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Childhood memories

Hey everyone,

Some of you might be dissapointed that the option from my previous poll: ‘childhood memories’ is not about spankings from your childhood. It has nothing to do with going over daddy’s knee or visiting your mean uncle. No, instead I’m going to corrupt – or ver-naughty-fy – your childhood memories by adding a spanking element to them.

The idea is simple, take something from your childhood and imagine how it would be with spanking added:

Childhood memory one: The power rangers.
Power rangers save the world yes, but they are also adults, and like adults they have needs, and by needs I mean sex:


Of course, when there is sex involved, there will be complications. What if your best friend the yellow ranger tries to seduce your partner? You can’t let it ruin your friendship, you have to save the world together. But you can give her a good power spanking…

Childhood memory two: Peter Pan.
Who of us spankes did not love the naughty little fairy tinkerbell/ And especially this scene where Peter collects some fairy dust?


Well, apparently the cosplaying girl below did not remember that part. She does not seem pleased of our idea to play out that specific scene. We all know of course that she will get it anyway in the end. If she is a true Tinkerbell, she is naughty enough for it anyway…

Childhood memory three: Pokemon
I’ve always felt pokemon would become even more interesting with the occassional spanking. I’m not sure about Gary spanking his rival’s mother. I had thought more about spankings as a result for losing a pokemon battle or something. But this kinda shows my point anyway:


Of course there are many more attractive pokemon trainers in more recent versions. This one finds herself in a very naughty situation, definitely worthy of being spanked too, accident or not… Poor diglett.

I’m ending this post with a special poll.  Before you get to vote for the next picture set, I want you to choose for a continuation of this one, the options are:

Pokemon: When a trainer’s pokemon grow up they get stronger and smarter. So when the trainer, sometimes just a young and inexperienced girl does not care of them properly, who better to spank her than her own little monsters?

Princess Peach: Have you ever wondered what bowser does with the princess when he kidnaps her? All his poor henchmen get killed by Mario, it seems only fitting that he let the surviving ones take revenge on the princess…

Choose one and I will upload the corresponding set of pictures soon.


Hey everyone, today’s subject for our wedensday’s photoshoot is … pink.
Pink is widely regarded as a ‘girly’ color and a girl wearing pink is often cute, and who doesn’t love the idea of a cute girl getting a spanking.Pink is of course also the color your bottom turns during a spanking, before it turns red, indicating that she is well warmed up; or indeed spanked just enough for some foreplay.

The first picture radiates pink, the whole room is bathing in the cute girlish color. Imagine entering a girls room that looked like this, you can immediately imagine the inhabitant is very innocent. Until you see her bent over like that of course, ready for her spanking. Even good proper innocent girls like a pink bottom every so (very) often…

Our second girl, or well her bottom, is covered in a sheer, pink (perhaps purple is more accurate) pair of panties. This bottom looks ripe for a spanking, I’d like to keep these panties on, for a change, imagine how her bottom would look red under those see-through purplish panties. Of course for those puritans amoung you, you can always let her pull her panties back up after the spanking.

Our third girl has some bad luck. Her pink trousers have been pulled down and her bottom spanked to match the colour. It went slightly wrong though, her bottom doesn’t seem to match the trousers at all. I guess she’ll have to go back otk for a second dose, this time to match her bottom with the darker pink of her shirt.

Our fourth girl is ready for her spanking, bending over the bed. Her cute pink pantis wont protect her that much and if they get in the way … down they will go.

This girl’s shorts are vey cute on her. What I like most is the shade of pink, compare it to her skintone and this could very well be the colour her bottom will be when she gets spanked. Let’s hope very soon. (that odd leg must be her spanker about to kneel behind her for her spanking, right?)

Our last girl was made to undress completely, removing her top, pants, bra and panties. But when that was done she was allowed to put her pants back on, the cute pink pj-pants were a perfect referall point for her spanking, aiming to get her bottom just as pink.

Soft elements

Hello everyone, this wednesday’s photoshoot I’m actually going to talk about making photo’s haha. More precisely about adding soft elements to your photo’s. And by soft elements I don’t mean a girls bare bottom, but things like pillows, blankets, clothing etc. Somehow seeing those things in combination with a naughty littlge girls makes her seem that much more vulnerable/cute/sexy. And of course these elements can make your naughty girl more comfortable, you want her to be squirming from the spanking you’re giving, not from the uncomfort of her position. Some examples:

In our first photo we see a girl enjoying the after-effects of a well spanked bottom. The soft green couch supporting her naked body gives us the impression that she is comfortable and calm. Telling us that she enjoyed her spanking, but daring her spankee to wake her from her comfortable slumber for more of the same, or a different kind of fun bent over the back of the couch.

On top of a pile of pillows and blankets this young lady looks more vulnerable than she might be. Her bottom is still pale, but the pout almost hidden by her hat tells us there is a spanking yet to come. What is cuter than a naked girl on her bed, about to be spanked?

