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Fun with friends

My friends and I often have some fun at sleepovers/parties. Coming across the following two pictures immediately made me think about such evenings. Which fun party would you enjoy the most? And don’t go cheating by saying ‘one followed by the other’.

The sexy strip poker evening with friends. Now I know all your imagination runs wild, the naughty girls getting caught by a man (or multiple men) and each of them getting their naughty bottom spanked in their current state of undress. But spanking is in the second picture just some sexy fun for this one.


Or the sexy spanking evening. Just wondering, does everyone get a turn? Or is this an intervention amoungst friends to teach one specifically naughty girl a lesson?


Self-shot girls

Wednesday’s photo-shoot has been delayed by a day. But I’m sure none of you will mind when today’s pictures get mixed with your spanking fantasies.

For today’s photo-shoot we had a couple of naughty girls over – they were probably late, explaining the delay. These girls wanted some naughty pictures for their social network profiles. I’m sure you know the kind of girls. How many friends do you have on facebook that make you think: ‘you should be spanked for taking such a picture of yourself, young lady’?

They”re the kind of girls that love attention – kinda like me, my own profile picture isn’t that bad either haha – and attention to their bottom is attention as well, right? I’m sure all of you have at some point fantasised at spanking one of those self-picture girls.

The first girl we start of wants to show of her breasts, though I’m sure you all notice that short skirt down there, easy to lift.

This second girl is showing of her new lingerie, looks a bit like a too sexy maid, spank her, then make her clean he room.

Just some stockings here, but not less naughty.

Two naughty girls, twice the fun, that means two bottoms to spank (or three, who is taking the picture).

And the last girl is really doing her best, three pictures and wearing nothing at all in the last one. Guess that means she will be wearing nothing at all for her third spanking.

Combined effort

Sunday’s drawing lessons.
Today I have some very interesting drawings to share. We all know naughty young girls don’t really want to get spanked – ehm well, what I mean is, they wouldn’t if they were sensible – anyway, even if we do like it, we can put up a bit of a struggle, even if just for fun because it is part of the role we play.
And if you do get us in the right position for our spanking, we can make it hard for you, squirming, kicking our legs, protecting our bottom, all those things naughty girls do.

One solution for this which I do like is bondage. Tie the girl up and your problems are over – of course there is the problem of tying a struggling girl, but that can be fun as well. But bondage is not today’s subject.
Today you’re asking help from a friend. If the naughty girl doesn’t co-operate, ask some of your friends to help hold her down. This will make it extra embarrassing for the naughty young lady, being bared and spanked in front of others. Meanwhile your friend(s) can hold her in place while you give her a well deserved spanking.

Any girl that is into spanking and a bit of embarrassment or exhibitionism, should love this I think. I’ve been spanked like this a few times and I liked it a lot. But on to the drawings…

For this first one we find ourselves in a classroom. I’m not sure if this teacher needed the help of other teachers to punish this young lady in front of the whole classroom, or perhaps the naughty misses is this class’ teacher herself and is being spanked in front of her own students

This second one shows the combined effort of two men. One is holding the naughty girl in position with her arms secured so that the other can use that riding crop on her bared bottom. Looking at how she’s dressed and the spanking implement, I’d say they were at a riding school. Perhaps her boyfriend asked for the help from one of the instructors for a different kind of instructing.

Here we have a naughty schoolgirl getting her bottom bared by her friends. Perhaps this tight group of friends had a pact and the naughty girl had broken it. Perhaps she isn’t one of her friends, but the naughty girl stole the boyfriend from one of them and the group of friends is going to teach the outsider a lesson.

This last one really is a treat. The naughty young lady bared completely and bent over the bar. Not only is she held down and bared in front of multiple men, her legs are kept apart for a good view and her breasts are being fondled. Is this what happens when a girlfriend/wife intrudes on a men’s night out?

I’m back

Hey everyone, first of all I want to apologize for my absence the last month. This blog was taking too much of my time and it was showing in my work and householding. My friends intervened, I had to take a months break from posting and then re-evaluate how much time I would spend blogging. Not to mention the good long spanking that was accompanied by this conversation.

Anyway, we decided that I shouldn’t post more than once a week, but that they should be good long posts to compensate.

I’m quite sad I missed the last month, I didn’t get the opportunity to post some nice halloween-pictures and I couldn’t tell you about my birthday spanking where you all voted for. I’m sure you still want to hear it, so I’ll tell you about it this week.

Almost everyone in my spanking group of friends came, just one person couldn’t make it because he was out of the country. That means seven guys and four girls (including me) all into spanking. I had a nice chocolate birthday cake with twenty five candles on top. But first a hat was passed with blank pieces of paper and one with my name on it. All the guys and two of the girls took a note, but Peter got the one with my name on it. A chair was provided for him and I was bent over his lap.
I was wearing a short dress with a nice pair of stockings because it was still too warm for a sweater but too cold to go bare-legged. Peter lifted my dress to reveal my cute silken panties. He pulled those down to my knees and rubbed my bottom with his cold fingers in preparation of my warmup spanking. When everyone had gathered around he started smacking my bottom, not hard or fast, but firm and slow warming up my bottom (and his hand) until it was nice and pink and I was squirming over his lap with an uncomfortably stinging bottom.
When he decided the warmup was over he let me stand, my dress falling down hiding my pink bottom and my panties falling to my ankles. I left them there on the floor when I moved to the table. As I bent over Peter lifted my dress again and one of the girls lighted the candles on m cake. They all knew I was going to chose the hairbrush for my birthday spanking, because that is what you voted for in my blog.
The smacks with the hairbrush were harder than the warmup spanking, but also slower because all my friends were gathered around me to count. One, two, three… all the way until we reached fifty, because I would get twenty five smacks, on each cheek. Of course it’s still a fun spanking, so Peter made sure to place some softer smacks in there and pauze to rub my bottom a bit (not sure if that’s to help or just to touch my bum). But by the end I was still out of breath from moaning and yelping, so much ittook me three tries to blow out all the candles.
I left my panties off the rest of the evening, to spare my bottom, luckily one of my presents was a lovely lucking pillow I could put between me and the chair I was sitting on, another birthday tradition of ours.

happy birthday

Hugs or Spankings

First of two posts today, I forgot to update the blog yesterday (naughty me).

