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Second post today, my friend found my bottom was still pink enough, so no refresh before posting this one.

Anyway, most spanko’s think back of school in two ways.
– That handsome attractive teacher that always carried a ruler with him as if he wanted to use it. If only you’d been more open about your needs when he gave you detention.
– That sexy female teacher whose outfits might’ve been a bit too provocative for school-teaching. Staring at her legs when she tiptoed to wipe the top of the blackboard, if only you could discipline her instead of the other way around, you knew much more interesting forms of punishment.

This picture today shows how we all would wish our math-teacher had looked. All you spankers would’ve had much better grades, us spankees would’ve gotten detention a bit too often though…

sexy school teacher

100 posts and 50.000 views

Yesterday my blog received its 50.00th view and today I’m posting my 100th post. Reason enough to celebrate I think.

That’s why I’m not going to bother you today with long paragraphs of text, but just an interesting cartoon spanking story, by one of my favorite artists cc: ‘three times a lady’

Yes, daddy

It doesn’t always have to be ‘Sir’. Lots of spanko’s fantasize about daddies spanking their daughters. Whether this is because the girl wishes to relieve her early childhood when he was spanked, or whether it is something she missed growing up; it is something different and yet the same as other spanking fantasies.

Spanking fantasies often include figures with authority, be it a teacher, police officer, disciplinarian; or someone that takes an authoritative role, such as a strict boyfriend or husband. Your father (or mother) is actually the first authoritative person in your life and the first one that would have punished you. It is not unheard of even, still now, that a parent uses spanking to discipline their children. So it is a very easy fantasy to relate to.

Parents that do spank, normally stop when you get ‘too old’, but their authority doesn’t end then. So the idea to the fantasy ‘what if they hadn’t stopped’ is quite easily triggered. Fantasies about being spanked as a teen, hiding it from your friends that are treated as adults, punished like a child while you see yourself as a young adult. The embarrassment would be much greater, and at the same time you evolve sexually, adding even more to the embarrassment, at the same time knowing what for you is a punishment, for someone else is something highly erotic.

The fantasy changes for many people because of this. Daddy becomes a step-father, or a mean uncle. That way they can combine their fantasy of being spanked and treated as a child, with the erotic feelings it brings.

What attracts me most about these fantasies is not being childish. You find a lot of people who are into age-play. With grown-up women, pretending they’re little girls. Which sounds to me just a bit ridiculous. What I find interesting is being an adult woman, but treated as a little girl. I have all the thoughts, ideas, knowledge and feelings of an adult, but my ‘daddy’ ignores all that and treats me if I was still much younger. A much more embarrassing fantasy in my opinion. I wouldn’t be a little girl spanked, that’s normal, no I’m an adult woman spanked, much less normal and more embarrassing.

That’s all about age-regression as a punishment for today. But having started about the subject, you can expect me to tell you more about it later.

I threw a tantrum

At first sight, today’s picture might look like what I said did not interest me, a woman pretending to be a girl. But I think it’s not. The outfit she’s wearing marks her obviously as an adult. She did not throw a tantrum like a little girl would, but she prepared a scene for her ‘daddy’, knowing they would both like the consequences. A very erotic and mature thing to do.

Discipline diary

An interesting fantasy I sometimes enjoy is that of visiting a disciplinarian. The feel of having an appointment with a man, knowing you will be punished for the naughty things you’ve done is very exiting. Your relationship with this disciplinarian is truly that of a sub to a dom. You only visit him for one reason, because you know you deserve to and need to be punished now and again.

I like the idea of a set appointment, say once a week. That day of the week will creep closer and closer, and suddenly it’s there. You put on something decent, of maybe the dresscode he prescribed, and you’re on your way. You know not going is not an option, that would make it so much worse the next time. So you go willingly to your own punishment.
Everyone you meet on the way there seems to know where you’re going. At least you think they do. They see a bad girl, on her way to get her punishment.

There is the long talk with him, talking about every naughty thing you’ve done the past week. His lecturing and scolding will remember you of how naughty you’ve been and make you feel like a little girl.
Some disciplinarians would ask you about the things you’ve done. Not a very good idea in my opinion. It’s like going to church when you were a child and had to confess, only you never quite remembered the things you did wrong. So other disciplinarians want you to keep a journal and write down what you did wrong. Better, but not perfect. You will write down the things you know are naughty, but not those you don’t realize, or you might leave some out…

No in my fantasy my disciplinarian wants me to keep a real diary. One in which I write down everything I did that day. That way he can not only find the bad things I’ve done, he can also – knowing me so well – deduct the ones I might want to leave out or those I didn’t realize were that bad. But also he can read about my private thoughts and actions. My life and dreams would be seen by him and judged.
He would tell me to stand in the corner and wait while he read it. I’d stand there, wondering, which page is he at, has he read that yet. He’d use a marker to mark things he’d want to discuss and every time I’d hear that scraping sound I’d wince. Until he finally call me before him, standing there like a naughty little girl looking at my feet, while he lectured me on the things he found out, before giving me the spanking I deserve.

discipline diary

Facial Expressions Friday

“You’re tired and you want me to take the rowing paddle? Don’t be silly.”

