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Sophie’s student job

Hello everyone, my name’s Perrin and I’m the lucky guy that gets to share this blog with two lovely girls.

Emma has already shared some of my stories in the past, but from now on I’ll be posting them myself. I don’t have a backstory or picture as interesting as “kinky-emma”. Instead I will make a good start with a sexy new story for you to enjoy.

I hope you will all enjoy Sophie’s student job.

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The living room’s sofa

Hello again everyone,

In last weeks poll an overwhelming majority voted for ‘spanking’… perhaps I should’ve been more clear that all the options would consist of spanking-related pictures (this is a blog about spanking after all), or perhaps I haven’t posted enough pictures with actual spankings in them lately.
On a side note, I know I promised 10 pictures, and you’re getting 10 today. But I’m afraid I will run out too fast at this rate, so from now on I’m sticking to only 5.

Anyway, I went through my list of ‘spanking’-pictures and came up with the subject of ‘living-room’-spankings, more precisely even, spankings on the couch/sofa.¬†A lot of domestic type spankings (thus not secretary, schoolgirl etc..) are shown as taking place in the (relative) privacy of the bedroom. However the idea of a spanking in the main living area of your home can be quite interesting as well.
This kind of spanking is less of a hidden/secret way of punishment, it’s just a normal way of dealing with naughty behaviour, we don’t have to hide out in the bedroom, we can just do it right here and now.
Talking abour right here and now, it can be more of a surprise as well, you’re not warned that you would be spanked, not sent to your bedroom or anything, just, well… right here and now.
And lastsly of course there is the lack of privacy. Anyone else could just walk in on your punishment, could see your humiliation, which is of course, nice in a way I can’t really explain.

Secondly, the couch, sofa. It is maybe smaller than the bed, but offers many different options of positioning, but you’ll see that in the pictures.¬†Firstly,as demonstrated nicely in this drawing, there is the armrest. It pushes up this little girls bottom nicely to receive her punishment from her big sister.


We all know of course, that it’s not big sister’s job to punish her, so when daddy arrives the poor blonde is saved and dark-haired sister takes her place.


Still over the armrest, you can raise that bottom even higher by taking the naughty girl over your knee. Those legs will be dangling in the air and kicking delightedly.


The next set really shows of what I had in mind when choosing this subject. You’re sitting in the couch, discussing your behaviour and if you don’t have an adequate explanation for your actions that same comfy sofa turns into your punishment-bench.

private_bc001 private_bc003

Of course the sofa doesn’t always have to be uncomfortable. When it’s deep enough the spanking can sit back and the naughty lad’s body is fully supported, letting her raise her bottom well for a good spanking. Who said spankings were only for naughty girls must’ve been wrong, this lass is surely enjoying her soon to be red bottom.


Speaking of red bottoms, this girl has one. The couch in this case serving as a resting place. I might wonder why she is not in the corner, but hey, perhaps she is just waiting for round two.


Some couches come with low padded benches to rest your feet, or in this case a naughty young lady. This girl had been warned not to go swimming in the neighbour’s swimming pool without permission and now she is finding out why.


Let’s hope for this lady that her boyfriend is not going to spank her bottom as red as that couch. Surely she has not been that naughty…


Let’s finish today’s pictures with this marvelous bottom, slightly pink and presented to us perfectly by bending over for the cane.


And for those who actually read past the pictures and are interested in my personal spanking experiences. Mike did give me a sore red bottom after I called him out n his mentoring in my previous picture post. I’m also dating again, not sure yet whether he’s a spanker though. Have a nice day and don’t forget to vote for the next set of pictures.

Back to school

Hey everyone, this sundays drawing lesson is all about a spanking fantasy tht is a favourite for many spanko’s. It’s naughty schoolgirls, spanked at school. Fortunately I’m too youg to have experienced anything like it when I went to school; and I say fortunate because I’m sure it was not as fun as it is in our fantasies.

I’m going to roughly divide these spankings into three settings:
Firstly there is the spanking by your teacher after class. You’re told you have to stay behind for detention, but when everyone has left, the teacher can give you your real spanking punishment in privacy. This schoolgirl must’ve been very naughty, she’s been made to write on the blackboard in between spankings because she flinched away from her smacks; plus her bottom is very red.

The second is my personal favourite, it is the spanking in front of the class, the added embarrassment of witnesses, and not just any, but your friends and classmates, makes this a real turn on for me. We see this in a little cartoon of which I have about a dozen, about Sammy Simpkins, a naughty gilr that loves being spanked and thus gets in trouble a lot too. She is spanked with her bare bottom facing the class. Also I like the cheeky boys taking a peek at the other girl’s panties.

And thirdly there is the spanking by the headmaster. When you’ve been told to see him, you know you’ll be in trouble. It might be less embarrassing than being spanked in fron tof class – though your clasmates probably know what will be happening there – but the added anticipation of waiting till school is ove and waiting outside his door makes this a very interesting scenario as well.

You see the headmaster up there ready with his cane, but a good headmaster knows multiple ways to discipline a naughty girl. Not only bending over his desk should be enough, this young girl is right on top of it, her legs up in the air in a very embarrassing and revealing position. A paddle is ready and a strap in his drawer, but the girl is laying waiting in anticipation as he is answering the phone in the middle of her punishment; or is he perhaps calling her parents, telling them why she will be home late?

