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HP: Hermione’s plea

The last picture to celebrate Harry’s birthday. And the birthday boy can wield the cane again.
This time it’s Hermione asking for the spanking. This must be before her relationship with Ron. But of course there’s nothing wrong with a good spanking relationship between close friends – and Harry and Hermione are as close as you can get – that can trust each other.

Even though she asked for it herself, Harry doesn’t spare Hermione’s bottom and leaves her with a few good cane marks.
Still I’m classing this as a fun spanking as it’s between friends and at her request.

After all these pictures I feel there should be an adult version of Harry Potter. Same story about going to a magical school, but instead at the age of 11, at the age of 18, going to a magical college. And this Hogwarts doesn’t only look old fashioned, but so is the punishment. *giggles* I might try to write it when I get into Pottermore…

Hermione bends over for the cane

HP: Ginny’s plea

Finally, after all those spankings Ginny realizes that this is exactly what she needs. She understands a naughty girl deserves to be spanked and thus asks her beloved Harry to spank her.

Not much of a story here, I hope this situation occurs shortly after they strt dating. Ginny admitting her need to Harry and both their arousal after the spanking, leading to more. *giggles*

Ginny going over Harry's lap for a good spanking

HP: imperio self-spanking

Hermione always know all the answers in the classroom. She never gives the other students a chance to reply, and thus give them less opportunity to learn. When she takes it a step further and helps Neville with his potion (making it so that he didn’t learn anything from the assignment) professor Snape has had enough and punishes her.

Hermione is set to spank herself by magically handling the paddle with her wand. She might just be instructed to do so, but her pleading suggests she can’t really stop it. A very intriguing way of using the imperius curse if you ask me.
(when under the influence of the imperius curse a person is no longer in control of his own actions)
Snape is watching and tells her she’ll get 5 strokes of the cane hes holding when the self-spanking time is up.

Just hope this punishment is during and not after class, one of my secret fantasies, spanked in front of the classroom.

Hermione's instructed self-spanking

HP: pet-responsibility

Hermione’s cat Crookshanks is a bit of a troublemaker and especially Ron’s rat Scabbers has to be weary of her. In this picture Ron finally takes things in hands. Hermione spoils her cat way too much and now has to pay the price as the owner of the mischievous pet.

The Crookshanks – Scabbers situation is cause for a lot of arguments and fights in the books and it’s about time Hermione gets spanked for not being a responsible pet-owner.
Do have a cat myself, and if it attacked my friend’s pet I’m sure I would be blamed as well.

A very sexy diaper-positioning (magical) spanking across Hermione’s panties. Very embarrassing for her and Ron gets a good look at his future girlfriend’s assets… *giggles*

a paddling in the diaper position for Hermione

HP: a spanking for Fleur

Forget spanking Hermione, forget spanking Ginny … In this picture we see the spanking of Fleur Delacour.

The most attractive girl to ever walk the Hogwarts corridors (her grandmother was a ‘veela’ after all) always had her little french nose up in the air, feeling better than everyone else. But being so rude can only last so long before someone will bare your bottom. In Fleur’s case it was her husband Bill, after arguing with his mother one time too many.

This French wench is bent over the table for a good magical caning, I do hope Bill bares her bottom later on.

A caning for Fleur Delacour

HP: Mrs Weasley’s house rules

We all know mrs Weasley can be a strict mum, but did you know she’d spank her little girl when she was bad? Better even, her house, her rules, so when Hermione visits, she’ll get the same treatment.

I’ve always been a fan of the ‘my house, my rules’ ideal. Probably because my own parents didn’t spank, there was that hope that if a friend’s parents did, and I misbehaved while visiting… And of course the extra embarrassment being spanked by someone that’s not related to you (there wouldn’t be any sexual tension with your own parents, but with a friend’s…)…

Anyway, Hermione is a lucky girl, only thing that could’ve made this picture better was mr Weasley doing the spanking, but I guess he’s too kind-hearted for that. Though he could be watching. *giggles*

Mr Weasley teaching Hermione and Ginny a lesson

HP: family talking

‘Oh, sorry … I just walked past…’
Sure Harry, you didn’t hear the slaps and moans and happened to walk past. 😉

Very nice artwork on Ginny’s see-through panties here, now we all know when Harry fell in love with this naughty girl.
Personally I never thought of Percy giving his younger sister a spanking. But now that I’ve seen it, it’s perfect. Prefect Percy is exactly the type of person that would put Ginny across his knee when she was misbehaving. Having Harry walk in on them only makes it that much hotter.

Ginny across her brother's lap

HP: Hermione goes otk

Just managed a registration on pottermore. This should mean that I’m one of the lucky witches that gets to have early access to the site. Hope so…

To celebrate: today’s second picture:
Hermione always meddles with people to ‘protect them’, but this time she’s gone too far by telling about Harry’s broom. He takes his friend across is knee for a good long deserved spanking:

Hermione goes over Harry's lap

Happy birthday HP and JK

Well today is the birthday of a famous wizard named Harry Potter and his creator JK Rowling.
Even if you do not like the Harry Potter series (I do, I’m one of those impatient fangirls refreshing the pottermore site all night long) you have to like the many female characters that just beg to be spanked.

I just recently found a series of pictures on the Harry Potter girls being spanked, by Viklay. The art isn’t that great, but the imagination behind it just turns me on. *giggles* I’ll share all of them today. (one post at a time, spread throughout the day)

First up: Harry’s Birthday present. Ginny and Hermione give him a present he’ll never forget.
Wondering if Hermione’s going to give the two lovebirds some time alone after his present, or they’re giving him a second present in the form of a threesome. *giggles*

Harry's spanko birthday present