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Sunday’s drawing lessons.
Although I like a surprise, your naughty behaviour suddenly crossing the line and being pulled over for a spanking. Sometimes some anticipation can be very interesting as well. Being told you’ll get a spanking when you get home – yes despite fantasies, sometimes it just is too public – can be very exciting and scary at the same time. Waiting for a spanking can be embarrassing as well, being told to go to your room, but having to wait until he finds the time to deal with you, you’ll get punished but that doesn’t mean you get the attention you secretly wanted right away.

Anticipation for me is almost always arousing, doesn’t matter if it’s an erotic or disciplinary spanking. My nerves in my bottom seem to ready themselves for what is to come, heightening their sensitivity, feeling everything such as the slightest brush of my clothes. I get all warm and my thoughts all jumbled up, not really able to think of anything else but what is coming. Which can be very irritating when you’re in public and need to communicate.

Even more interesting then just being told to wait, is being told to ready yourself. During a normal spanking you can struggle or protest. But if you just readied yourself for it, protesting later seems so silly. Waiting for a spanking is in that way a very submissive act, knowing you are accepting your fate, and him knowing you will listen to him.
Readying yourself could be undressing, baring your bottom or getting into position even. But instead of actually readying for the spanking, it could also be readying for the punishment in whole. For example, standing in the corner, awaiting your punishment with your bottom already bared.

The fist girl in our drawings is waiting in bed, she is keeping her bottom raised for her spanking and the hairbrush is laying in wait.

The second girl today is ready to bend over the table. Her bottom is bared and she offers you the belt, handing it over with her teeth, her hands already positioned on the table.

Our third girl today already had some part of her punishment, but is waiting on the bed, face down, while her spanker is getting a strap for further punishment.

Our last girl today seems uncertain who is about to enter her room for her punishment. Is it the person she was hoping for? Where there more possible spankers? I’m sure there is a story to be told here.

Combined effort

Sunday’s drawing lessons.
Today I have some very interesting drawings to share. We all know naughty young girls don’t really want to get spanked – ehm well, what I mean is, they wouldn’t if they were sensible – anyway, even if we do like it, we can put up a bit of a struggle, even if just for fun because it is part of the role we play.
And if you do get us in the right position for our spanking, we can make it hard for you, squirming, kicking our legs, protecting our bottom, all those things naughty girls do.

One solution for this which I do like is bondage. Tie the girl up and your problems are over – of course there is the problem of tying a struggling girl, but that can be fun as well. But bondage is not today’s subject.
Today you’re asking help from a friend. If the naughty girl doesn’t co-operate, ask some of your friends to help hold her down. This will make it extra embarrassing for the naughty young lady, being bared and spanked in front of others. Meanwhile your friend(s) can hold her in place while you give her a well deserved spanking.

Any girl that is into spanking and a bit of embarrassment or exhibitionism, should love this I think. I’ve been spanked like this a few times and I liked it a lot. But on to the drawings…

For this first one we find ourselves in a classroom. I’m not sure if this teacher needed the help of other teachers to punish this young lady in front of the whole classroom, or perhaps the naughty misses is this class’ teacher herself and is being spanked in front of her own students

This second one shows the combined effort of two men. One is holding the naughty girl in position with her arms secured so that the other can use that riding crop on her bared bottom. Looking at how she’s dressed and the spanking implement, I’d say they were at a riding school. Perhaps her boyfriend asked for the help from one of the instructors for a different kind of instructing.

Here we have a naughty schoolgirl getting her bottom bared by her friends. Perhaps this tight group of friends had a pact and the naughty girl had broken it. Perhaps she isn’t one of her friends, but the naughty girl stole the boyfriend from one of them and the group of friends is going to teach the outsider a lesson.

This last one really is a treat. The naughty young lady bared completely and bent over the bar. Not only is she held down and bared in front of multiple men, her legs are kept apart for a good view and her breasts are being fondled. Is this what happens when a girlfriend/wife intrudes on a men’s night out?

