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Back to school

Hey everyone, this sundays drawing lesson is all about a spanking fantasy tht is a favourite for many spanko’s. It’s naughty schoolgirls, spanked at school. Fortunately I’m too youg to have experienced anything like it when I went to school; and I say fortunate because I’m sure it was not as fun as it is in our fantasies.

I’m going to roughly divide these spankings into three settings:
Firstly there is the spanking by your teacher after class. You’re told you have to stay behind for detention, but when everyone has left, the teacher can give you your real spanking punishment in privacy. This schoolgirl must’ve been very naughty, she’s been made to write on the blackboard in between spankings because she flinched away from her smacks; plus her bottom is very red.

The second is my personal favourite, it is the spanking in front of the class, the added embarrassment of witnesses, and not just any, but your friends and classmates, makes this a real turn on for me. We see this in a little cartoon of which I have about a dozen, about Sammy Simpkins, a naughty gilr that loves being spanked and thus gets in trouble a lot too. She is spanked with her bare bottom facing the class. Also I like the cheeky boys taking a peek at the other girl’s panties.

And thirdly there is the spanking by the headmaster. When you’ve been told to see him, you know you’ll be in trouble. It might be less embarrassing than being spanked in fron tof class – though your clasmates probably know what will be happening there – but the added anticipation of waiting till school is ove and waiting outside his door makes this a very interesting scenario as well.

You see the headmaster up there ready with his cane, but a good headmaster knows multiple ways to discipline a naughty girl. Not only bending over his desk should be enough, this young girl is right on top of it, her legs up in the air in a very embarrassing and revealing position. A paddle is ready and a strap in his drawer, but the girl is laying waiting in anticipation as he is answering the phone in the middle of her punishment; or is he perhaps calling her parents, telling them why she will be home late?

Pain and pleasure

It is not a big secret that many – if not everyone – that gets spanked find their punishment erotically arroussing. Some people only play in spanking for this sexual pleasure, others swear they only see it as punishment, but many of them will admit that even then their body betrays them and shows the telltale signs of pleasure instead of pain. Often on sunday’s drawing lessons I’ve shared drawings of well-spanked women by Kamitora. This artist knows as no other that even though he might be showing punishment, there is also the aspect of pleasure and he adds this in his drawings, in the looks on their faces and the wetness between their legs.

Personally I think spanking is the most erotic thing imaginable. I can not think of it without getting that warm feeling, fantasising for only a moment makes me long for one and expecting to get one soon, be it for pleasure or punishment, will surely get me wet. The girls in today’s drawing lessons are just like that. These naughty girl sketches by Kamitora are well deserved of a good spanking and they will surely enjoy it too.

We begin with the naughtiest girl of the day. She has been told to go to her room and prepare for her spanking. But instead of baring her bottom and assuming the position she is to excited for the coming spanking. So excitd that she decides to pleasure herself. When her spanker finally comes to her room she shows him how wet and willing she is. Hoping that he will then have other things in mind. The poor girl will surely be in for one hell of a tanning, but when it is all over, finally she might get what she wanted.

Our second girl is only slightly less naughty. She too has been sent to her room for her spanking. She has managed to contain her excitement however. Until her spanker came and it beame too much for her. She decided to show him how willing she is, how much she wants him. But surely she will not get what she wants while her bottom is still so pale. Perhaps when her spanking is over her spanker might take what she is offering.

Our third girl is slightly more subtle, she waits for her spanking in a proper position. The little toy next to her howevere is a clear message to her spanker that he can do more to her than just spank her if he pleases. The toy however already looks used, if her spanker sees that, her spanking will surely last longer than she firstly deserved.

A girl must always be careful of what she offers and wishes for however, a spanker can be very creative. Apparently our previous girl had been naughtier than we thought and her spanker didn’t think she deserved too much pleasure. Instead of using her toy for its intended purpose, he puts it up her bottomhole for extra discomfort and embarrassment while he gives her a good hard punishment. But even this can not convince the girls body that she is not enjoying her punishment.

Lets end today with a girl that is more lucky than her predecessors. Knowing his girl gets so arroussed from being naughty, this lady’s spanker has allowed her to play with her toy instead of spanking her. There is one condition however, she lets him – and perhaps his friends, for the extra embarrassment – watch and if he doesn’t find the show entertaining enough she gets spanked anyway.