I’m sharing another drawing, this one by CC (at animeotk) I’m not sure what the story behind it is, but that’s what I like the opportunity to make it up myself.

I imagine: Exodus (male in the story) was on a forum, chatting. He posted that he wasn’t feeling very well. CC (the female in the story) is a very close friend of his, and decides to pay him a visit. When she arrives, Exodus is still behind his computer and CC comes up for a surprise-hug. But Exodus has a better idea of what might cheer him up.
– Exodus: “Hey CC, do you remember last time you were here? You still deserve a spanking for not cleaning up before you left.”
– CC: “Oh, not now Ex. I’ve just come to cheer you up a bit.”
– Exodus (pulls her over his lap): “No whining, you’ll feel better when it’s over with.”
– CC (feels her jeans being pulled down): “Well, I guess I can’t stop you anyway.”
– Exodus: “Thanks CC, I feel a lot better!”
– CC: “… Shut up.”

So why am I sharing this drawing, other than it being very interesting and well drawn? I wanted to know if:
– You doms agreed that giving a girl a spanking instantly made you feel better;
– It is ok to give your spankee a spanking, not when she’s been bad, but just for a selfish reason;
– You subs would offer your bottom to your spanker to comfort them in a spanking (or at least allow him to).

Personally, if it really would make a close friend better when he’s down, I wouldn’t mind a spanking at all. Of course, we’re talking now of a fun spanking, not a harsh disciplinary one…

hugs or spankings

Girls night out

The picture I’m sharing today is a very interesting one. Four girls in a row, bottoms bared and red, on barstools. What an interesting story could be behind this.

Personally I’m thinking, the four girls were on a girls night out. They went to a bar together and ordered themselves some cocktails. One of the girls father however regularly visits this bar and catches them with their drinks, slightly tipsy even, while they’ve been told ‘no alcohol’.
The father takes it on himself to not only spank his own daughter, but all four of them. He spanks them bent over the counter, or their barstools, in front of all the people in the bar. Their bottoms stay bared after when he leaves, to show everyone how naughty they’ve been and that they’re not to be served alcoholic beverages. The blushes of the girls show their embarrassment.

That’s just one possibility though, others could be a lost bet between the girls and some guys at the bar. The naughty girls trying to get away with not paying for their drinks, etc. What is sure, is that they got a red bottom together in a public place and their red bottoms are on show for everyone.

four red bottoms at a bar

Top only

I love walking around the house wearing just a top and panties underneath. Teasing a friend with the tantalizing view, my long t-shirt or shirt just barely covering my bottom, my legs fully exposed. I love to tease, and who doesn’t love that sight?

When I have some of my female friends visiting, we sometimes walk around like that all day, stimulating each others thoughts. One time we had a pillow fight, took pictures and sent those to the guys. Just because they had chosen to go to a football-game rather than stay with us, of course when they got home they spanked us for teasing them…

Talking about spanking, this outfit just begs for it. Any slight bend exposes the bottom, the long bare legs are like an arrow to this point of interest. And most importantly, you don’t need a reason, you can just say: “Where are your pants young lady?!”

wearing nothing but a shirt

Spanking poker: story

A couple of days I posted a picture of a playing card with a spanked girl on them. I asked for comments for a spanking card game, but only got one response, from John Scott. I didn’t use his spanking poker idea exactly, but changed it slightly into a great idea for a fun night of spanking and poker.

So thank you John, and to all my readers, if you would like a story dedicated to you. Just start posting comments on my blog. 😉

Enjoy the story:

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HP: Hermione’s plea

The last picture to celebrate Harry’s birthday. And the birthday boy can wield the cane again.
This time it’s Hermione asking for the spanking. This must be before her relationship with Ron. But of course there’s nothing wrong with a good spanking relationship between close friends – and Harry and Hermione are as close as you can get – that can trust each other.

Even though she asked for it herself, Harry doesn’t spare Hermione’s bottom and leaves her with a few good cane marks.
Still I’m classing this as a fun spanking as it’s between friends and at her request.

After all these pictures I feel there should be an adult version of Harry Potter. Same story about going to a magical school, but instead at the age of 11, at the age of 18, going to a magical college. And this Hogwarts doesn’t only look old fashioned, but so is the punishment. *giggles* I might try to write it when I get into Pottermore…

Hermione bends over for the cane

HP: Mrs Weasley’s house rules

We all know mrs Weasley can be a strict mum, but did you know she’d spank her little girl when she was bad? Better even, her house, her rules, so when Hermione visits, she’ll get the same treatment.

I’ve always been a fan of the ‘my house, my rules’ ideal. Probably because my own parents didn’t spank, there was that hope that if a friend’s parents did, and I misbehaved while visiting… And of course the extra embarrassment being spanked by someone that’s not related to you (there wouldn’t be any sexual tension with your own parents, but with a friend’s…)…

Anyway, Hermione is a lucky girl, only thing that could’ve made this picture better was mr Weasley doing the spanking, but I guess he’s too kind-hearted for that. Though he could be watching. *giggles*

Mr Weasley teaching Hermione and Ginny a lesson