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The most embarrassing spankings

Hey everyone

Today you wanted to see a set of the most embarrassing spankings in my collection.
Hope you enjoy…

This teacher doesn’t just send you out of the classroom, she follows you and gives you a spanking in the hallway. Maybe not as embarrassing as a spanking in front of the class, except that anyone might pass by and your classmates will still hear what’s going on. I chose this one because it was different from the oh so familiar classroom spankings, yet still very embarrassing.


Daddy/boyfriend/husband doesn’t care that he has a friend over, when you deserve a bare bottom spanking you will get one. The witness is now still just listening from afar, but the open door is an obvious invitation to come and watch.

notsure RealLifeSpankings

The authorities are supposed to help you, but what if they turn on you? Perhaps you did something wrong, but there’s an even moreembarrassing possibility: You called them for help, but on their arrival they decided it’s you who’should be spanked for wasting their time.


The next picture isn’t so much about the scene, but the position. I chose this as the most embarrassing position as it leaves you completely exposed. This girl still wears her op, but should that come off as well, the spanker would have full view of everything you have to offer.


A spanking by your boss can be quite embarrassing, but what if there are still coworkers around? Your own panties in your mouth to silence your squeals. Embarrassing yet effective.


Hope you enjoyed, don’t forget to vote for the next set.

Back to school

Hey everyone, this sundays drawing lesson is all about a spanking fantasy tht is a favourite for many spanko’s. It’s naughty schoolgirls, spanked at school. Fortunately I’m too youg to have experienced anything like it when I went to school; and I say fortunate because I’m sure it was not as fun as it is in our fantasies.

I’m going to roughly divide these spankings into three settings:
Firstly there is the spanking by your teacher after class. You’re told you have to stay behind for detention, but when everyone has left, the teacher can give you your real spanking punishment in privacy. This schoolgirl must’ve been very naughty, she’s been made to write on the blackboard in between spankings because she flinched away from her smacks; plus her bottom is very red.

The second is my personal favourite, it is the spanking in front of the class, the added embarrassment of witnesses, and not just any, but your friends and classmates, makes this a real turn on for me. We see this in a little cartoon of which I have about a dozen, about Sammy Simpkins, a naughty gilr that loves being spanked and thus gets in trouble a lot too. She is spanked with her bare bottom facing the class. Also I like the cheeky boys taking a peek at the other girl’s panties.

And thirdly there is the spanking by the headmaster. When you’ve been told to see him, you know you’ll be in trouble. It might be less embarrassing than being spanked in fron tof class – though your clasmates probably know what will be happening there – but the added anticipation of waiting till school is ove and waiting outside his door makes this a very interesting scenario as well.

You see the headmaster up there ready with his cane, but a good headmaster knows multiple ways to discipline a naughty girl. Not only bending over his desk should be enough, this young girl is right on top of it, her legs up in the air in a very embarrassing and revealing position. A paddle is ready and a strap in his drawer, but the girl is laying waiting in anticipation as he is answering the phone in the middle of her punishment; or is he perhaps calling her parents, telling them why she will be home late?


Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was great, I’m posting this sunday’s drawing lesson on a monday because, well I had my family over for my birthday yesterday. But let’s get to it.
Usually when spanked I prefer it when the spanker has to hold you down and feel you struggling, but not always. I have posted a bit about bondage before and every now and then I love to be tied down. It really is about total loss of control and trust in your dominant partner, so today we’re drawing girls that are so constrained they have absoltely no say in what’s going to happen to them.

Let’s start with this naughty cat burglar. How often do you see these sexy women in action movies in their tight black clothing. They’re always sexy and very naughty (they are thieves afterall). Usually they come over as very confident and dominant women (imagine the whip on catwoman), but who doesn’t like a role-reversal now and then? This naughty lady has been caught by the person she was trying to steal from and she doesn’t look too confident anymore, tied up and gagged. Who knows how she is going to be punished and what else her capturer may want from her?

Our next young lady is from a much more innocent sort. A magician always wants an attractive agile young girl to assist him in his show. Little did this poor girl know that his act with the boxes would end up with her being spanked in front of the whole audience, at least now she understands why his sho is so succesfull. Or did she perhaps misbehave backstage and is this embarrassing punishment something she well deserved? In any way, I don’t think she’ll come up with any magical escape-tricks to escape her audienced spanking.

On to our third girl. I really like the position she is in here, not constrained by any conventional method, she is laying on what seems to be a childrens climb-play-constuction. This young lady is however too old and thus to big to be playing on this and the pipes holding it together are effective constraints while she is laying down the slide. Now I am just wondering how she deserved this punishment and is she perhaps serving as an example for the younger children that were playing there, that even big girls still can get spanked when they misbehave?

Some girls of course are not very innocent at all. Our fourth girl is one of them, she is one of those girls that needs to be spanked regularly. Her dress makes me think she is something of a nobility, a spoiled brat no doubt and her expression during this spanking tells us she does not take her punishments willingly. Well what you do then is built something specially for her, a construction to constrain her to make sure she gets the proper punishment she deserves. The strong wooden block around her hips and the chain around her wrists on her back will make sure that despite that defiant expression she will take her spanking without much fuss and I’m sure that expression will dissapear soon enough… Allthough … perhaps it is all just an act, that glimps at what’s stuck between her legs may betray that she and her spanker will enjoy this more than she is admitting.