I hope you liked today’s sketches and may they inspire you to go spank some naughty girls that would otherwise just be playing with themselves.

Meru’s struggle

Hello everyone, this sunday’s drawing lessons I will be sharing a lot of pictures. These are made to accompany a set of stories written by Vpanovic on AnimeOTK. I will not add any commentary to the pictures because they are supposed to get you intrigued/interested in the story. So quickly hop over to animeOTK and enjoy this amazing story. Log in if you have an account, or register (it’s free). Go to download links and spanking stories and search for Meru’s struggle. You will find eleven great chapters to download and read.

The illustrations are done by CC, one of my favourite artists on animeOTK and are what made me decide to read the story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: short comic

Chapters 7-9 didn’t get any illustrations done. But by now you should be intrigued enough to go read the story. Let’s all just hope CC got a good spanking as well for not illustrating the last chapters.

Good girl paradox

In the spanking scene there is this thing I like to call the good girl paradox, it goes a bit like this:
When you’re in a spanking relationship, not just DD, but where spanking is an erotic experience for you both; you know your boyfriend loves spanking you. That’s why you can make him happy by misbehaving, giving him a reason to do what he loves. But making your boyfriend happy is what good girls do. So you can be a good girl by being a bad girl.

It’s a funny thing really, I started thinking about it after a converation I had with my bf just a couple of days ago:
BF: “Did you behave today?”
me: “No!”
BF: “Good girl… Come here.”
Of course I’ve known about the paradox a lot longer, but it just struck me as funny so I decided to write a blog post about it.

So today’s drawing lesson is about bad girls that are secretly good girls.
Our first girl loves a clean and orderly house. But when her boyfriend told her he’d come in the weekend she decided not to clean her room for the rest of the week. Living in all that clutter annoyed her much, but when he finally came and spanked her for her apparent lazyness it was all worth it. Especially when afterwards he made her clean up with her red spanked bottom on display.

Our second girl has a whole series of cartoons, all about her. Sammy Simpkins is a student that loves being spanked. I’m sure she’s secretly many teachers’ favourite because of this bad behaviour. Especially when she – like today – gets a friend of hers to misbehave as well.

The next girl is a real kitchen princess, but when she’s baking cookies for her husband, they sometimes mysteriously burn. Luckily for her, her husband has a way with the kitchen utensils as well. He’s probably fetching that wooden spoon right now.

Our last girl works at different families and when she’s done cleaning, the house looks perfect; except when she’s with this one client. His house is just too big, there’s always one area she ‘accidentally’ forgot. Luckily for her he doesn’t mind that much. Instead of asking for a different maid, he just spanks her for it and she always makes sure she has some free time after working hours to give him the time he needs.

A blast from the past

Sunday’s drawing lessons
Many a times these last few months I was bored. I should have been studying but longed to go and see if my blog was still alive. To distract myself I grabbed anything I could find to read, and found myself reading some old comic books from my childhood.
It was in one of these innocent children’s tales that I came across a spanking scene I hadn’t thought about in a very long time. The comics are about a girl named Wiske who lives with her aunt. It’s never explained why she doesn’t live with her parents and it doesn’t seem important either. In the very first story she meets a boy named Suske and they become best friends. Suske doesn’t have a home so Wiske’s aunt (Sidonia) takes him in and they’re raised together. There are a few other main characters, like Lambik, a balding middle-aged man (Sidonia fancies him), Jerom who has inhuman strength and professor Barabas who has many strange inventions. Together they have the weirdest adventures, often featuring professor Barabas’ time machine.

This little comic piece is at the start of a book and Wiske is just playing outside with a ball, her doll Schanulleke (that accompanies her everywhere) still in her hands. Aunt Sidonia has just finished repainting her home when she finds a drawing on a wall. This is left behind by some prehistoric caveman, transported to this time by the professor’s time machine. Unknowingly however Sidonia thinks it was Wiske who ruined her paintjob.
She rushes outside and grabs the playing Wiske by the collar, putting her over her lap on a bench and giving her a spanking. Not until it is over Wiske has time to ask why she was being spanked anyway.

