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Black and white

Usually I prefer my cheeks to have some colour, but these black and white pictures can be very erotic/sexy as well.
(there you were hoping I was talking about my actual cheeks … well I prefer them to have some colour too)

High heels, stockings and handcuffs. It sounds like a very naughty picture, but in black and white in can be very artistic too. Still, the things that will be happening to this young lady are better described as naughty than as artistic I think…


Looking over her shoulder, this attractive young lady has chosen her most sexy underwear to await her man to come home. Will he be pleased, or will her naughtiness go punished? I don’t think any man could forgive her without a bit of a spanking, not with that pretty bottom luring him in…


Technically not black and white, but still a very sexy yet artsy photo none the less. I love the white ribbons in the black lacy panties, wish I had a pair of those myself, they suit her perfect bottom amazingly…


Just a nice pair of panties over a cute bottom and a set of handcuffs. This one makes me wish my hands were tied behind my back right now… Except, I wouldn’t be able to type this then.


A bare bottom over stockings, laying down on the bed. Without the pillows underneath her hips this position is a lot less embarrassing, but still good enough for a few straps with the belt. Of course, that would ruin the perfect relaxed image of this black and white picture … or would it?


It seems the last girl of today has gotten impatient. I’m sure that she has been looking at the other girls that have gone before her and – like me – can no longer contain her excitement. Eventhough she is proving that even this amount of naughtiness can look like an artistic photograph in this black and white, I still think she deserves a good hard spanking for playing with herself where you all can see.


I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. I realised I had been posting a lot of stories, but it had been a while since I did a picture-post. (some probably prefer the stories, but some might only like the pictures, and I’m sure that those that do prefer the stories like the pictures as well.)
Now don’t all go do what the girl in the last picture did, because if you get caught, you might end up with a sore red bottom. 😉

A thief in the night: story

It’s been a while since my last story, but I have finally written a new one.
We meet with the lady Christina and learn of her first contact with a disciplinary spanking that leaves he aroused none-the-less.


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When someone asks me what I find the most fun, interesting, sexy or erotic sextoy, it’s not some spanking implement, it’s not some pleasuring toy, it’s just a normal set of handcuffs.

Handcuffs can symbolize a lot. They mean you’re naughty, good girls don’t get handcuffed only bad girls do. They take away your freedom, making you vulnerable, like in bondage. They display your trust, you wouldn’t let anyone cuff you unless you trust them. They show his dominance and your submission, he owns your body when you’re unable to stop him or get away…

But besides all that, I think mainly I like them just because I love to be cuffed to the head of the bed. *giggles*

handcuffs and a sexy bottom

Available and waiting

Continuing on yesterdays subject I have another very interesting fantasy to share today.

On the bed, wearing only my stockings and high-heeled shoes, sexy and at the same time as good as naked, my body completely available to him. Laying there, waiting for him. He could be downstairs, having a drink, maybe he has friends over, maybe not. When he feels like it, he can come upstairs and use me, I can’t stop him, tied up as I am. Completely left to his whims I could lay there waiting for hours not knowing when he’s coming, or he could come to me several times, doing it again and again until he is satisfied.

And if I please him enough, maybe then, he will think of my pleasure as well, but only when he wants to, it’s his decision.If he is not pleased, or maybe just because he wants to, he could spank me instead…

tied naked to the bed