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Not what it seems: story

Helo everyone,

I have some unfortunate news, the hosting-site where I saved all my ‘naughty’ imagery, has closed down without my knowledge. This means that over 80% of the images that I still wanted to share with you is gone. I will have to build up my collection all over, so in the meanwhile you will have to do with less images on my blog than you’re used too.

But don’t worry, I still have plenty images to share and find new ones constantly. And I’m going to make up for it with more stories too.

I got the idea for today’s story while writing the three parts of ‘like her little sister’, but where a lot of you couldn’t relate to that fantasy, I’m convinced that this one will be more to your liking. Enjoy…

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The hotelroom: story

Hey everyone,

Enjoy one of my favourite stories

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to rub or not to rub

Hey everyone, this wednesday’s photoshoot we have some sexy girls rubbing their bottom, to ease the soreness, or in anticipation of what is to come. Some doms dont want their sibs to rub their bottom, others enjoy seeing her rub and dance, and yet other prefer to do the rubbing themselves. Myself, I prefer being rubbed over doing it myself too haha. Enjoy.

With her skirt up and both hands on her bottom, our first girl is very sexily rubbing in anticipation, probably just after she has been told to pull up that skirt.

Our second girls seems to have been spanked earlier. Her bottom is already covered up again, but she can still feel the soreness under her shorts. Now that she is finally allowed to rub she gives herself a good squeeze.

Our third girl has been stripped below the waist, ready for her spanking she reaches back one last time in a vain attempt to protect her bottom; or perhaps in a way saying goodbye to her calm pale cheeks which will be replaced by a red hot bottom very soon.

Our fourth girl sems slightly pink under her very see-through panties. But not pink enough that she should be rubbing. Maybe this tight grasp is actually an attempt to protect her panties from being pulled down. Now that’s not how good girls take their spankings, is it?

This girl’s rubbing seems to be more seducing. I imagine her telling her boyfriend about her secret fantasies, sitting on the bed in her underwear, telling him about her childhood spankings and rubbing her bottom toshow him what she wants and needs.

And let’s finish with not one, but three girls rubbing. You might not allow a girl to rub, but this is the perfect occassion to let her. Because what is more embarrassing than a girl with her bottom bared in front of the class? A girl with her bottom bard and rubbing it because she was spanked as a naughty little girl.

Pain and pleasure

It is not a big secret that many – if not everyone – that gets spanked find their punishment erotically arroussing. Some people only play in spanking for this sexual pleasure, others swear they only see it as punishment, but many of them will admit that even then their body betrays them and shows the telltale signs of pleasure instead of pain. Often on sunday’s drawing lessons I’ve shared drawings of well-spanked women by Kamitora. This artist knows as no other that even though he might be showing punishment, there is also the aspect of pleasure and he adds this in his drawings, in the looks on their faces and the wetness between their legs.

Personally I think spanking is the most erotic thing imaginable. I can not think of it without getting that warm feeling, fantasising for only a moment makes me long for one and expecting to get one soon, be it for pleasure or punishment, will surely get me wet. The girls in today’s drawing lessons are just like that. These naughty girl sketches by Kamitora are well deserved of a good spanking and they will surely enjoy it too.

We begin with the naughtiest girl of the day. She has been told to go to her room and prepare for her spanking. But instead of baring her bottom and assuming the position she is to excited for the coming spanking. So excitd that she decides to pleasure herself. When her spanker finally comes to her room she shows him how wet and willing she is. Hoping that he will then have other things in mind. The poor girl will surely be in for one hell of a tanning, but when it is all over, finally she might get what she wanted.

Our second girl is only slightly less naughty. She too has been sent to her room for her spanking. She has managed to contain her excitement however. Until her spanker came and it beame too much for her. She decided to show him how willing she is, how much she wants him. But surely she will not get what she wants while her bottom is still so pale. Perhaps when her spanking is over her spanker might take what she is offering.

