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The living room’s sofa

Hello again everyone,

In last weeks poll an overwhelming majority voted for ‘spanking’… perhaps I should’ve been more clear that all the options would consist of spanking-related pictures (this is a blog about spanking after all), or perhaps I haven’t posted enough pictures with actual spankings in them lately.
On a side note, I know I promised 10 pictures, and you’re getting 10 today. But I’m afraid I will run out too fast at this rate, so from now on I’m sticking to only 5.

Anyway, I went through my list of ‘spanking’-pictures and came up with the subject of ‘living-room’-spankings, more precisely even, spankings on the couch/sofa. A lot of domestic type spankings (thus not secretary, schoolgirl etc..) are shown as taking place in the (relative) privacy of the bedroom. However the idea of a spanking in the main living area of your home can be quite interesting as well.
This kind of spanking is less of a hidden/secret way of punishment, it’s just a normal way of dealing with naughty behaviour, we don’t have to hide out in the bedroom, we can just do it right here and now.
Talking abour right here and now, it can be more of a surprise as well, you’re not warned that you would be spanked, not sent to your bedroom or anything, just, well… right here and now.
And lastsly of course there is the lack of privacy. Anyone else could just walk in on your punishment, could see your humiliation, which is of course, nice in a way I can’t really explain.

Secondly, the couch, sofa. It is maybe smaller than the bed, but offers many different options of positioning, but you’ll see that in the pictures. Firstly,as demonstrated nicely in this drawing, there is the armrest. It pushes up this little girls bottom nicely to receive her punishment from her big sister.


We all know of course, that it’s not big sister’s job to punish her, so when daddy arrives the poor blonde is saved and dark-haired sister takes her place.


Still over the armrest, you can raise that bottom even higher by taking the naughty girl over your knee. Those legs will be dangling in the air and kicking delightedly.


The next set really shows of what I had in mind when choosing this subject. You’re sitting in the couch, discussing your behaviour and if you don’t have an adequate explanation for your actions that same comfy sofa turns into your punishment-bench.

private_bc001 private_bc003

Of course the sofa doesn’t always have to be uncomfortable. When it’s deep enough the spanking can sit back and the naughty lad’s body is fully supported, letting her raise her bottom well for a good spanking. Who said spankings were only for naughty girls must’ve been wrong, this lass is surely enjoying her soon to be red bottom.


Speaking of red bottoms, this girl has one. The couch in this case serving as a resting place. I might wonder why she is not in the corner, but hey, perhaps she is just waiting for round two.


Some couches come with low padded benches to rest your feet, or in this case a naughty young lady. This girl had been warned not to go swimming in the neighbour’s swimming pool without permission and now she is finding out why.


Let’s hope for this lady that her boyfriend is not going to spank her bottom as red as that couch. Surely she has not been that naughty…


Let’s finish today’s pictures with this marvelous bottom, slightly pink and presented to us perfectly by bending over for the cane.


And for those who actually read past the pictures and are interested in my personal spanking experiences. Mike did give me a sore red bottom after I called him out n his mentoring in my previous picture post. I’m also dating again, not sure yet whether he’s a spanker though. Have a nice day and don’t forget to vote for the next set of pictures.

Not what it seems: story

Helo everyone,

I have some unfortunate news, the hosting-site where I saved all my ‘naughty’ imagery, has closed down without my knowledge. This means that over 80% of the images that I still wanted to share with you is gone. I will have to build up my collection all over, so in the meanwhile you will have to do with less images on my blog than you’re used too.

But don’t worry, I still have plenty images to share and find new ones constantly. And I’m going to make up for it with more stories too.

I got the idea for today’s story while writing the three parts of ‘like her little sister’, but where a lot of you couldn’t relate to that fantasy, I’m convinced that this one will be more to your liking. Enjoy…

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Black and white

Usually I prefer my cheeks to have some colour, but these black and white pictures can be very erotic/sexy as well.
(there you were hoping I was talking about my actual cheeks … well I prefer them to have some colour too)

High heels, stockings and handcuffs. It sounds like a very naughty picture, but in black and white in can be very artistic too. Still, the things that will be happening to this young lady are better described as naughty than as artistic I think…


Looking over her shoulder, this attractive young lady has chosen her most sexy underwear to await her man to come home. Will he be pleased, or will her naughtiness go punished? I don’t think any man could forgive her without a bit of a spanking, not with that pretty bottom luring him in…


Technically not black and white, but still a very sexy yet artsy photo none the less. I love the white ribbons in the black lacy panties, wish I had a pair of those myself, they suit her perfect bottom amazingly…


Just a nice pair of panties over a cute bottom and a set of handcuffs. This one makes me wish my hands were tied behind my back right now… Except, I wouldn’t be able to type this then.


