or after she’s had a shower or bath, not just nude, but one of the few moments any spankee can be spanked completely nude without telling her to undress (if you think undressing is too erotic for a disciplinary spanking, this is a possibility to spank a girl naked). Other wet spanking fantasies could be, a girl had too much fun watering the garden, or was too enthusiastic whilst washing the car. Perhaps it was a very warm day and she decided to run through the city-square fountains to cool down, only to get a public wet bottom spanking to warm her up again. Or as a first price reward in a wet t-shirt contest…

So many possibilities, enjoy today’s wet bottom:

a bare wet bottom


Some time ago, someone told me I should watch the movie ‘MicClintock’. It would have spankings in it, but not like some porn-movie. It’s just a regular old western, but from a time when it was still normal to give a girl a good spanking and even put it in a movie.

Well I couldn’t resist of course, I always loved stories from back when ‘spanking the mrs’ was still acceptable. And McClintock delivers just that. The spankings aren’t set out to be this erotic fantasy, instead it is a humorous occasion but embarrassing for the girl being spanked. That realism makes it for me much more arousing than any spanking movie on the internet. (though I do love a good spanking movie like he secretary)

The main characters  involving the spanking would be mister McClintock, his daughter, his wife and a hired help. Mrs McClintock left two years ago without telling him why, whilst his daughter went of to college. Now his daughter is returning, and so is his wife, because she wants their daughter to live with her. McClintock is however refusing to sign the divorce papers and want his daughter to live with him.

Halfway the movie the hired help insults his daughter after she kissed another man (he is in love with her). She tells her father to shoot him, and is being a right spoiled brat. The help suggests she needs a spanking and when McClintock doesn’t interfer, he pulls the girl across his lap. She pleads help from her daddy, but instead of helping her he hands a coal shovel to the man giving his daughter a well deserved spanking.

spanked by the help

At the very end of the movie we get another spanking. McClintock is finally done with Mrs MicClintocks behaviour and accusations. She runs away, wearing just her undergarment, but McClintock chases her through the village. After being soaked in water and having most of the garment ripped off in the funny chase, Mrs McClintock is finally caught and pulled over her husbands knee in front of the whole gathered village. And the help (who in he meantime became his future son-in-law) hands him a coal shovel in return.

spanked in front of the whole village

Then the funniest part in the movie is just after the spanking. McClintock thanks his future son-in-law and hands him the coal shovel back and tells him “keep it, you may need it”, making his daughter blush.

Bathtub spanking

I’m sharing one of my favorite spanking drawings today. We have one young lady being spanked by another. The spanker looks a bit young to be her mother, so perhaps an older sister, or better even, a girlfriend. *giggles*

I love how she placed a towel over her lap and then pulled the naughty girl right out of the bathtub and onto her lap to give her a spanking on her wet bottom. Really like the spanker’s shower cap with curls peeking underneath and the shape of the bath, really gives an old fashioned feel to the picture

There’s a lot of scenarios I can think of for such a spanking. The spanker might’ve just gotten home and discovered something the naughty girl did, not waiting until she finished her bath to spank her. Or the girl has been in her bath for hours, refusing to come out and the spanker has had enough of her lazyness. Perhaps they had to share the bathroom and the naughty girl hadn’t kept herself to her allotted time, using the bathroom too long, making the spanker almost too late for some appointment…

What I love about these kind of spankings – in fantasy, never been spanked in bath myself – is the nudity. When you’re spanked by friends, they have a reason to bare your bottom, but not to make you undress, that would become too erotic. But if you’re undressed to start with well… Also the wet bottom is an interesting part of this kind of spanking, it gives a whole different feeling to be spanked on a wet bum.

wet spanking in the bathtub