I really liked finding this again, it was probably one of my first, if not the first, contacts with spanking. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I’ve actually masturbated to this comic as a young girl. It’s not just any aunt-daughter spanking, there is so much going on. They’re outside so there is the possibility of witnesses. She was playing with a ball, most probably with her friend Suske who must’ve certainly witnessed the spanking. She was actually innocent of the crime she was accused of (a special fantasy of mine, getting spanked for something you did not do). She is wearing the dress she wears in every comic book and even though it is not shown – it is a children’s story after all – you can imagine how easy it would have been for her aunt to pull that up and out of the way. I particularly liked the typical comic book stars to show her bottom is hurting and her hand rubbing the pain away.

I realise this might not be the kind of pictures you’re hoping for or expect to see when you visit my blog. It can hardly be called exciting. But I wanted to share this part of my past with you all, and I’m sure many will have enjoyed learning about it. Only one picture too, in contrary to my plans for the schedule, but nothing else really fitted with the theme of this post.

I translated the text balloons to English so everyone could understand.

Computer trouble

So last week my old laptop finally gave out, so I had to buy a new one. Which means you all had to miss my posts for over a week. But I’m going to make up for it,a weeks worth of post, in one night. enjoy…

Firstly Sammy finally shows her true nature in ths cartoon. We’ve seen Sammget in trouble a few times, but now we learn she does it on purpose she really does love spanking.

schoolgirl slippering

100 posts and 50.000 views

Yesterday my blog received its 50.00th view and today I’m posting my 100th post. Reason enough to celebrate I think.

That’s why I’m not going to bother you today with long paragraphs of text, but just an interesting cartoon spanking story, by one of my favorite artists cc: ‘three times a lady’

Hugs or Spankings

First of two posts today, I forgot to update the blog yesterday (naughty me).

I’m sharing another drawing, this one by CC (at animeotk) I’m not sure what the story behind it is, but that’s what I like the opportunity to make it up myself.

I imagine: Exodus (male in the story) was on a forum, chatting. He posted that he wasn’t feeling very well. CC (the female in the story) is a very close friend of his, and decides to pay him a visit. When she arrives, Exodus is still behind his computer and CC comes up for a surprise-hug. But Exodus has a better idea of what might cheer him up.
– Exodus: “Hey CC, do you remember last time you were here? You still deserve a spanking for not cleaning up before you left.”
– CC: “Oh, not now Ex. I’ve just come to cheer you up a bit.”
– Exodus (pulls her over his lap): “No whining, you’ll feel better when it’s over with.”
– CC (feels her jeans being pulled down): “Well, I guess I can’t stop you anyway.”
– Exodus: “Thanks CC, I feel a lot better!”
– CC: “… Shut up.”

So why am I sharing this drawing, other than it being very interesting and well drawn? I wanted to know if:
– You doms agreed that giving a girl a spanking instantly made you feel better;
– It is ok to give your spankee a spanking, not when she’s been bad, but just for a selfish reason;
– You subs would offer your bottom to your spanker to comfort them in a spanking (or at least allow him to).

Personally, if it really would make a close friend better when he’s down, I wouldn’t mind a spanking at all. Of course, we’re talking now of a fun spanking, not a harsh disciplinary one…

hugs or spankings

Sammy Simpkins

It’s been a while since I posted about Sammy for the first time. This naughty, spanking loving girl has gotten herself in trouble again however, by stealing the apple the headgirl left for the teacher.

Wondering whether this headgirl gets a turn at reddening Sammy’s bottom too.

spanked in front of the headgirl

Asking for it

Something I’ve always loved is a little humor mixed with spanking. A nice and interesting back-story to fantasize about, but first a little laugh. The drawing I’m sharing today is one of those cartoons that brings you spanking, but in a funny way. It’s one of many by the author, all titled ‘Sammy Simpkins loves spanking’.

Most of these are in a school setting, where Sammy constantly gets in trouble (and she loves it) and sometimes getting her friends in trouble (who don’t always love it).

In this first one however (also the first I read) Sammy is spanked by a farmer, for harassing his livestock. Now that does bring some interesting ideas, being bent over the gate, dangling as you’re being spanked, for taking a (trespassing) shortcut over a farmer’s land, perhaps stealing some of his apples…

Sammy of course is used to the strict school canes, not a farmer’s hand, so he encourages him to spank a little harder.

sammy gets her bottom spanked

(I always love a good public spanking fantasy)