This next lady seems a bit older already. But instead of the (also sexy) usual stockings and sexy lingerie she has opted to pose nude, laying on a soft couch covered in a blanket, making her look that much younger. Instead of a sexy grown up lady she is now  naughty little girl and that smile tells us she definitely wants that spanking you offered.

As if a slim little girl with long hair, laying naked on her bed isn’t cute and sexy enough; this naughty girl kept her thick knee-high socks on making her look that much more vulnerable and sexy at the same time.

Often after a spanking a spanker likes to make the naughty girl sit on a hard wooden stool. This is usually seen as extra punishment as sitting on a freshly spanked bottom isn’t fun at all. But add a layer of padding on that stool to make it slightly more comfortable and you will get the picture of a naughty little girl trying to sooth her poor bottom. Add some woolen stockings and small top but leave her bottom bared to get these very sexy photo’s:

For our last photo we not only have our girl back on the bed wearing some cute pink panties. But she is hugging her blanket, already sorry for the spanking she is about to have. This pose in paricular where she is holding on with all her might to her blanket that holds no protection, only comfort, makes this one of my favourite pre-spanking pictures.


Hey everyone, happy to be back for another post.
Last week I’ve had no internet, and that really makes you understand how addicted you can be to your computer … it was a long week and I don’t understand why the internet company needed so long to send me a replacement modem. Anyway, I’m back now and ready for some blogging.

On a side note: my boyfriend told me I had to mention he did spank me for not keeping my blog up to date eventhough there was nothing I could do. ‘another form of the good girl paradox’ he called it. The second part of my punishment is that I have to share something personal on the blog, so that’s today’s subject.

Just a few days I had a very strange dream and it involved spanking.
My boyfriend has a sister, and she has a new boyfriend. In my dream my boyfriend and I were talking about him, discussing whether he was good enough for her. My bf wondered if he knew how to treat a girl, and by that I mean how to treat her when she’s naughty. So we decided we should let him spank me, to see if he knew how to give a good spanking. And this being a dream, this guy agreed to the test without finding it strange in any way, and he did spank me good.
I woke up with a tingling bottom and made sure my bf repeated the process but then for real.

So hope sharing this dream was personal enough. If any of you feel called to share as well, use the comments to tell me about your strange spanking dreams.
Now lets get to today’s pictures, it’s the photoshoot I wanted to post wednesday (or the wednesday before that).

It all starts out with a dream, and dreams can be crazy. This young lady played naughty games with her teddy-bears, and now they are taking revenge.

When you then wake up from your dream, your bottom is tingling but pale, you want the spanking you just dreamt off. Pull down your pj’s and offer your bottom to your bf.

But what if your boyfriend isn’t there with you? You’ll have to go downstairs in your pj’s for your spanking, he might be there or you might have to ask daddy.

And eventhough your pj’s may be cute, they will come down eventually for the bare bottom spanking you literally dreamt of.

When your spanking is over, you’ll be sent back to your room, with a stinging red bottom, back to bed.

Allthough you might not get to sleep again yet, your boyfriend might be in the mood for other things now. He’ll make you wait for him like a naughty girl with her hands on her head.

A windy day

Wednesday’s photoshoot.
Good day everyone. Today’s post has been inspired by one of my own stories and it’s reactions. Just this Monday I wrote a story titled ‘a thief in the night’. Though most of the story takes place in a private setting, I used one quick reference to a more public display. Just one sentence in a long story, but sir Enzo found it worthy of mentioning in his comment. The sentence I’m talking about is the following:

“She normally didn’t wear a thong under something that was this susceptible to the wind, but today she wanted nothing to touch her bottom more than necessary.”

When it comes to catching a glimpse of a girl’s bottom in public, the wind is your best friend. Actually I can tell you that it is a good friend to the girl as well, a cool breeze can be very soothing for a warmed up bottom. The fact that it might reveal your bottom to anyone lucky enough to look in the right direction, is just something you have to take with it. Kind of exciting to some of us even, I admit.

Anyway, no spanked red bottoms today, just our friend the wind giving us a peek at these girls’ finest assets.

This girl’s dress is obviously too short to wear a string underneath (a good look reveals a bit of black between those lovely cheeks), let’s hope that man she’s with knows how to deal with such a naughty girl, this bottom looks just made for spanking.

This girl appears to be on a windy parking lot. Possibly with her mother? If she is, she should teach her little girl flashing her cute pink undies isn’t acceptable, hands about to spank can lift such a short skirt just as easily.

This little girl appears to be at the beach. Making it quite possible that she’s wearing a bathing-suit. Nonetheless, the wind offers us a better look under that frilly skirt.

A warm day at a crowded market. It’s these days we love wearing short dresses so the wind can cool our legs. This lady seems to like a cool bottom too, no sign of panties on this one.

Large open areas, like this airport, generate a lot of wind. Perhaps this lady should have thought about her choice of dress. She doesn’t show as much as the others, but any panties she’s wearing don’t cover much, and what we do see promises a very nice sight at the next blast of wind. Not every photographer can time it perfectly.


