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Savannah – story

Hello everyone,

I just finished another story for your reading pleasure.


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Alone at work: story

Hey everyone.
I have finished another story for you all, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Black and white

Usually I prefer my cheeks to have some colour, but these black and white pictures can be very erotic/sexy as well.
(there you were hoping I was talking about my actual cheeks … well I prefer them to have some colour too)

High heels, stockings and handcuffs. It sounds like a very naughty picture, but in black and white in can be very artistic too. Still, the things that will be happening to this young lady are better described as naughty than as artistic I think…


Looking over her shoulder, this attractive young lady has chosen her most sexy underwear to await her man to come home. Will he be pleased, or will her naughtiness go punished? I don’t think any man could forgive her without a bit of a spanking, not with that pretty bottom luring him in…


Technically not black and white, but still a very sexy yet artsy photo none the less. I love the white ribbons in the black lacy panties, wish I had a pair of those myself, they suit her perfect bottom amazingly…


Just a nice pair of panties over a cute bottom and a set of handcuffs. This one makes me wish my hands were tied behind my back right now… Except, I wouldn’t be able to type this then.


A bare bottom over stockings, laying down on the bed. Without the pillows underneath her hips this position is a lot less embarrassing, but still good enough for a few straps with the belt. Of course, that would ruin the perfect relaxed image of this black and white picture … or would it?


It seems the last girl of today has gotten impatient. I’m sure that she has been looking at the other girls that have gone before her and – like me – can no longer contain her excitement. Eventhough she is proving that even this amount of naughtiness can look like an artistic photograph in this black and white, I still think she deserves a good hard spanking for playing with herself where you all can see.


I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. I realised I had been posting a lot of stories, but it had been a while since I did a picture-post. (some probably prefer the stories, but some might only like the pictures, and I’m sure that those that do prefer the stories like the pictures as well.)
Now don’t all go do what the girl in the last picture did, because if you get caught, you might end up with a sore red bottom. 😉

A series of unfortunate events: story

Hey everyone, it’s been a busy week and I have been writing stories. I even missed last sunday’s drawing lesson, but I am running out of drawings. I have a lot more photo’s than drawings, so Im going to skip a drawing lesson every now and then so that they can even out a bit more.

As some of you might have expected, I didn’t reach my goal last week, with only 2.986 out of 12.500 words. As agreed my friend spanked me for it. Missing so many words (it’s not a small deficit) she even decided to use a slipper on my bare bottom. Unlucky for me she did reach her goal, so I wasn’t able to return the favor.
But the next deadline is tomorrow, so lets hope I can reach my goal this week. (don’t worry, I have some stories done, I don’t haveto write them all in a day…

NaNoWriMo deficit: 2743/9514
NaNoWriMo weekly: 0/12.500
NaNoWriMo month: 5.729/50.000

This story is actually based/inspired on a great drawing that I will share at the end of the story.

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Red bottoms

Hey everyone, hope you didn’t miss me too much the last week but I’m back for some more posts. We all know I get spanked now and again and this morning was no different. The reason? I missed three posts on this blog. Now I’m not sharing a picture of my red bottom with you, but lately most I have shared are pictures that inspiring spanking rather than pictures that are about spanking. That’s why this weeks I am sharing pictures about spanking, more specifically about such a red bottom.

The woman in our first picture has been bent over the kitchen table (see the kitchen in the background). I think I will soon do a picture set all about the kitchen, but for now lets just focus on her red bottom. The color is spread nice and wide and her stockings make her that much sexier. It’s just a little pink though, so I suspect this is an inbetween shot, her spanker now looking through the kitchen drawers for a good implement to spank her with. Poor girl, I’m sure she’ll behave better from now on.

Our next picture shows to girls that both got spanked together. I can imagine a lot of scenario’s here. Are they sisters that both got daddy’s attention, or are they best friends and was one staying over? Maybe they were just doing naughty stuff to eachother when one of their boyfriends caught them, or they are eachothers’ girlfriend and got spanked by a friend helping them in their spanking fantasy needs… In any way, their bottom got a decent amount of attention, they must have been very naughty because it looks like it wasn’t just a hand that turned their bottom this red. Ouchy.