A bare bottom over stockings, laying down on the bed. Without the pillows underneath her hips this position is a lot less embarrassing, but still good enough for a few straps with the belt. Of course, that would ruin the perfect relaxed image of this black and white picture … or would it?


It seems the last girl of today has gotten impatient. I’m sure that she has been looking at the other girls that have gone before her and – like me – can no longer contain her excitement. Eventhough she is proving that even this amount of naughtiness can look like an artistic photograph in this black and white, I still think she deserves a good hard spanking for playing with herself where you all can see.


I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. I realised I had been posting a lot of stories, but it had been a while since I did a picture-post. (some probably prefer the stories, but some might only like the pictures, and I’m sure that those that do prefer the stories like the pictures as well.)
Now don’t all go do what the girl in the last picture did, because if you get caught, you might end up with a sore red bottom. 😉


Hey everyone, today’s subject for our wedensday’s photoshoot is … pink.
Pink is widely regarded as a ‘girly’ color and a girl wearing pink is often cute, and who doesn’t love the idea of a cute girl getting a spanking.Pink is of course also the color your bottom turns during a spanking, before it turns red, indicating that she is well warmed up; or indeed spanked just enough for some foreplay.

The first picture radiates pink, the whole room is bathing in the cute girlish color. Imagine entering a girls room that looked like this, you can immediately imagine the inhabitant is very innocent. Until you see her bent over like that of course, ready for her spanking. Even good proper innocent girls like a pink bottom every so (very) often…

Our second girl, or well her bottom, is covered in a sheer, pink (perhaps purple is more accurate) pair of panties. This bottom looks ripe for a spanking, I’d like to keep these panties on, for a change, imagine how her bottom would look red under those see-through purplish panties. Of course for those puritans amoung you, you can always let her pull her panties back up after the spanking.

Our third girl has some bad luck. Her pink trousers have been pulled down and her bottom spanked to match the colour. It went slightly wrong though, her bottom doesn’t seem to match the trousers at all. I guess she’ll have to go back otk for a second dose, this time to match her bottom with the darker pink of her shirt.

Our fourth girl is ready for her spanking, bending over the bed. Her cute pink pantis wont protect her that much and if they get in the way … down they will go.

This girl’s shorts are vey cute on her. What I like most is the shade of pink, compare it to her skintone and this could very well be the colour her bottom will be when she gets spanked. Let’s hope very soon. (that odd leg must be her spanker about to kneel behind her for her spanking, right?)

Our last girl was made to undress completely, removing her top, pants, bra and panties. But when that was done she was allowed to put her pants back on, the cute pink pj-pants were a perfect referall point for her spanking, aiming to get her bottom just as pink.

Perfect ass

Hello again everyone, I’m back for another wednesday’s photoshoot.

I’m not going to be writing much today, instead I’m going to let the picture’s do the talking. Occasionally when browsing the internet with spanking on my mind, looking at pictures I come across a girl and I think: “Well of course she’s into spanking.” Because even if she never thought of it herself, any spanker that caught a glimpse of her bum would want to spank her and it wouldn’t take long for her to discover. These are girls I like to describe as having the perfect spanking bottom.

Of course there is no such thing as a perfect spanking bottom, it all depends on personal preferences, some guys like a slim bottom, some like it plump or a bubblebutt; and even then there’s proportions, even if you like a plump bum, on a skinny petite girl a smaller bum looks better.

To me, the picture’s I’m sharing today are all of girls that I consider have a perfect spanking bottom. (so perfect even that I wonder how much photoshop is going on in some, but in fantasy a bit of editing can be forgivven, right?)

Red bottoms

Hey everyone, hope you didn’t miss me too much the last week but I’m back for some more posts. We all know I get spanked now and again and this morning was no different. The reason? I missed three posts on this blog. Now I’m not sharing a picture of my red bottom with you, but lately most I have shared are pictures that inspiring spanking rather than pictures that are about spanking. That’s why this weeks I am sharing pictures about spanking, more specifically about such a red bottom.

The woman in our first picture has been bent over the kitchen table (see the kitchen in the background). I think I will soon do a picture set all about the kitchen, but for now lets just focus on her red bottom. The color is spread nice and wide and her stockings make her that much sexier. It’s just a little pink though, so I suspect this is an inbetween shot, her spanker now looking through the kitchen drawers for a good implement to spank her with. Poor girl, I’m sure she’ll behave better from now on.

Our next picture shows to girls that both got spanked together. I can imagine a lot of scenario’s here. Are they sisters that both got daddy’s attention, or are they best friends and was one staying over? Maybe they were just doing naughty stuff to eachother when one of their boyfriends caught them, or they are eachothers’ girlfriend and got spanked by a friend helping them in their spanking fantasy needs… In any way, their bottom got a decent amount of attention, they must have been very naughty because it looks like it wasn’t just a hand that turned their bottom this red. Ouchy.