Hope you all enjoy this post and I want to end this by thanking everyone that comes her often, on my birthday we had a record of almost 2500 viewers. (I wonder if my red bottom had anything to do with that)

Indiana vs Lara & cute pj’s

I wanted to share this picture yesterday. A funny clash of famous tomb raiders Lara Croft and Indiana Jones. Our hero Indian has caught miss Croft with his whip and is learning this naughty young lady the proper behavior in their trades.

I love watching (normal) movies and imagining which of the characters could do with a good spanking. Not much more to tell, is there? So enjoy:

Indiana Jones spanks Lara Croft

But as I said, that was yesterday’s post. I wasn’t home all day and couldn’t write a blog-post. But that just means I4m getting a spanking (I hope) and you’re getting two pictures today.

Now I’m going to admit to another fantasy of mine. I love both the ‘cute’ spanking scene and the ‘sexy’ spanking scene. I’ve already talked about my deeper fantasies in the sexy scene (such as bondage) so today I’m going a bit deeper in the cute scene.
One thing I really like is pyjama-spankings. Spankings before going to bed or when you’ve just woken up. When you’re wearing just some thin pj’s but no underwear underneath. Pj’s can be super-cute. I love those cute girlish pj’s, and imagine being spanked as a little girl by her daddy. I’ll just come out and say it, I even love a little bit of age-play as well.

After all, what is more cute than a big girl, being treated as a little one? Up to the point of wearing cute little girl clothes. A one-piece pajama with drop-out bottoms for her spanking? *squirms*
Love that kind of pj’s, especially the one-piece suits that are tight and soft that enclose your body completely and leave no curve hidden. Like the one in today’s picture: enjoy…

one-piece pj drop-out bottom


Time for another interesting fantasy. A lot of people have erotic fantasies about doctors and nurses, not necessarily about spanking, though spanking fits the scene very well. I must admit my favorite is a good doctor-patient fantasy, having to undress for him, feeling vulnerable, letting him examine you – everywhere – and then the doctor finds out you’re faking sick to get out of school/work for a day, as medicine he decides you need a good spanking, and he’ll give it to you himself. Hmmm…

But that’s not what today’s post is about. Today it is about nurses. Nurses are in fantasies (and if you’re very lucky in real life as well) very attractive women in sexy nurse outfits. It’s easy to guess why so many people fantasize about nurses. She is there when the doctor examines you and he makes her help in the examination. If you were a man I could imagine you enjoy the idea of a woman being told to do things, being told to touch you; if you’re a girl like me, I know I enjoy the idea of letting another woman touch you at the instructions of a man who’s watching.
Now how spankings come in to play. Nurses have a job with a lot of responsibility. Their actions can have bad consequences to the patient, and a nurse that doesn’t do her job correct is a danger to the patient. So it is not hard to imagine a nurse getting spanked by her boss when she makes a mistake. Better even, she might even be spanked in front of the patient she endangered, or let him do it even. Also as nurses are there to ‘help’ the patient, we expect them to be friendly and nice. They are forced into a sort of submissive role, and when she fails to be the friendly nurse we want her to be, she is taken over the knee, by the patient himself, or by the doctor.
And let’s not forget the sexy nurse outfit that’s just perfect for a spanking fantasy, the hospital beds or examination tables that give plenty opportunity for interesting positions and the hospital equipment, because when she makes a mistake the doctor could teach her how to use it, by using it on her.

Hope you all enjoy a good spanked nurse fantasy as well en enjoy the following pictures:

Patient taking his nurse otk:

patient spanking a nurse

Nurse on the examination table:

strapped nurse on the examination table

strapped nurse on the examination table

Two nurses bending over:

Two nurses bending over

Nurse over the doctor’s knee:

Nurse over the doctor's knee

Diaper position on the examination table:

Diaper position on the examination table

HP: pet-responsibility

Hermione’s cat Crookshanks is a bit of a troublemaker and especially Ron’s rat Scabbers has to be weary of her. In this picture Ron finally takes things in hands. Hermione spoils her cat way too much and now has to pay the price as the owner of the mischievous pet.

The Crookshanks – Scabbers situation is cause for a lot of arguments and fights in the books and it’s about time Hermione gets spanked for not being a responsible pet-owner.
Do have a cat myself, and if it attacked my friend’s pet I’m sure I would be blamed as well.

A very sexy diaper-positioning (magical) spanking across Hermione’s panties. Very embarrassing for her and Ron gets a good look at his future girlfriend’s assets… *giggles*

a paddling in the diaper position for Hermione

DD rules in cartoons by cc

Yesterday was the busiest day on my blog since I started it.
I got a lot more views even though I didn’t get that many comments or ratings.

To welcome all the new readers I’ve decided to share two pictures today.
I’m introducing one of my favorite artists from the animeotk forums. ‘cc’
I discovered her sexy cartoony style of drawing first in the following sexy ‘after shower’ spanking:
legsup spanking after a shower

Drawn to the humor and wondering what else I might find of this artist I went looking and found a very interesting cartoon series named:

‘Avoiding Domestic Discipline’ or ADD.
A very funny series, of which I will post one rule every day the following days (perhaps two if I get any comments for a change).

Rule one is a short sketchy panel about using your hb/bf’s creditcard.
Later in the series the rules will get better in quality like the picture above.

rule 1: don't steal your husband's creditcard