The next girl laying on the couch has a nice bog bottom perfect for spanking. She has been made to undress, leaving only her underwear on and most of that pulled down as well. This seems to me most likely a disciplinary spanking, she doesn’t seem to have enjoyed much of it, perhaps dreading the rest as she is laying their waiting for a possible continuation with an implement. Because of the undress I would say her boyfriend and not a parent is teaching her a lesson, hope she learns because her bottom will be redder as the evening progresses.

Facedown on the bed, looking over her shoulder, this young lady is inspecting her red bottom just as we are. It seems nice and red so she must’ve had a good spanking. Naked below the waist, but with a dark pink t-shirt I think those are part of her nightwear. A good spanking before bedtime always helps me sleep too.

Now laying on the bed or the couch might be fun, but this spanker knows a spanked little girl deserves to stand in the corner and think about her behaviour afterwards. Allthough he seems to have stopped spanking her a bit too early. Her bottom is barely pink, her panties are still on and she doesn’t look sorry at all. I’m sure she’ll end up back over his knee for a second round. This one however seems to enjoy it, well who doesn’t enjoy a good erotic spanking?

The last one today is also my favourite. This girl laying on the bed, her bottom glowing pink, a bit of her private parts showing telling us her awkward state of undress, also with those panties around her knees and then the sad look on her face, she knows she is in trouble, it hurts, she is sorry and yet there is more to come. Almost makes me jealous … almost.

Meru’s struggle

Hello everyone, this sunday’s drawing lessons I will be sharing a lot of pictures. These are made to accompany a set of stories written by Vpanovic on AnimeOTK. I will not add any commentary to the pictures because they are supposed to get you intrigued/interested in the story. So quickly hop over to animeOTK and enjoy this amazing story. Log in if you have an account, or register (it’s free). Go to download links and spanking stories and search for Meru’s struggle. You will find eleven great chapters to download and read.

The illustrations are done by CC, one of my favourite artists on animeOTK and are what made me decide to read the story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: short comic

Chapters 7-9 didn’t get any illustrations done. But by now you should be intrigued enough to go read the story. Let’s all just hope CC got a good spanking as well for not illustrating the last chapters.

Nude girls

Sexy outfits, lingery, naughty our cute, sometimes all we really want is just a girl without her clothes on. So that’s what I’m giving you this wednesday’s photoshoot.

Our first girl seems to be at home, what’s more relaxing than laying on your bed without any clothes on? But I do hope that she’s not being lazy and neglecting her chores; a bed and a bare bottom, her bf wouldn’t need much imagination to figure out what kind of punishment to give her.

Our second girl seems to have thrown her blankets and pillows on the floor. This does not seem too comfortable and I can only think of two reasons why you would do that: One you’re about to have some sexy time with your bf on the floor or two you like to make your room a mess and are about to get a spanking. Both options could be fun allthough the second could probably incorporate the first.

Our third girl is on the bed again, but not as relaxed as the first. Her slightly spread legs, upturned bottom and the apprehensive look on her face tells me she might be about to get a good tanning on her bottom. Or I’m completely wrong, though I know you all hope I was right.

Our fourth girl is the last one laying on the bed, I promise. I liked her because of her seductive smile and quite a big bottom in my opinion, she could take a good long spanking on that.

Our fifth girl is more what you’re all used to see on my blog. This one has definitely been naughty as she has been put in the corner on her knees, awaiting her punishment. She doesn’t look too happy about it either so it will be a good disciplinary spanking for this naughty young lady.

Our sixth girl is my favourite and you’ll all know why. Not only is she standing in the corner just like the previous girl, telling us that she’s been naughty and about to be spanked; but on top of that, the corner has a window reaching from the floor to the ceiling, so this completely naked naughty girl is completely visible for any passing stranger.

