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Things that turn me on

Hey everyone

The votes have been counted and today I will be hsowing you things – or pictures of things – that turn me on.

But first, I want to share with you something else that turns me on: spanking stories.
The main reson I like to write the stories I share with you, is because they turn me on. However, not only my stories do, so do others. Often I’ve find other people sharing my stories or linking to them and I thought it would only be fair if I returned the favour every now and then. So today I wanted to suggest this story to you:
No good deed goes unpunished by Enzo on Every day spankings.
I’m not going to tell you what it’s about, just go read it and know it stayed in my mind the rest of the day and especially during a steamy shower before bed…

Back on track: today’s pictures. You all know by know that what turns me on is spankings and little displays of public nudity or embarrassment. But it would be too easy to just share those. Instead I made a selection of interesting pictures.

First, there is art. Does art turn me on? Well if it sets my imagination going, yes it does. This strange photograph would set any spanking-enthousiasts warped mind into imagining things the author probably hadn’t intended. But then again, what else could this collection of seemingly random placed chairs be for than a meeting of mentors and their naughty bare bottomed girls for a shared spanking experience? Could be a competition… Last one to back for mercy and get up wins.


Messages left behind. We don’t know what happened here, anything is possible really. But some naughty girl’s panties left behind in the movie theatres sets our minds thinking the most interesting of situations. To me this is much more interesting than actually seeing what happened, that would just tell us one story, this tells us dozens… Well let’s just hope that one actual story involved a spanking for such naughty behaviour.


Seeing spanking or other sexy things in something another person wouldn’t. You probably have to be an ass-lover – or have a dirty mind – to see the message hidden in this sign. But when you do, fun times follow. What makes this picture even better is the actual sexy bottom accompanying it.


Long legs. Yup, just a trait of an attractive female, but not just because I like to look at women. Unlike our sexiest part,our naughty behinds, it is ok to display our legs in public. (as long as the weather cooperates) This picture proves to me how sexy legs can be, even something as utterly unsexy as chaning a baby’s diaper can look hot with legs like these. Proof that maybe legs are too sexy to be shown so publicly, but than again, I do like a bit of public showing-off…


Ok, so I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t make a post about what turns me on without combining my two most favorite turn ons: a nice behind and a public situation. And what is better for that than the swimming pool? Scanty clothes, barely more than lingerie, often wet and for everyone to see. When I go to the pool it’s not to swim, it’s to show off and stare at the competition.


I hope you liked this post, depsite the low amount of actual spanking. Vote in the poll for the next one and I promise: more red bottoms.

The building site: story

Hey everyone,

I’ve finished the third story from my poll, the building site, while waiting for the results from the last poll in the ‘like her little sister’ story.
I wonder, after reading this story and the hotelroom story last week, who would change their minds and would have rather wanted three parts in one of these, rather than the ‘like her little sister’ story. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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My new mentor: personal story

Hello everyone, I’m going to start the new year by making good on at least one promise. I’m going to share the story of my first spanking of 2013. It is the story of what will hopefully bring a chance to my blog and improve my erratic blogging behaviour.
I promised to write this story to Mike, my new blogging mentor and old friend, it is also this months assignment, so I’m getting of on a good start this month. At the same time it is meant as an apology to all of you, for all the missed deadlines and broken promises of 2012. I hope I can be a better bloggess for you all in the coming year.

Never before have I shared a story about myself on this blog as open as this one, not with this many details and admitting this many feelings. I’m very nervous about your responses, but please comment if you want to, I’d rather have your remarks and critiques than your silence.
Some of it might come as a surprise to you, the amount I care about this blog, the severity of the spanking. But I hope that in the end that all helps in you getting to know me a little better.

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to rub or not to rub

Hey everyone, this wednesday’s photoshoot we have some sexy girls rubbing their bottom, to ease the soreness, or in anticipation of what is to come. Some doms dont want their sibs to rub their bottom, others enjoy seeing her rub and dance, and yet other prefer to do the rubbing themselves. Myself, I prefer being rubbed over doing it myself too haha. Enjoy.

With her skirt up and both hands on her bottom, our first girl is very sexily rubbing in anticipation, probably just after she has been told to pull up that skirt.

Our second girls seems to have been spanked earlier. Her bottom is already covered up again, but she can still feel the soreness under her shorts. Now that she is finally allowed to rub she gives herself a good squeeze.

