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A series of unfortunate events: story

Hey everyone, it’s been a busy week and I have been writing stories. I even missed last sunday’s drawing lesson, but I am running out of drawings. I have a lot more photo’s than drawings, so Im going to skip a drawing lesson every now and then so that they can even out a bit more.

As some of you might have expected, I didn’t reach my goal last week, with only 2.986 out of 12.500 words. As agreed my friend spanked me for it. Missing so many words (it’s not a small deficit) she even decided to use a slipper on my bare bottom. Unlucky for me she did reach her goal, so I wasn’t able to return the favor.
But the next deadline is tomorrow, so lets hope I can reach my goal this week. (don’t worry, I have some stories done, I don’t haveto write them all in a day…

NaNoWriMo deficit: 2743/9514
NaNoWriMo weekly: 0/12.500
NaNoWriMo month: 5.729/50.000

This story is actually based/inspired on a great drawing that I will share at the end of the story.

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The look on her face

Hey everyone, I’m glad I’m back and able to share some more fantasies with you.
This sunday’s drawing lesson is about a very particular situation. Imagine you’re witness to a spanking, but you can’t actually see it, all you see is the look on the girl’s face and of course the sounds you hear.

Imagine you’re up late on christmas eve and you here the bells of santa’s sled. You go outside and see his sled parked on top of your neightbour’s building. The light is on and inside you see the young girl nextdoor facing the window, a big man in a red suit behind her. Through the sound of christmas carols down the street you hear the sounds of a spanking coming from her house. This girl was definitely on santa’s naughty list. When it is all over she waves him goodbye and then finally sees you. Wave back at her, she’ll blush.

Now not everyone believes in santa, so that might be hard to imagine. So lets make things easier, the young girl next door still lives with her parents? Well one day maybe her mother will give her the spanking she deserves. Perhaps because she didn’t clean the house and the result is there is nothing to bend her over, nothing except the window sill of the open window.

Enough imagining, lets get to our third girl this week. She was taking part in a marathon. But the naughty misses choose to take a short cut. She got caught however by the owner who’s terrain she was tresspassing. He gives her a good slippering with his shoe while in the distance the other runners that took the correct route will see the cries on her face and the sound of her red bottom being smacked.

Our last girl is in a most embarrassing situation. She was in her backyard, just chatting a bit with her neighbour, flirting even. When her husband came home he found she had done none of her chores and he definetely didn’t approve of the flirting. He decided to pull down her pants and spank her right there. The fence protected her modesty a bit, but she couldn’t hide the cries on her face from her neighbour she had only just chatted with and the sound of smacks on her bottom were definately a turn on for both men.


This sunday’s drawing lesson I have some spanking pictures that bring back memories. In these pictures it’s not the spanking that brings back memories, but something else. Somehow this is imagining a spanking in a situation you remember, eventhough there wasn’t a spanking in the real memory. O well, you’ll see what I mean.

The first picture reminds me of when I was a little girl and it was summer. It’s the chair used for the naughty girl to bend over. Almost everyone must’ve had that type of chair. I’m sure we did. It reminds me of family parties in the backyard, never was I spanked during one of those, but imagine if I had? The embarrassment and excitement that would’ve come with that. I’m sure me and my cousins would’ve earned a good spanking with a switch from the backyard at at least some of those occasions.

Our second picture reminds me of schooldays. Like any school we had “runs”. I’m not sure how to call them in English, but a large group of kids running a couple of laps around a thicket of trees. There would always be those that hid behind the trees and just sit there as the rest of us finished their laps. They would join us again in the last lap without having done anything at all. I’m sure those cheaters would’ve learned something had they been treated like the girl in this picture.

Our third picture brings me back even further. Back to when I played with dolls, I remember fondly that my barbie earned spankings regularly, just like the one in this picture. Perhaps I already knew back then what type of girl I was. No-one ever found out about those games with my dolls, I imagine would that have earned me a spanking, or not?

Our last picture is more of the now, everyday I take the train to work and I used travel by train to school as well. The long ride was always boring and a place to fantasise. Often enough I got home with my panties wet because I had sexual fantasies the whole ride home. Often I fantasised about being spanked, by the conductor, for not having a proper ticket, or by someone else for other reasons. But unlike the girl in this picture, I’m still waiting for my public transport spanking.

Hope you liked today’s post. If you like stories, I also added a couple of pages to ‘a little black dress’ today.

Good girl paradox

In the spanking scene there is this thing I like to call the good girl paradox, it goes a bit like this:
When you’re in a spanking relationship, not just DD, but where spanking is an erotic experience for you both; you know your boyfriend loves spanking you. That’s why you can make him happy by misbehaving, giving him a reason to do what he loves. But making your boyfriend happy is what good girls do. So you can be a good girl by being a bad girl.

It’s a funny thing really, I started thinking about it after a converation I had with my bf just a couple of days ago:
BF: “Did you behave today?”
me: “No!”
BF: “Good girl… Come here.”
Of course I’ve known about the paradox a lot longer, but it just struck me as funny so I decided to write a blog post about it.

So today’s drawing lesson is about bad girls that are secretly good girls.
Our first girl loves a clean and orderly house. But when her boyfriend told her he’d come in the weekend she decided not to clean her room for the rest of the week. Living in all that clutter annoyed her much, but when he finally came and spanked her for her apparent lazyness it was all worth it. Especially when afterwards he made her clean up with her red spanked bottom on display.

Our second girl has a whole series of cartoons, all about her. Sammy Simpkins is a student that loves being spanked. I’m sure she’s secretly many teachers’ favourite because of this bad behaviour. Especially when she – like today – gets a friend of hers to misbehave as well.

The next girl is a real kitchen princess, but when she’s baking cookies for her husband, they sometimes mysteriously burn. Luckily for her, her husband has a way with the kitchen utensils as well. He’s probably fetching that wooden spoon right now.

Our last girl works at different families and when she’s done cleaning, the house looks perfect; except when she’s with this one client. His house is just too big, there’s always one area she ‘accidentally’ forgot. Luckily for her he doesn’t mind that much. Instead of asking for a different maid, he just spanks her for it and she always makes sure she has some free time after working hours to give him the time he needs.

Computer trouble

So last week my old laptop finally gave out, so I had to buy a new one. Which means you all had to miss my posts for over a week. But I’m going to make up for it,a weeks worth of post, in one night. enjoy…

Firstly Sammy finally shows her true nature in ths cartoon. We’ve seen Sammget in trouble a few times, but now we learn she does it on purpose she really does love spanking.

schoolgirl slippering

Spanked for cheating

Today’s picture is a very interesting one. It depicts a naughty girl, bent over a table, her bottom bare and red as she gets a good slippering in front of a crowd of watchers.

It seems she was part of a marathon or cross-country race, but perhaps she was caught cheating, taking a shorter route perhaps. She is bent over the judges table in front of the spectators for a good bare bottom spanking with one of her own running shoes.

There are a few nice details in the drawing. In the crowd an older gentleman has been offered a chair to sit, so the spanking was prepared well, with the crowd gathered beforehand.
One of the girls watching is protecting her bottom, perhaps she is next? Or maybe she just sympathizes, knowing how it feels.
A man in the audience is holding a cup and a cane, possibly the sitting older man’s walking stick, but possibly an implement to be used later.
One girl is looking away from the spanker with a smug look on her face. Did she tattle on the cheaters? Perhaps she won the race by disqualifying the cheaters. It could be her father with the cup next to her. Perhaps the cane is meant for her, because of her tattling, she just doesn’t know it yet.

public bare bottom slippering