Hope you all enjoyed a post without much of a story but with some good pictures. Some days we just want to see pretty things without having to think about them. (and no that doesn’t mean I’ve just been lazy today, for those that want to find any excuse to redden my bottom)

A spanking good holiday

Hello everyone, my apologies for the delayed wednesday’s photoshoot. I was busy this week with packing and other preparations for my coming holiday-trip. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for about two weeks. So this means no blogposts for the coming two weeks either.

That doesn’t mean no spankings of course. A holiday-trip is the perfect opportunity for a spanking. Where-ever you’re going, chances are it’s somewhere no-one else knows you. This means you can do some fun kinky stuff and even when other people realise/hear/see, when the trip is over you will neve have to see them again. (just make sure they don’t have any camera’s with them, you might end up on the internet…

Some of the fun things you can get up to are:

Cooling your bottom with a soft breeze, lifting your skirt, no-one you know is going to see your bare bottom.

But why just baring your bottom when you could take off all your clothes? At least this way the locals will appreciate the tourism in their area…

How about getting cornertime with your bottom bared, outside? If anyone didn’t hear the slapping and screaming, they will certainly recognize a naughty punished girl with her bottom bare and will remember her long after she went home again. Or like this girl, cornertime before her spanking. After seeing her the locals will know to pay attention to the sounds they will hear in the near future.

You could even get your spanking outside, the privacy of the local woods should suffice … well until some joggers pass by. At least it’s no-one you know.

Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to get spanked with a view? These two girls must’ve gotten into some misschief on holiday together, but at least they can admire the view while the spanker (and perhaps other tourists) admire their naked bodies and red bottoms.

But in the end, why go through so much trouble for the privacy of a forest or hill? You’re on holiday, no-one knows you here, just go to the local park for your outdoor spanking!

Hope everyone enjoyed the post. I hope I will have as much fun on my trip as the girls in these pictures did and I will see you all in two weeks.

Spanking fantasy

This sunday’s drawing lesson isn’t just about a spanking fantasy, but about spanking in the fantasy genre (as inbooks and movies like the lord of the rings or game of thrones).
As most of you (that pay attention) know, I’m writing a fantasy novel myself (for those that didn’t, check the little black dress link at the top of this page). Unlike popular fantasy however I will have a lot more sexual interaction and spankings in the story than a normal novel. And I found some pictures in my collection that go very well with this announcement. 🙂

First of we have princess Ardala (to be quite honest I have no idea who she is, but she’s supposed to be a known character in some work of fiction). More a sci-fi character (there seems to be a spaceship) than a fantasy character, but who cares, as long as she got a good hard spanking on her bare bottom.

Our second drawing features a more anime-type batgirl, I’m not sure what genre batgirls fall into (perhaps furry eventhough bats have no fur), but again a nice red spanked bottom, so no-one – except perhaps the girl herself – is complaining.

Our third girl is a real fantasy character, the pointy ears make her an elf and th toys filling up both her holes suggest that she is being taught the modern human way of pleasure. It appears the naughty elf wasn’t very cooperative at first though, she had to be tied up and spanked with a large paddle first.

And lastly, in fantasy not even the gods get away with their misbehaviour, well not when you’re a female god of course. This seems to be a female Loki over her brother Thor’s knee for a really godlike spanking… poor goddess.

Campside spanking

I really like this drawing. It reminds me of Robin Hood and his love Marian, eventhough the names say they’re not.

The setting is slightly medieval/fantasy, giving it that hero/heroine feel when young lady’s were supposed to live in their father’s house until he found them a decent husband. Gallivanting off into the wild with a stranger can get such a lady into some deep trouble. She’s not prepared for such a hard life and she’s learning the hard way, with a sore bottom.

The woods is a very nice setting, it is private enough, but you can never be sure who’s watching. The campsite and fire might have attracted someone’s eye, and the yelps of a damsel in distress will surely lead them closer.

a spanking by the campfire