Our third girl has been stripped below the waist, ready for her spanking she reaches back one last time in a vain attempt to protect her bottom; or perhaps in a way saying goodbye to her calm pale cheeks which will be replaced by a red hot bottom very soon.

Our fourth girl sems slightly pink under her very see-through panties. But not pink enough that she should be rubbing. Maybe this tight grasp is actually an attempt to protect her panties from being pulled down. Now that’s not how good girls take their spankings, is it?

This girl’s rubbing seems to be more seducing. I imagine her telling her boyfriend about her secret fantasies, sitting on the bed in her underwear, telling him about her childhood spankings and rubbing her bottom toshow him what she wants and needs.

And let’s finish with not one, but three girls rubbing. You might not allow a girl to rub, but this is the perfect occassion to let her. Because what is more embarrassing than a girl with her bottom bared in front of the class? A girl with her bottom bard and rubbing it because she was spanked as a naughty little girl.

Meru’s struggle

Hello everyone, this sunday’s drawing lessons I will be sharing a lot of pictures. These are made to accompany a set of stories written by Vpanovic on AnimeOTK. I will not add any commentary to the pictures because they are supposed to get you intrigued/interested in the story. So quickly hop over to animeOTK and enjoy this amazing story. Log in if you have an account, or register (it’s free). Go to download links and spanking stories and search for Meru’s struggle. You will find eleven great chapters to download and read.

The illustrations are done by CC, one of my favourite artists on animeOTK and are what made me decide to read the story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: short comic

Chapters 7-9 didn’t get any illustrations done. But by now you should be intrigued enough to go read the story. Let’s all just hope CC got a good spanking as well for not illustrating the last chapters.


Hey everyone, happy to be back for another post.
Last week I’ve had no internet, and that really makes you understand how addicted you can be to your computer … it was a long week and I don’t understand why the internet company needed so long to send me a replacement modem. Anyway, I’m back now and ready for some blogging.

On a side note: my boyfriend told me I had to mention he did spank me for not keeping my blog up to date eventhough there was nothing I could do. ‘another form of the good girl paradox’ he called it. The second part of my punishment is that I have to share something personal on the blog, so that’s today’s subject.

Just a few days I had a very strange dream and it involved spanking.
My boyfriend has a sister, and she has a new boyfriend. In my dream my boyfriend and I were talking about him, discussing whether he was good enough for her. My bf wondered if he knew how to treat a girl, and by that I mean how to treat her when she’s naughty. So we decided we should let him spank me, to see if he knew how to give a good spanking. And this being a dream, this guy agreed to the test without finding it strange in any way, and he did spank me good.
I woke up with a tingling bottom and made sure my bf repeated the process but then for real.

So hope sharing this dream was personal enough. If any of you feel called to share as well, use the comments to tell me about your strange spanking dreams.
Now lets get to today’s pictures, it’s the photoshoot I wanted to post wednesday (or the wednesday before that).

It all starts out with a dream, and dreams can be crazy. This young lady played naughty games with her teddy-bears, and now they are taking revenge.

When you then wake up from your dream, your bottom is tingling but pale, you want the spanking you just dreamt off. Pull down your pj’s and offer your bottom to your bf.

But what if your boyfriend isn’t there with you? You’ll have to go downstairs in your pj’s for your spanking, he might be there or you might have to ask daddy.

And eventhough your pj’s may be cute, they will come down eventually for the bare bottom spanking you literally dreamt of.

When your spanking is over, you’ll be sent back to your room, with a stinging red bottom, back to bed.

Allthough you might not get to sleep again yet, your boyfriend might be in the mood for other things now. He’ll make you wait for him like a naughty girl with her hands on her head.

A spanking good holiday

Hello everyone, my apologies for the delayed wednesday’s photoshoot. I was busy this week with packing and other preparations for my coming holiday-trip. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for about two weeks. So this means no blogposts for the coming two weeks either.

That doesn’t mean no spankings of course. A holiday-trip is the perfect opportunity for a spanking. Where-ever you’re going, chances are it’s somewhere no-one else knows you. This means you can do some fun kinky stuff and even when other people realise/hear/see, when the trip is over you will neve have to see them again. (just make sure they don’t have any camera’s with them, you might end up on the internet…

Some of the fun things you can get up to are:

Cooling your bottom with a soft breeze, lifting your skirt, no-one you know is going to see your bare bottom.