The next girl laying on the couch has a nice bog bottom perfect for spanking. She has been made to undress, leaving only her underwear on and most of that pulled down as well. This seems to me most likely a disciplinary spanking, she doesn’t seem to have enjoyed much of it, perhaps dreading the rest as she is laying their waiting for a possible continuation with an implement. Because of the undress I would say her boyfriend and not a parent is teaching her a lesson, hope she learns because her bottom will be redder as the evening progresses.

Facedown on the bed, looking over her shoulder, this young lady is inspecting her red bottom just as we are. It seems nice and red so she must’ve had a good spanking. Naked below the waist, but with a dark pink t-shirt I think those are part of her nightwear. A good spanking before bedtime always helps me sleep too.

Now laying on the bed or the couch might be fun, but this spanker knows a spanked little girl deserves to stand in the corner and think about her behaviour afterwards. Allthough he seems to have stopped spanking her a bit too early. Her bottom is barely pink, her panties are still on and she doesn’t look sorry at all. I’m sure she’ll end up back over his knee for a second round. This one however seems to enjoy it, well who doesn’t enjoy a good erotic spanking?

The last one today is also my favourite. This girl laying on the bed, her bottom glowing pink, a bit of her private parts showing telling us her awkward state of undress, also with those panties around her knees and then the sad look on her face, she knows she is in trouble, it hurts, she is sorry and yet there is more to come. Almost makes me jealous … almost.

Pain and pleasure

It is not a big secret that many – if not everyone – that gets spanked find their punishment erotically arroussing. Some people only play in spanking for this sexual pleasure, others swear they only see it as punishment, but many of them will admit that even then their body betrays them and shows the telltale signs of pleasure instead of pain. Often on sunday’s drawing lessons I’ve shared drawings of well-spanked women by Kamitora. This artist knows as no other that even though he might be showing punishment, there is also the aspect of pleasure and he adds this in his drawings, in the looks on their faces and the wetness between their legs.

Personally I think spanking is the most erotic thing imaginable. I can not think of it without getting that warm feeling, fantasising for only a moment makes me long for one and expecting to get one soon, be it for pleasure or punishment, will surely get me wet. The girls in today’s drawing lessons are just like that. These naughty girl sketches by Kamitora are well deserved of a good spanking and they will surely enjoy it too.

We begin with the naughtiest girl of the day. She has been told to go to her room and prepare for her spanking. But instead of baring her bottom and assuming the position she is to excited for the coming spanking. So excitd that she decides to pleasure herself. When her spanker finally comes to her room she shows him how wet and willing she is. Hoping that he will then have other things in mind. The poor girl will surely be in for one hell of a tanning, but when it is all over, finally she might get what she wanted.

Our second girl is only slightly less naughty. She too has been sent to her room for her spanking. She has managed to contain her excitement however. Until her spanker came and it beame too much for her. She decided to show him how willing she is, how much she wants him. But surely she will not get what she wants while her bottom is still so pale. Perhaps when her spanking is over her spanker might take what she is offering.

Our third girl is slightly more subtle, she waits for her spanking in a proper position. The little toy next to her howevere is a clear message to her spanker that he can do more to her than just spank her if he pleases. The toy however already looks used, if her spanker sees that, her spanking will surely last longer than she firstly deserved.

A girl must always be careful of what she offers and wishes for however, a spanker can be very creative. Apparently our previous girl had been naughtier than we thought and her spanker didn’t think she deserved too much pleasure. Instead of using her toy for its intended purpose, he puts it up her bottomhole for extra discomfort and embarrassment while he gives her a good hard punishment. But even this can not convince the girls body that she is not enjoying her punishment.

Lets end today with a girl that is more lucky than her predecessors. Knowing his girl gets so arroussed from being naughty, this lady’s spanker has allowed her to play with her toy instead of spanking her. There is one condition however, she lets him – and perhaps his friends, for the extra embarrassment – watch and if he doesn’t find the show entertaining enough she gets spanked anyway.

I hope you liked today’s sketches and may they inspire you to go spank some naughty girls that would otherwise just be playing with themselves.

Soft elements

Hello everyone, this wednesday’s photoshoot I’m actually going to talk about making photo’s haha. More precisely about adding soft elements to your photo’s. And by soft elements I don’t mean a girls bare bottom, but things like pillows, blankets, clothing etc. Somehow seeing those things in combination with a naughty littlge girls makes her seem that much more vulnerable/cute/sexy. And of course these elements can make your naughty girl more comfortable, you want her to be squirming from the spanking you’re giving, not from the uncomfort of her position. Some examples:

In our first photo we see a girl enjoying the after-effects of a well spanked bottom. The soft green couch supporting her naked body gives us the impression that she is comfortable and calm. Telling us that she enjoyed her spanking, but daring her spankee to wake her from her comfortable slumber for more of the same, or a different kind of fun bent over the back of the couch.