Slavegirls & dungeons

A bit darker than my usual fantasies, but I’m in a bit of a slavegirl mood today. I just want to be locked away in a dungeon, not knowing when my master is coming down, and when he does, will it be to use me for pleasure or punishment?

The slavegirl-master fantasy I have, is like the bondage a step further than the normal DD fantasies. Like bondage it’s something I only see as an erotic fantasy. I don’t need dungeons, whips and shackles to learn a lesson in discipline. It’s about the vulnerability, giving yourself completely to your master. Your body is truly his. It is also about being used, abused, for his pleasure. A highly erotic fantasy.

It’s not something I’d want to do on a weekly basis *giggles* But a fun slavegirl roleplay, where I’m locked up for a few days, unable to sit down because of a burning bottom and regularly bent over and used or made to cum, I could surely appreciate a couple of times in a year. Let’s say on special occasions.

Hope you like my admission of another fantasy. Let me share a picture – by the great Kamitora – to illustrate my point. An almost naked girl belted to the table, shackles around her wrist and a very handsome in control looking man inspecting the cane he’s about to use on her:

slavegirl bent over and ready to receive the cane

Spanked for cheating

Today’s picture is a very interesting one. It depicts a naughty girl, bent over a table, her bottom bare and red as she gets a good slippering in front of a crowd of watchers.

It seems she was part of a marathon or cross-country race, but perhaps she was caught cheating, taking a shorter route perhaps. She is bent over the judges table in front of the spectators for a good bare bottom spanking with one of her own running shoes.

There are a few nice details in the drawing. In the crowd an older gentleman has been offered a chair to sit, so the spanking was prepared well, with the crowd gathered beforehand.
One of the girls watching is protecting her bottom, perhaps she is next? Or maybe she just sympathizes, knowing how it feels.
A man in the audience is holding a cup and a cane, possibly the sitting older man’s walking stick, but possibly an implement to be used later.
One girl is looking away from the spanker with a smug look on her face. Did she tattle on the cheaters? Perhaps she won the race by disqualifying the cheaters. It could be her father with the cup next to her. Perhaps the cane is meant for her, because of her tattling, she just doesn’t know it yet.

public bare bottom slippering

HP: Hermione’s plea

The last picture to celebrate Harry’s birthday. And the birthday boy can wield the cane again.
This time it’s Hermione asking for the spanking. This must be before her relationship with Ron. But of course there’s nothing wrong with a good spanking relationship between close friends – and Harry and Hermione are as close as you can get – that can trust each other.

Even though she asked for it herself, Harry doesn’t spare Hermione’s bottom and leaves her with a few good cane marks.
Still I’m classing this as a fun spanking as it’s between friends and at her request.

After all these pictures I feel there should be an adult version of Harry Potter. Same story about going to a magical school, but instead at the age of 11, at the age of 18, going to a magical college. And this Hogwarts doesn’t only look old fashioned, but so is the punishment. *giggles* I might try to write it when I get into Pottermore…

Hermione bends over for the cane

HP: imperio self-spanking

Hermione always know all the answers in the classroom. She never gives the other students a chance to reply, and thus give them less opportunity to learn. When she takes it a step further and helps Neville with his potion (making it so that he didn’t learn anything from the assignment) professor Snape has had enough and punishes her.

Hermione is set to spank herself by magically handling the paddle with her wand. She might just be instructed to do so, but her pleading suggests she can’t really stop it. A very intriguing way of using the imperius curse if you ask me.
(when under the influence of the imperius curse a person is no longer in control of his own actions)
Snape is watching and tells her she’ll get 5 strokes of the cane hes holding when the self-spanking time is up.

Just hope this punishment is during and not after class, one of my secret fantasies, spanked in front of the classroom.

Hermione's instructed self-spanking

HP: a spanking for Fleur

Forget spanking Hermione, forget spanking Ginny … In this picture we see the spanking of Fleur Delacour.

The most attractive girl to ever walk the Hogwarts corridors (her grandmother was a ‘veela’ after all) always had her little french nose up in the air, feeling better than everyone else. But being so rude can only last so long before someone will bare your bottom. In Fleur’s case it was her husband Bill, after arguing with his mother one time too many.

This French wench is bent over the table for a good magical caning, I do hope Bill bares her bottom later on.

A caning for Fleur Delacour

Happy birthday HP and JK

Well today is the birthday of a famous wizard named Harry Potter and his creator JK Rowling.
Even if you do not like the Harry Potter series (I do, I’m one of those impatient fangirls refreshing the pottermore site all night long) you have to like the many female characters that just beg to be spanked.

I just recently found a series of pictures on the Harry Potter girls being spanked, by Viklay. The art isn’t that great, but the imagination behind it just turns me on. *giggles* I’ll share all of them today. (one post at a time, spread throughout the day)

First up: Harry’s Birthday present. Ginny and Hermione give him a present he’ll never forget.
Wondering if Hermione’s going to give the two lovebirds some time alone after his present, or they’re giving him a second present in the form of a threesome. *giggles*

Harry's spanko birthday present