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Fun with friends

My friends and I often have some fun at sleepovers/parties. Coming across the following two pictures immediately made me think about such evenings. Which fun party would you enjoy the most? And don’t go cheating by saying ‘one followed by the other’.

The sexy strip poker evening with friends. Now I know all your imagination runs wild, the naughty girls getting caught by a man (or multiple men) and each of them getting their naughty bottom spanked in their current state of undress. But spanking is in the second picture just some sexy fun for this one.


Or the sexy spanking evening. Just wondering, does everyone get a turn? Or is this an intervention amoungst friends to teach one specifically naughty girl a lesson?


Back to school

Hey everyone, this sundays drawing lesson is all about a spanking fantasy tht is a favourite for many spanko’s. It’s naughty schoolgirls, spanked at school. Fortunately I’m too youg to have experienced anything like it when I went to school; and I say fortunate because I’m sure it was not as fun as it is in our fantasies.

I’m going to roughly divide these spankings into three settings:
Firstly there is the spanking by your teacher after class. You’re told you have to stay behind for detention, but when everyone has left, the teacher can give you your real spanking punishment in privacy. This schoolgirl must’ve been very naughty, she’s been made to write on the blackboard in between spankings because she flinched away from her smacks; plus her bottom is very red.

The second is my personal favourite, it is the spanking in front of the class, the added embarrassment of witnesses, and not just any, but your friends and classmates, makes this a real turn on for me. We see this in a little cartoon of which I have about a dozen, about Sammy Simpkins, a naughty gilr that loves being spanked and thus gets in trouble a lot too. She is spanked with her bare bottom facing the class. Also I like the cheeky boys taking a peek at the other girl’s panties.

And thirdly there is the spanking by the headmaster. When you’ve been told to see him, you know you’ll be in trouble. It might be less embarrassing than being spanked in fron tof class – though your clasmates probably know what will be happening there – but the added anticipation of waiting till school is ove and waiting outside his door makes this a very interesting scenario as well.

You see the headmaster up there ready with his cane, but a good headmaster knows multiple ways to discipline a naughty girl. Not only bending over his desk should be enough, this young girl is right on top of it, her legs up in the air in a very embarrassing and revealing position. A paddle is ready and a strap in his drawer, but the girl is laying waiting in anticipation as he is answering the phone in the middle of her punishment; or is he perhaps calling her parents, telling them why she will be home late?

Meru’s struggle

Hello everyone, this sunday’s drawing lessons I will be sharing a lot of pictures. These are made to accompany a set of stories written by Vpanovic on AnimeOTK. I will not add any commentary to the pictures because they are supposed to get you intrigued/interested in the story. So quickly hop over to animeOTK and enjoy this amazing story. Log in if you have an account, or register (it’s free). Go to download links and spanking stories and search for Meru’s struggle. You will find eleven great chapters to download and read.

The illustrations are done by CC, one of my favourite artists on animeOTK and are what made me decide to read the story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: short comic

Chapters 7-9 didn’t get any illustrations done. But by now you should be intrigued enough to go read the story. Let’s all just hope CC got a good spanking as well for not illustrating the last chapters.

Wet bottoms

Hey everyone, it’s time for another wednesday’s photoshoot, I hope you will enjoy today’s subject and the pictures I have for you.

Today it’s all about wet bottoms, they make spankings more interesting for several reasons: a spanking on a wet bottom stings a lot more and gives a good lesson to a naughty young lady; usually when you get your bottom wet, you first get out of your clothes, a spanking after you just showered means you’re naked, extra embarrassing; and just for the spankers out there a wet bottom glistens very nicely and is a nice sight to behold.

Lets start with a place where everyone’s bottom is wet, at the beach. This young lady seems to be getting surfing lessons, or well she is getting lessons, not sure if they are about surfing. Her wet suit will probably barely protect her bottom from those smacks, and out on the water she is in full view of any watching eyes… poor girl.