On top of a pile of pillows and blankets this young lady looks more vulnerable than she might be. Her bottom is still pale, but the pout almost hidden by her hat tells us there is a spanking yet to come. What is cuter than a naked girl on her bed, about to be spanked?

This next lady seems a bit older already. But instead of the (also sexy) usual stockings and sexy lingerie she has opted to pose nude, laying on a soft couch covered in a blanket, making her look that much younger. Instead of a sexy grown up lady she is now  naughty little girl and that smile tells us she definitely wants that spanking you offered.

As if a slim little girl with long hair, laying naked on her bed isn’t cute and sexy enough; this naughty girl kept her thick knee-high socks on making her look that much more vulnerable and sexy at the same time.

Often after a spanking a spanker likes to make the naughty girl sit on a hard wooden stool. This is usually seen as extra punishment as sitting on a freshly spanked bottom isn’t fun at all. But add a layer of padding on that stool to make it slightly more comfortable and you will get the picture of a naughty little girl trying to sooth her poor bottom. Add some woolen stockings and small top but leave her bottom bared to get these very sexy photo’s:

For our last photo we not only have our girl back on the bed wearing some cute pink panties. But she is hugging her blanket, already sorry for the spanking she is about to have. This pose in paricular where she is holding on with all her might to her blanket that holds no protection, only comfort, makes this one of my favourite pre-spanking pictures.

Nude girls

Sexy outfits, lingery, naughty our cute, sometimes all we really want is just a girl without her clothes on. So that’s what I’m giving you this wednesday’s photoshoot.

Our first girl seems to be at home, what’s more relaxing than laying on your bed without any clothes on? But I do hope that she’s not being lazy and neglecting her chores; a bed and a bare bottom, her bf wouldn’t need much imagination to figure out what kind of punishment to give her.

Our second girl seems to have thrown her blankets and pillows on the floor. This does not seem too comfortable and I can only think of two reasons why you would do that: One you’re about to have some sexy time with your bf on the floor or two you like to make your room a mess and are about to get a spanking. Both options could be fun allthough the second could probably incorporate the first.

Our third girl is on the bed again, but not as relaxed as the first. Her slightly spread legs, upturned bottom and the apprehensive look on her face tells me she might be about to get a good tanning on her bottom. Or I’m completely wrong, though I know you all hope I was right.

Our fourth girl is the last one laying on the bed, I promise. I liked her because of her seductive smile and quite a big bottom in my opinion, she could take a good long spanking on that.

Our fifth girl is more what you’re all used to see on my blog. This one has definitely been naughty as she has been put in the corner on her knees, awaiting her punishment. She doesn’t look too happy about it either so it will be a good disciplinary spanking for this naughty young lady.

Our sixth girl is my favourite and you’ll all know why. Not only is she standing in the corner just like the previous girl, telling us that she’s been naughty and about to be spanked; but on top of that, the corner has a window reaching from the floor to the ceiling, so this completely naked naughty girl is completely visible for any passing stranger.

Hope you all enjoyed a post without much of a story but with some good pictures. Some days we just want to see pretty things without having to think about them. (and no that doesn’t mean I’ve just been lazy today, for those that want to find any excuse to redden my bottom)

Four dates

Hello everyone, this sunday’s drawing lessons (which is a day late, naughty me) will be about four different ways to prepare for a date, so lets just get to it.

First lets start with the good girl’s way, she asks her date’s advice on what to wear to make sure she has something appropriate on. This not only makes her date feel in control, but dressing in front of him will get his blood flowing as well. He will surely want to give this girl a reward for such good behaviour, and what better way to award a submissive girl with a good girl spanking after her date?

Our second girl is a bit more cheeky. Whilst not really naughty she provides a little surprise for her date, in this case the lack of panties under her short skirt. It’s just a naughty secret she has and a surprise for her date if he manages to find out. But when he does this cheeky young lady might find herself over his lap for a good spanking on that pantieless bottom.

Our third girl is a naughty girl and she knows it. She’s been spanked before and she loves it. After leaving the bathroom she makes sure to leave her hairbrush where her date can find it when she brings him home. Secretly she is already looking forward to the end of the date, because she knows her naughty behaviour will give him enough reason to use that hairbrush on her naughty bottom.

Our fourth girl is the naughtiest of naughty and her date knows it. He learned this when he dated her before, but this time he is prepared. Before they left he gave this young lady a good hard prevention-spanking, to make sure she would behave during their date. He hoped her red bottom would be a reminder of what happens to naughty girls; but seeing the look on her face tells me this pre-date spanking has just encouraged this young lady to do her worst.

That’s it for today, please let me know what you think of this new post-format I tried out, and tell me which girl/date you like best, in the comment section.