Today’s expression is that of a girl, never spanked before. She thinks you’re joking, thinks it’s a bit silly. She’s in for a surprise when you finally pull her over your knee and redden her bottom. And then just a big a surprise when she starts to like it.

I love stories about a girl’s first spanking, especially when she doesn’t expect the spanking. A girl who’s been deserving it for a while before someone finally takes her in hand. The great embarrassment when she learns that she’s not too old, that her boyfriend thinks it’s something she deserves, that she secretly feels she likes him taking control like that, that her body responds in unexpected pleasure to the pain…

“I’m lazy and you’re going to spank me with the rowing paddle? Don’t be silly.”

what are you planning with that paddle?

Bend over

In today’s second post, I want to talk about bending over. Not bending over a table, dangling over the back of a couch, but just bending over, grabbing your ankles, or hands on your knees.

It’s a real submissive position. You’re not pulled otk, you’re not pushed across a table or even tied down with a cord. You’re standing in the middle of the room, presenting your bottom. Nothing is holding you in that position, except yourself, you don’t need to be held in place because you’re fully submissive.

It can be that you don’t like this position, some prefer the idea of an errant young lady being restrained in some way. They prefer a more realistic situation, where a person does not want to be punished, even when she likes spanking, she’ll still fight it. Normally that’s me, I like being a brat and then suddenly be pulled over a knee for a long bare bottom punishment. I’ll squirm and kick and plead, even when I don’t want him to stop, I won’t ask for the spanking myself (not with words anyway).
But sometimes I feel in a submissive mood. I then like to receive orders and follow them as a good little girl. Bend over just as he likes, to receive my spanking, fetch the implement he wants to use, stand in the corner, fetch him a drink, open the curtains, etc…
Other times when it can be very fun to play the submissive is in a sexual play. When you’re in foreplay, you don’t want to be kicking and squirming. You agree that you’ve been a very very bad girl and need to be spanked soundly.

There are of course plenty of reasons to like this position. You’re completely exposed to your spanker, as he walks around you. He can use longer implements because he can swing from any distance.
You’re even in a perfect position for him to use you as he pleases. I’ve always loved a spanking position that at the same time can be used as a sex position. First spanked and then in the same position, used for his pleasure. Yum…

bend over


When someone asks me what I find the most fun, interesting, sexy or erotic sextoy, it’s not some spanking implement, it’s not some pleasuring toy, it’s just a normal set of handcuffs.

Handcuffs can symbolize a lot. They mean you’re naughty, good girls don’t get handcuffed only bad girls do. They take away your freedom, making you vulnerable, like in bondage. They display your trust, you wouldn’t let anyone cuff you unless you trust them. They show his dominance and your submission, he owns your body when you’re unable to stop him or get away…

But besides all that, I think mainly I like them just because I love to be cuffed to the head of the bed. *giggles*

handcuffs and a sexy bottom


I have a question for you dom(me)s today. Sometimes I see a girl in panties that are so sexy or cute that it would be a shame to pull them down. Especially when they hardly cover their bottom anyway it wouldn’t be necessary, you could focus your efforts on their unprotected sit-spots, if you cherish that skin-to-skin feeling.

I imagine sometimes the girl begging ‘please let me keep my panties on’ and the dom tricking her, telling her she can keep them on, but only if she takes off everything else she’s wearing. So she’s placed between the choice of having just a bared bottom (and perhaps a bit more) or being almost completely nude for her spanking, save for some very sexy/cute panties.

So my question is, would you allow a spankee to keep her panties on if the look of them was just too interesting to pull them down? Have a look at the following picture for an example of the ‘everything off except her panties’ girl.

sexy panties and nothing else


“I love it, but why is the skirt so short?”
“Easier access my dear.”

I absolutely love those old, sexy pinup images, especially when I can imagine some spanking going on.
This one for example, the girl in just her undies, trying out a new dress under the eye of a gentleman in tux (I also love a gentleman in tux), I can’t help but think how little of her bottom that undergarment would protect hen she bent over. And if he wanted to spank her bottom bare, she’d have take it off completely.

It’s also of course the dressing under his supervision. He is making sure she’s dressed appropriately, giving the picture a very good feel of the dominant male vs submissive female.

getting dressed


Goth, gothic, I don’t know, those crazy but cool people that always wear black and crazy outfits. There are a lot of amazing outfits out there I wish I owned, a lot of sexy ones too. Go to a gathering of these people (this is after all from my ‘what you might see in public’ album) and you are bound to get your eyes one some amazingly sexy outfits.

Like this woman, she’s wearing a dress, but it’s a cagedress, so she gets to show off her nice legs, heels, stockings and ruffled panties.

Of course if she’d have to be spanked, the only way would be to take off that skirt, leaving her in panties and stockings. Same for her taking you otk, imagine laying over those nyloned legs as she bares your bottom, yum!

nice legs and panties