But why just baring your bottom when you could take off all your clothes? At least this way the locals will appreciate the tourism in their area…

How about getting cornertime with your bottom bared, outside? If anyone didn’t hear the slapping and screaming, they will certainly recognize a naughty punished girl with her bottom bare and will remember her long after she went home again. Or like this girl, cornertime before her spanking. After seeing her the locals will know to pay attention to the sounds they will hear in the near future.

You could even get your spanking outside, the privacy of the local woods should suffice … well until some joggers pass by. At least it’s no-one you know.

Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to get spanked with a view? These two girls must’ve gotten into some misschief on holiday together, but at least they can admire the view while the spanker (and perhaps other tourists) admire their naked bodies and red bottoms.

But in the end, why go through so much trouble for the privacy of a forest or hill? You’re on holiday, no-one knows you here, just go to the local park for your outdoor spanking!

Hope everyone enjoyed the post. I hope I will have as much fun on my trip as the girls in these pictures did and I will see you all in two weeks.

A blast from the past

Sunday’s drawing lessons
Many a times these last few months I was bored. I should have been studying but longed to go and see if my blog was still alive. To distract myself I grabbed anything I could find to read, and found myself reading some old comic books from my childhood.
It was in one of these innocent children’s tales that I came across a spanking scene I hadn’t thought about in a very long time. The comics are about a girl named Wiske who lives with her aunt. It’s never explained why she doesn’t live with her parents and it doesn’t seem important either. In the very first story she meets a boy named Suske and they become best friends. Suske doesn’t have a home so Wiske’s aunt (Sidonia) takes him in and they’re raised together. There are a few other main characters, like Lambik, a balding middle-aged man (Sidonia fancies him), Jerom who has inhuman strength and professor Barabas who has many strange inventions. Together they have the weirdest adventures, often featuring professor Barabas’ time machine.

This little comic piece is at the start of a book and Wiske is just playing outside with a ball, her doll Schanulleke (that accompanies her everywhere) still in her hands. Aunt Sidonia has just finished repainting her home when she finds a drawing on a wall. This is left behind by some prehistoric caveman, transported to this time by the professor’s time machine. Unknowingly however Sidonia thinks it was Wiske who ruined her paintjob.
She rushes outside and grabs the playing Wiske by the collar, putting her over her lap on a bench and giving her a spanking. Not until it is over Wiske has time to ask why she was being spanked anyway.

I really liked finding this again, it was probably one of my first, if not the first, contacts with spanking. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I’ve actually masturbated to this comic as a young girl. It’s not just any aunt-daughter spanking, there is so much going on. They’re outside so there is the possibility of witnesses. She was playing with a ball, most probably with her friend Suske who must’ve certainly witnessed the spanking. She was actually innocent of the crime she was accused of (a special fantasy of mine, getting spanked for something you did not do). She is wearing the dress she wears in every comic book and even though it is not shown – it is a children’s story after all – you can imagine how easy it would have been for her aunt to pull that up and out of the way. I particularly liked the typical comic book stars to show her bottom is hurting and her hand rubbing the pain away.

I realise this might not be the kind of pictures you’re hoping for or expect to see when you visit my blog. It can hardly be called exciting. But I wanted to share this part of my past with you all, and I’m sure many will have enjoyed learning about it. Only one picture too, in contrary to my plans for the schedule, but nothing else really fitted with the theme of this post.

I translated the text balloons to English so everyone could understand.


Sometimes it’s allowed, sometimes it’s not, but we always want to rub after we’ve gotten a good hard spanking. If you really had a good disciplinary spanking, it’s different, your bottom is sore and touching it is too hot, you just want it to cool down. In that case a cool cream applied by your spanker is the best rub you can get. Actually, being rubbed by your spanker, still over his knee is the best in every situation.

I’m not sure why some spankers don’t allow you to rub. I understand teasing you, not letting you rub in the corner to let it linger, not letting you rub when there’s more to come. But when it is all finally over you deserve a little rub. A spanking just isn’t complete without seeing the naughty girl clench her sore bottom and rubbing it better… Thats just too cute.

rubbing her bottom

100 posts and 50.000 views

Yesterday my blog received its 50.00th view and today I’m posting my 100th post. Reason enough to celebrate I think.

That’s why I’m not going to bother you today with long paragraphs of text, but just an interesting cartoon spanking story, by one of my favorite artists cc: ‘three times a lady’