Imagine you’re out with friends and they want to go swimming. They all agreed to wear their bathing suits under their clothes, but forgot to inform you. “just keep on your panties” they might say, afterall don’t your panties cover as much as any bikini? Well that might be true, but once wet they are much more revealing then normal swimwear. And what might daddy say when ou come home all wet?

The same problem goes for our third girl, water makes your thin white clothing as good as see-through, and when you’re not wearing any panties, well you could just as well be naked, with your bottom out for everyone to see.

Talking about naked, this girl doesn’t seem to mind you staring at her naked bottom. Personally I like swimming in the nude as well, but offering my bottom up like this? That would be asking for a good couple of swats.

On the subject of naked swimming, you could do it at a spa/sauna where everyone is naked. But it’s a lot more fun outdoors and skinny-dipping isn’t only exciting, it’s also naughty, guaranteeing your bottom a good tanning when you get caught.

Now I’m sure you all enjoyed these lovely bottoms, but where are the spankings you might ask? Well I saved the best for last. Like I said the best place for an embarrassing wet and naked spanking is the bathroom, just after a bath. Just imagine your bf/spanker/daddy coming in telling you you are going to get spanked whilst you’re already naked and embarrassed in front of them. And on top of that, the spanking will hurt a lot more because you are wet.


Sunday’s drawing lessons.
Although I like a surprise, your naughty behaviour suddenly crossing the line and being pulled over for a spanking. Sometimes some anticipation can be very interesting as well. Being told you’ll get a spanking when you get home – yes despite fantasies, sometimes it just is too public – can be very exciting and scary at the same time. Waiting for a spanking can be embarrassing as well, being told to go to your room, but having to wait until he finds the time to deal with you, you’ll get punished but that doesn’t mean you get the attention you secretly wanted right away.

Anticipation for me is almost always arousing, doesn’t matter if it’s an erotic or disciplinary spanking. My nerves in my bottom seem to ready themselves for what is to come, heightening their sensitivity, feeling everything such as the slightest brush of my clothes. I get all warm and my thoughts all jumbled up, not really able to think of anything else but what is coming. Which can be very irritating when you’re in public and need to communicate.

Even more interesting then just being told to wait, is being told to ready yourself. During a normal spanking you can struggle or protest. But if you just readied yourself for it, protesting later seems so silly. Waiting for a spanking is in that way a very submissive act, knowing you are accepting your fate, and him knowing you will listen to him.
Readying yourself could be undressing, baring your bottom or getting into position even. But instead of actually readying for the spanking, it could also be readying for the punishment in whole. For example, standing in the corner, awaiting your punishment with your bottom already bared.

The fist girl in our drawings is waiting in bed, she is keeping her bottom raised for her spanking and the hairbrush is laying in wait.

The second girl today is ready to bend over the table. Her bottom is bared and she offers you the belt, handing it over with her teeth, her hands already positioned on the table.

Our third girl today already had some part of her punishment, but is waiting on the bed, face down, while her spanker is getting a strap for further punishment.

Our last girl today seems uncertain who is about to enter her room for her punishment. Is it the person she was hoping for? Where there more possible spankers? I’m sure there is a story to be told here.

Yes officer

In my opinion, just as interesting as the schoolgirl fantasy, is that of a police officer and a naughty rulebreaker. More erotic even, because where most schoolgirls are underage, you don’t have that problem with a young woman being questioned by a vigilant officer.

The fantasy can go many directions, being stopped for ignoring a stop sign and talking your way out of a ticket, but into a spanking in the back of the police-car. Or better even, being bent over the hood of his car to be searched and then spanked for everyone to see.
He could also decide to take you along to the bureau for questioning (don’t forget his handcuffs). He could strip-search you there, in front of his colleagues, or in private where he has you all for himself. He could put you in a little cell and spank you there. Perhaps even make you spend the night, so that he has you and your body all to himself.

But there’s also the role-reversal. I’m imagining female officers. They might abuse their powers or make a mistake. When you take your complaint to their commanding officer, who decides the best action to take is a spanking for the errant officer. He might let you watch as compensation, or – if you’re into that – let you do the spanking.