Our third girl is slightly more subtle, she waits for her spanking in a proper position. The little toy next to her howevere is a clear message to her spanker that he can do more to her than just spank her if he pleases. The toy however already looks used, if her spanker sees that, her spanking will surely last longer than she firstly deserved.

A girl must always be careful of what she offers and wishes for however, a spanker can be very creative. Apparently our previous girl had been naughtier than we thought and her spanker didn’t think she deserved too much pleasure. Instead of using her toy for its intended purpose, he puts it up her bottomhole for extra discomfort and embarrassment while he gives her a good hard punishment. But even this can not convince the girls body that she is not enjoying her punishment.

Lets end today with a girl that is more lucky than her predecessors. Knowing his girl gets so arroussed from being naughty, this lady’s spanker has allowed her to play with her toy instead of spanking her. There is one condition however, she lets him – and perhaps his friends, for the extra embarrassment – watch and if he doesn’t find the show entertaining enough she gets spanked anyway.

I hope you liked today’s sketches and may they inspire you to go spank some naughty girls that would otherwise just be playing with themselves.

Nude girls

Sexy outfits, lingery, naughty our cute, sometimes all we really want is just a girl without her clothes on. So that’s what I’m giving you this wednesday’s photoshoot.

Our first girl seems to be at home, what’s more relaxing than laying on your bed without any clothes on? But I do hope that she’s not being lazy and neglecting her chores; a bed and a bare bottom, her bf wouldn’t need much imagination to figure out what kind of punishment to give her.

Our second girl seems to have thrown her blankets and pillows on the floor. This does not seem too comfortable and I can only think of two reasons why you would do that: One you’re about to have some sexy time with your bf on the floor or two you like to make your room a mess and are about to get a spanking. Both options could be fun allthough the second could probably incorporate the first.

Our third girl is on the bed again, but not as relaxed as the first. Her slightly spread legs, upturned bottom and the apprehensive look on her face tells me she might be about to get a good tanning on her bottom. Or I’m completely wrong, though I know you all hope I was right.

Our fourth girl is the last one laying on the bed, I promise. I liked her because of her seductive smile and quite a big bottom in my opinion, she could take a good long spanking on that.

Our fifth girl is more what you’re all used to see on my blog. This one has definitely been naughty as she has been put in the corner on her knees, awaiting her punishment. She doesn’t look too happy about it either so it will be a good disciplinary spanking for this naughty young lady.

Our sixth girl is my favourite and you’ll all know why. Not only is she standing in the corner just like the previous girl, telling us that she’s been naughty and about to be spanked; but on top of that, the corner has a window reaching from the floor to the ceiling, so this completely naked naughty girl is completely visible for any passing stranger.

Hope you all enjoyed a post without much of a story but with some good pictures. Some days we just want to see pretty things without having to think about them. (and no that doesn’t mean I’ve just been lazy today, for those that want to find any excuse to redden my bottom)


Hey everyone, happy to be back for another post.
Last week I’ve had no internet, and that really makes you understand how addicted you can be to your computer … it was a long week and I don’t understand why the internet company needed so long to send me a replacement modem. Anyway, I’m back now and ready for some blogging.

On a side note: my boyfriend told me I had to mention he did spank me for not keeping my blog up to date eventhough there was nothing I could do. ‘another form of the good girl paradox’ he called it. The second part of my punishment is that I have to share something personal on the blog, so that’s today’s subject.

Just a few days I had a very strange dream and it involved spanking.
My boyfriend has a sister, and she has a new boyfriend. In my dream my boyfriend and I were talking about him, discussing whether he was good enough for her. My bf wondered if he knew how to treat a girl, and by that I mean how to treat her when she’s naughty. So we decided we should let him spank me, to see if he knew how to give a good spanking. And this being a dream, this guy agreed to the test without finding it strange in any way, and he did spank me good.
I woke up with a tingling bottom and made sure my bf repeated the process but then for real.