A blast from the past

Sunday’s drawing lessons
Many a times these last few months I was bored. I should have been studying but longed to go and see if my blog was still alive. To distract myself I grabbed anything I could find to read, and found myself reading some old comic books from my childhood.
It was in one of these innocent children’s tales that I came across a spanking scene I hadn’t thought about in a very long time. The comics are about a girl named Wiske who lives with her aunt. It’s never explained why she doesn’t live with her parents and it doesn’t seem important either. In the very first story she meets a boy named Suske and they become best friends. Suske doesn’t have a home so Wiske’s aunt (Sidonia) takes him in and they’re raised together. There are a few other main characters, like Lambik, a balding middle-aged man (Sidonia fancies him), Jerom who has inhuman strength and professor Barabas who has many strange inventions. Together they have the weirdest adventures, often featuring professor Barabas’ time machine.

This little comic piece is at the start of a book and Wiske is just playing outside with a ball, her doll Schanulleke (that accompanies her everywhere) still in her hands. Aunt Sidonia has just finished repainting her home when she finds a drawing on a wall. This is left behind by some prehistoric caveman, transported to this time by the professor’s time machine. Unknowingly however Sidonia thinks it was Wiske who ruined her paintjob.
She rushes outside and grabs the playing Wiske by the collar, putting her over her lap on a bench and giving her a spanking. Not until it is over Wiske has time to ask why she was being spanked anyway.

I really liked finding this again, it was probably one of my first, if not the first, contacts with spanking. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I’ve actually masturbated to this comic as a young girl. It’s not just any aunt-daughter spanking, there is so much going on. They’re outside so there is the possibility of witnesses. She was playing with a ball, most probably with her friend Suske who must’ve certainly witnessed the spanking. She was actually innocent of the crime she was accused of (a special fantasy of mine, getting spanked for something you did not do). She is wearing the dress she wears in every comic book and even though it is not shown – it is a children’s story after all – you can imagine how easy it would have been for her aunt to pull that up and out of the way. I particularly liked the typical comic book stars to show her bottom is hurting and her hand rubbing the pain away.

I realise this might not be the kind of pictures you’re hoping for or expect to see when you visit my blog. It can hardly be called exciting. But I wanted to share this part of my past with you all, and I’m sure many will have enjoyed learning about it. Only one picture too, in contrary to my plans for the schedule, but nothing else really fitted with the theme of this post.

I translated the text balloons to English so everyone could understand.


Usually when I fantasize about spanking, it’s being spanked by a man. Even when thinking of parental spankings I usually imagine a daddy spanking his naughty little girl. But a mther daughter spanking can be very interesting as well. It steers away from the erotic feelings and is more concentrated on discipline and the embarrassment of mummy punishing you just like when you were a real little girl.

I’m not thinking about the sexy dominatrixes or female dommes with short skirts, stockings and high heels. They can be interesting as well, but today I’m talking about the cute image of a big girl spanked by her mother just like when she was little. It falls in that category of age-regression which I have talked about before.

So todays picture shows a naughty girl over mummys knee on the bed, she’s getting a bedtime spanking in hr pj’s on her bared bottom.
I particularly like the family resemblance between mother and daughter.

bare bottom bedtime spanking

100 posts and 50.000 views

Yesterday my blog received its 50.00th view and today I’m posting my 100th post. Reason enough to celebrate I think.

That’s why I’m not going to bother you today with long paragraphs of text, but just an interesting cartoon spanking story, by one of my favorite artists cc: ‘three times a lady’

Pajamas & onesies

Continuing on sunday’s (today’s) post, I wanted to add a bit about pajama spankings.
When you’re thinking of cute spankings, there’s nothing cuter than one in a pajama. A little girl sent to bed and getting a bedtime spanking in her pj’s or a little girl, still in her pj’s at breakfast, already starting the day of misbehaving and getting a red bottom to rest the day.