So we’ve come to today’s picture, an errant female police-officer is spanked by her commanding officer. Enjoy.

spanked by her commanding officer

Facial Expressions Friday

Another friday, another magnificent facial expression.

Face down, naked on the sofa, a good position for a nice stinging implement, a belt comes to mind or a strap, something that gives the spanker a long reach. But her eyes closed and her mouth open in a soft moan shows us she is enjoying her spanking maybe just a bit too much. Perhaps they have just started and her bottom isn’t burning hot enough yet to add an edge of pain to her moans. Her hands gripping the pillow do tell us however that they do sting, those smacks. Still I think we are witness here of her arousal during an exciting erotic spanking of her soft bare bottom.

soft moaning during an erotic spanking


Time for another interesting fantasy. A lot of people have erotic fantasies about doctors and nurses, not necessarily about spanking, though spanking fits the scene very well. I must admit my favorite is a good doctor-patient fantasy, having to undress for him, feeling vulnerable, letting him examine you – everywhere – and then the doctor finds out you’re faking sick to get out of school/work for a day, as medicine he decides you need a good spanking, and he’ll give it to you himself. Hmmm…

But that’s not what today’s post is about. Today it is about nurses. Nurses are in fantasies (and if you’re very lucky in real life as well) very attractive women in sexy nurse outfits. It’s easy to guess why so many people fantasize about nurses. She is there when the doctor examines you and he makes her help in the examination. If you were a man I could imagine you enjoy the idea of a woman being told to do things, being told to touch you; if you’re a girl like me, I know I enjoy the idea of letting another woman touch you at the instructions of a man who’s watching.
Now how spankings come in to play. Nurses have a job with a lot of responsibility. Their actions can have bad consequences to the patient, and a nurse that doesn’t do her job correct is a danger to the patient. So it is not hard to imagine a nurse getting spanked by her boss when she makes a mistake. Better even, she might even be spanked in front of the patient she endangered, or let him do it even. Also as nurses are there to ‘help’ the patient, we expect them to be friendly and nice. They are forced into a sort of submissive role, and when she fails to be the friendly nurse we want her to be, she is taken over the knee, by the patient himself, or by the doctor.
And let’s not forget the sexy nurse outfit that’s just perfect for a spanking fantasy, the hospital beds or examination tables that give plenty opportunity for interesting positions and the hospital equipment, because when she makes a mistake the doctor could teach her how to use it, by using it on her.

Hope you all enjoy a good spanked nurse fantasy as well en enjoy the following pictures:

Patient taking his nurse otk:

patient spanking a nurse

Nurse on the examination table:

strapped nurse on the examination table

strapped nurse on the examination table

Two nurses bending over:

Two nurses bending over

Nurse over the doctor’s knee:

Nurse over the doctor's knee

Diaper position on the examination table:

Diaper position on the examination table

Tied up

Going a lit more vulnerable today, myself and the person in today’s picture. Admitting that my fantasy of spanking goes further and includes some bondage as well. Being tied up and completely left to your spanker’s mercy. Not something to do every week, but very exciting.

For some reason I can’t see bondage in a disciplinary setting. As a punishment it would be to extreme in my eyes, you don’t need to tie a girl up for a good disciplinary spanking.. For me bondage will always be something erotic, the ultimate proof of that bond of trust between spanker and spankee.

I even like full body bondage, but it has to be just right. I don’t want the cords to be tight, but just restraining, no cutting off blood flow. I think that looks amazingly sexy, but when you see a woman who is tied so that her breasts start darkening for shortage of blood, it just turns me off…
Full body bondage is mainly attractive to look at though, to actually have it done, the softer bondage appeals more. Hands tied behind your back, ankles bound so you can’t run. The way you would be bound by a kidnapper before he uses you (and I must admit I have fantasized about that too).

But lets get to today’s picture. A really sexy strapping of a lightly bound woman. Not sure if I like the cords around the elbows, if she’s not agile enough, her back and shoulders hurt more than her bottom after some time in that position, and I’m sure that’s not what we want.

bound and strapped