So hope sharing this dream was personal enough. If any of you feel called to share as well, use the comments to tell me about your strange spanking dreams.
Now lets get to today’s pictures, it’s the photoshoot I wanted to post wednesday (or the wednesday before that).

It all starts out with a dream, and dreams can be crazy. This young lady played naughty games with her teddy-bears, and now they are taking revenge.

When you then wake up from your dream, your bottom is tingling but pale, you want the spanking you just dreamt off. Pull down your pj’s and offer your bottom to your bf.

But what if your boyfriend isn’t there with you? You’ll have to go downstairs in your pj’s for your spanking, he might be there or you might have to ask daddy.

And eventhough your pj’s may be cute, they will come down eventually for the bare bottom spanking you literally dreamt of.

When your spanking is over, you’ll be sent back to your room, with a stinging red bottom, back to bed.

Allthough you might not get to sleep again yet, your boyfriend might be in the mood for other things now. He’ll make you wait for him like a naughty girl with her hands on her head.

A spanking good holiday

Hello everyone, my apologies for the delayed wednesday’s photoshoot. I was busy this week with packing and other preparations for my coming holiday-trip. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for about two weeks. So this means no blogposts for the coming two weeks either.

That doesn’t mean no spankings of course. A holiday-trip is the perfect opportunity for a spanking. Where-ever you’re going, chances are it’s somewhere no-one else knows you. This means you can do some fun kinky stuff and even when other people realise/hear/see, when the trip is over you will neve have to see them again. (just make sure they don’t have any camera’s with them, you might end up on the internet…

Some of the fun things you can get up to are:

Cooling your bottom with a soft breeze, lifting your skirt, no-one you know is going to see your bare bottom.

But why just baring your bottom when you could take off all your clothes? At least this way the locals will appreciate the tourism in their area…

How about getting cornertime with your bottom bared, outside? If anyone didn’t hear the slapping and screaming, they will certainly recognize a naughty punished girl with her bottom bare and will remember her long after she went home again. Or like this girl, cornertime before her spanking. After seeing her the locals will know to pay attention to the sounds they will hear in the near future.

You could even get your spanking outside, the privacy of the local woods should suffice … well until some joggers pass by. At least it’s no-one you know.

Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to get spanked with a view? These two girls must’ve gotten into some misschief on holiday together, but at least they can admire the view while the spanker (and perhaps other tourists) admire their naked bodies and red bottoms.

But in the end, why go through so much trouble for the privacy of a forest or hill? You’re on holiday, no-one knows you here, just go to the local park for your outdoor spanking!

Hope everyone enjoyed the post. I hope I will have as much fun on my trip as the girls in these pictures did and I will see you all in two weeks.

Spanking fantasy

This sunday’s drawing lesson isn’t just about a spanking fantasy, but about spanking in the fantasy genre (as inbooks and movies like the lord of the rings or game of thrones).
As most of you (that pay attention) know, I’m writing a fantasy novel myself (for those that didn’t, check the little black dress link at the top of this page). Unlike popular fantasy however I will have a lot more sexual interaction and spankings in the story than a normal novel. And I found some pictures in my collection that go very well with this announcement. 🙂

First of we have princess Ardala (to be quite honest I have no idea who she is, but she’s supposed to be a known character in some work of fiction). More a sci-fi character (there seems to be a spaceship) than a fantasy character, but who cares, as long as she got a good hard spanking on her bare bottom.

Our second drawing features a more anime-type batgirl, I’m not sure what genre batgirls fall into (perhaps furry eventhough bats have no fur), but again a nice red spanked bottom, so no-one – except perhaps the girl herself – is complaining.

Our third girl is a real fantasy character, the pointy ears make her an elf and th toys filling up both her holes suggest that she is being taught the modern human way of pleasure. It appears the naughty elf wasn’t very cooperative at first though, she had to be tied up and spanked with a large paddle first.

And lastly, in fantasy not even the gods get away with their misbehaviour, well not when you’re a female god of course. This seems to be a female Loki over her brother Thor’s knee for a really godlike spanking… poor goddess.