Usually when I fantasize about spanking, it’s being spanked by a man. Even when thinking of parental spankings I usually imagine a daddy spanking his naughty little girl. But a mther daughter spanking can be very interesting as well. It steers away from the erotic feelings and is more concentrated on discipline and the embarrassment of mummy punishing you just like when you were a real little girl.

I’m not thinking about the sexy dominatrixes or female dommes with short skirts, stockings and high heels. They can be interesting as well, but today I’m talking about the cute image of a big girl spanked by her mother just like when she was little. It falls in that category of age-regression which I have talked about before.

So todays picture shows a naughty girl over mummys knee on the bed, she’s getting a bedtime spanking in hr pj’s on her bared bottom.
I particularly like the family resemblance between mother and daughter.

bare bottom bedtime spanking


Sometimes it’s allowed, sometimes it’s not, but we always want to rub after we’ve gotten a good hard spanking. If you really had a good disciplinary spanking, it’s different, your bottom is sore and touching it is too hot, you just want it to cool down. In that case a cool cream applied by your spanker is the best rub you can get. Actually, being rubbed by your spanker, still over his knee is the best in every situation.

I’m not sure why some spankers don’t allow you to rub. I understand teasing you, not letting you rub in the corner to let it linger, not letting you rub when there’s more to come. But when it is all finally over you deserve a little rub. A spanking just isn’t complete without seeing the naughty girl clench her sore bottom and rubbing it better… Thats just too cute.

rubbing her bottom

Pajamas & onesies

Continuing on sunday’s (today’s) post, I wanted to add a bit about pajama spankings.
When you’re thinking of cute spankings, there’s nothing cuter than one in a pajama. A little girl sent to bed and getting a bedtime spanking in her pj’s or a little girl, still in her pj’s at breakfast, already starting the day of misbehaving and getting a red bottom to rest the day.

To continue on yesterdays post we can make pj’s even more cute and age-regression like, by making them onesies or drop seat pajamas. The onesies just look little-girly and drop seats give easy access to your bottom when you’ve been a naughty little girl.

I love the fantasy of a girl,  used to wearing a sexy negligee or other sexy pj-set, but when she’s been naughty her ‘daddy’ forces her to wear a childish drop seat pajamas, to remind her of that red bottom and giving him easy access to her bottom when needed.

spanked in her drop seat onesies

Yes, daddy

It doesn’t always have to be ‘Sir’. Lots of spanko’s fantasize about daddies spanking their daughters. Whether this is because the girl wishes to relieve her early childhood when he was spanked, or whether it is something she missed growing up; it is something different and yet the same as other spanking fantasies.

Spanking fantasies often include figures with authority, be it a teacher, police officer, disciplinarian; or someone that takes an authoritative role, such as a strict boyfriend or husband. Your father (or mother) is actually the first authoritative person in your life and the first one that would have punished you. It is not unheard of even, still now, that a parent uses spanking to discipline their children. So it is a very easy fantasy to relate to.

Parents that do spank, normally stop when you get ‘too old’, but their authority doesn’t end then. So the idea to the fantasy ‘what if they hadn’t stopped’ is quite easily triggered. Fantasies about being spanked as a teen, hiding it from your friends that are treated as adults, punished like a child while you see yourself as a young adult. The embarrassment would be much greater, and at the same time you evolve sexually, adding even more to the embarrassment, at the same time knowing what for you is a punishment, for someone else is something highly erotic.

The fantasy changes for many people because of this. Daddy becomes a step-father, or a mean uncle. That way they can combine their fantasy of being spanked and treated as a child, with the erotic feelings it brings.

What attracts me most about these fantasies is not being childish. You find a lot of people who are into age-play. With grown-up women, pretending they’re little girls. Which sounds to me just a bit ridiculous. What I find interesting is being an adult woman, but treated as a little girl. I have all the thoughts, ideas, knowledge and feelings of an adult, but my ‘daddy’ ignores all that and treats me if I was still much younger. A much more embarrassing fantasy in my opinion. I wouldn’t be a little girl spanked, that’s normal, no I’m an adult woman spanked, much less normal and more embarrassing.

That’s all about age-regression as a punishment for today. But having started about the subject, you can expect me to tell you more about it later.

I threw a tantrum

At first sight, today’s picture might look like what I said did not interest me, a woman pretending to be a girl. But I think it’s not. The outfit she’s wearing marks her obviously as an adult. She did not throw a tantrum like a little girl would, but she prepared a scene for her ‘daddy’, knowing they would both like the consequences. A very erotic and mature thing to do.

Facial Expressions Friday

Another friday, another picture centering on a facial expression.

The super-cute girl in today’s picture has a very cute expression that could mean many things:
“Oopsie, I didn’t do that on purpose.”
“Oh no, are you going to spank me now?”
“Uh oh, I hear someone coming…”
“Eek, oh ehm hi, it’s not what it looks like.”

naked in the bathroom