To continue on yesterdays post we can make pj’s even more cute and age-regression like, by making them onesies or drop seat pajamas. The onesies just look little-girly and drop seats give easy access to your bottom when you’ve been a naughty little girl.

I love the fantasy of a girl,  used to wearing a sexy negligee or other sexy pj-set, but when she’s been naughty her ‘daddy’ forces her to wear a childish drop seat pajamas, to remind her of that red bottom and giving him easy access to her bottom when needed.

spanked in her drop seat onesies

Spanked for cheating

Today’s picture is a very interesting one. It depicts a naughty girl, bent over a table, her bottom bare and red as she gets a good slippering in front of a crowd of watchers.

It seems she was part of a marathon or cross-country race, but perhaps she was caught cheating, taking a shorter route perhaps. She is bent over the judges table in front of the spectators for a good bare bottom spanking with one of her own running shoes.

There are a few nice details in the drawing. In the crowd an older gentleman has been offered a chair to sit, so the spanking was prepared well, with the crowd gathered beforehand.
One of the girls watching is protecting her bottom, perhaps she is next? Or maybe she just sympathizes, knowing how it feels.
A man in the audience is holding a cup and a cane, possibly the sitting older man’s walking stick, but possibly an implement to be used later.
One girl is looking away from the spanker with a smug look on her face. Did she tattle on the cheaters? Perhaps she won the race by disqualifying the cheaters. It could be her father with the cup next to her. Perhaps the cane is meant for her, because of her tattling, she just doesn’t know it yet.

public bare bottom slippering

A good switching

After yesterday’s fun spanking story, today we’re being strict again.
This old picture has a very strict look about it, a naughty girls mother (or aunt, whatever you prefer) is holding the switch, with a chair ready for the unlucky girl to bend over. Knowing what’s coming, the naughty girl submissively raises her skirt as she approaches her punishment, her panties already lowered to her knees.

This is amongst the first spanking pictures I found, back when I was just getting into the whole spanking scene. It was one of those pictures that made disciplinary spanking just a big of turn on as erotic and fun spankings were. I couldn’t look at this picture that is obviously about discipline, without still getting very aroused.

ready for the switchhttps://1001spankingfantasies.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php

Spanking poker: story

A couple of days I posted a picture of a playing card with a spanked girl on them. I asked for comments for a spanking card game, but only got one response, from John Scott. I didn’t use his spanking poker idea exactly, but changed it slightly into a great idea for a fun night of spanking and poker.

So thank you John, and to all my readers, if you would like a story dedicated to you. Just start posting comments on my blog. 😉

Enjoy the story:

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Bathtub spanking

I’m sharing one of my favorite spanking drawings today. We have one young lady being spanked by another. The spanker looks a bit young to be her mother, so perhaps an older sister, or better even, a girlfriend. *giggles*

I love how she placed a towel over her lap and then pulled the naughty girl right out of the bathtub and onto her lap to give her a spanking on her wet bottom. Really like the spanker’s shower cap with curls peeking underneath and the shape of the bath, really gives an old fashioned feel to the picture

There’s a lot of scenarios I can think of for such a spanking. The spanker might’ve just gotten home and discovered something the naughty girl did, not waiting until she finished her bath to spank her. Or the girl has been in her bath for hours, refusing to come out and the spanker has had enough of her lazyness. Perhaps they had to share the bathroom and the naughty girl hadn’t kept herself to her allotted time, using the bathroom too long, making the spanker almost too late for some appointment…

What I love about these kind of spankings – in fantasy, never been spanked in bath myself – is the nudity. When you’re spanked by friends, they have a reason to bare your bottom, but not to make you undress, that would become too erotic. But if you’re undressed to start with well… Also the wet bottom is an interesting part of this kind of spanking, it gives a whole different feeling to be spanked on a wet bum.

wet spanking in the bathtub