Maid in a fantasy

Sunday’s drawing lesson.
This weekend we are looking at a very specific spanking fantasy, namely the boss-employer relationship of a maid and her master. This relationship is easily imagined as an erotic one; a young attractive maid at a man’s house, the wife away. The privacy such a relationship would require is already there because a maid works at your home, not at some office. The relationship is professional, but at the same time personal, there isn’t office policy, higher up bosses, just the maid and the person she works for. He can make the rules, and if you don’t like them, find another job, or take the spanking you deserve.
What I really like about this fantasy is how easy it would be, how possible. Unlike many other fantasies there aren’t really any difficulties; the privacy is there, the dominant-submissive relationship that comes with the role of a servant, even the sexy costume is part of it.

My favourite maid-fantasy is that of performance reviews. Once a month the maid has to listen to a review on her work-habits and is then of course spanked because they can still improve. This doesn’t mean of course that she is only spanked once a month. Every time her boss finds that she is slacking or not cleaning properly, he should give her a good spanking.
I like the ‘servant’ status of the maid. This could mean she has to serve her master in other ways as well. And if she is a good servant, perhaps she can be paid with more than just money in return.

In this first drawing the naughty maid needed reminding who was her master. Maybe this is something that needs to be done regularly as well, besides the normal spankings for her behaviour.

This naughty maid is getting a very thorough spanking with a belt. This is probably one of those performance reviews, and she hasn’t lived up to his standards.

This naughty maid (with big purple eyes, manga can be nice sometimes) is getting a nice otk spanking. She is enjoying it too much though, her master is definitely someone who desires other services from her as well.

Another naughty manga maid in a precarious position. The pinkness of her bottom suggests they have only just started, and those panties definitely need to come down.

The bedroom

Wednesday’s photoshoot. (on friday … sigh … somebody spank me!)
The bedroom is where you sleep. At least that’s what I first thought it was, when I was just a little girl. When I grew up – just a bit – and we moved to a bigger house, with a bigger bedroom, it also became the place where I played. When I grew up just a bit more playing in my bedroom started to have a different meaning than it used to have.
Now the bedroom is a place for many things, for sleeping, for erotic adventures and for naughty girls’ punishments. I might enjoy sex and spanking in many different places indoors our outdoors, but it all started in the privacy of my bedroom. It’s the place where you can try new things in private before having making those adventures even more adventurous by having them somewhere else.

Even now the bedroom is still one of the most important places for spankings. Being sent to your room, is like being told to stand in the corner waiting for your spanking, but worse. Getting spanked in the bedroom usually means you are to be put to bed right after, sent to bed early like a naughty child with a burning bottom. Unless it happened to be a morning-spanking, which means you hadn’t even had time to do anything wrong, some maintenance perhaps? Anyway, you’ll spend the rest of the day sitting down carefully.
There are of course also the erotic spankings. Sex in the bedroom is great, when you just woke up, or before falling a sleep; and sex with spanking is even better. The bed can help a lot, it’s soft, comfortable and offers enough room for whatever you want to do. Especially cuddle when you’re done.

So today’s photoshoot is to celebrate our beloved bedroom and our bed.

You might be tempted to use the bed’s pillows to protect you from a spanking, but this girl is protecting the wrong part of her body anyway.

Those same pillows can even be used against you, lifting your bottom up to a good target. See how much easier the bed makes these things.

Another pillow helping along here, but what I like is that cute teddy hiding in the bed. These items in the bedroom can show when you’re still just a little girl at heart.

Chilling out naked in the bedroom is fun. But the magazine in the bottom left shows this girl might have been planning more than just to relax. I think a spanking is in order.

Hands and knees might not be the most comfortable spanking position on the bed, but it is great for a photoshoot with your boyfriend. Just make sure he doesn’t show those pictures to his friends, unless that turns you on of course.

ps: Coming this weekend:
The story behind my choice on Everyday spankings‘ “truth or dare”-challenge.