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The living room’s sofa

Hello again everyone,

In last weeks poll an overwhelming majority voted for ‘spanking’… perhaps I should’ve been more clear that all the options would consist of spanking-related pictures (this is a blog about spanking after all), or perhaps I haven’t posted enough pictures with actual spankings in them lately.
On a side note, I know I promised 10 pictures, and you’re getting 10 today. But I’m afraid I will run out too fast at this rate, so from now on I’m sticking to only 5.

Anyway, I went through my list of ‘spanking’-pictures and came up with the subject of ‘living-room’-spankings, more precisely even, spankings on the couch/sofa.¬†A lot of domestic type spankings (thus not secretary, schoolgirl etc..) are shown as taking place in the (relative) privacy of the bedroom. However the idea of a spanking in the main living area of your home can be quite interesting as well.
This kind of spanking is less of a hidden/secret way of punishment, it’s just a normal way of dealing with naughty behaviour, we don’t have to hide out in the bedroom, we can just do it right here and now.
Talking abour right here and now, it can be more of a surprise as well, you’re not warned that you would be spanked, not sent to your bedroom or anything, just, well… right here and now.
And lastsly of course there is the lack of privacy. Anyone else could just walk in on your punishment, could see your humiliation, which is of course, nice in a way I can’t really explain.

Secondly, the couch, sofa. It is maybe smaller than the bed, but offers many different options of positioning, but you’ll see that in the pictures.¬†Firstly,as demonstrated nicely in this drawing, there is the armrest. It pushes up this little girls bottom nicely to receive her punishment from her big sister.


We all know of course, that it’s not big sister’s job to punish her, so when daddy arrives the poor blonde is saved and dark-haired sister takes her place.


Still over the armrest, you can raise that bottom even higher by taking the naughty girl over your knee. Those legs will be dangling in the air and kicking delightedly.


The next set really shows of what I had in mind when choosing this subject. You’re sitting in the couch, discussing your behaviour and if you don’t have an adequate explanation for your actions that same comfy sofa turns into your punishment-bench.

private_bc001 private_bc003

Of course the sofa doesn’t always have to be uncomfortable. When it’s deep enough the spanking can sit back and the naughty lad’s body is fully supported, letting her raise her bottom well for a good spanking. Who said spankings were only for naughty girls must’ve been wrong, this lass is surely enjoying her soon to be red bottom.


Speaking of red bottoms, this girl has one. The couch in this case serving as a resting place. I might wonder why she is not in the corner, but hey, perhaps she is just waiting for round two.


Some couches come with low padded benches to rest your feet, or in this case a naughty young lady. This girl had been warned not to go swimming in the neighbour’s swimming pool without permission and now she is finding out why.


Let’s hope for this lady that her boyfriend is not going to spank her bottom as red as that couch. Surely she has not been that naughty…


Let’s finish today’s pictures with this marvelous bottom, slightly pink and presented to us perfectly by bending over for the cane.


And for those who actually read past the pictures and are interested in my personal spanking experiences. Mike did give me a sore red bottom after I called him out n his mentoring in my previous picture post. I’m also dating again, not sure yet whether he’s a spanker though. Have a nice day and don’t forget to vote for the next set of pictures.

Sexy for a spanking

When you know you’re in trouble or even told you are getting a spanking, there is one thing you can do to sometimes avoid it: dress as sexy as you can, find those sexy panties, pull on those stockings and get those high heels. This can influence your punishment in several ways:

– your spanker could forget about wanting to spank you and instead want to do other things with you

– your spanking could become much shorter, due to him wanting those same other things

– your spanking could become more of an erotic spanking than a disciplinary spanking

But be warned, dressing as sexy can have quite the reverse effect as well. Especially when your spanker mostly loves spanking because of the erotic aspect, then he will just love spanking his extra sexy naughty girl, or if you have more of a daddy figure he might spank you extra for the way you dress:

– your spanking might become longer and harder

– and even after this longer and harder spanking they will still also want those other things

But then again girls, maybe that was our plan all along right, some good long spanking with some fun later.
Anyway, dressing sexy might make you feel less like a naught little girl and more like a sexy woman … then again, it could also highlight the fact that despite you’re a sexy woman, you still can get spanked like a little girl.
So in the end, it doesn’t matter what you like, dressing sexy makes it more fun, not only for your spanker, but for yourself as well.

And thus today’s photoshoot will include some sexy women, that need a good spanking too.
The first one, covering her bottom with the flimsy short dress must make most men’s heart beat faster. No matter how sexy she is I’m sure anyone could find a reason to smack this little bottom.

Our second girl is sexy in pink. Not necessarily the best colour option, he might just decide to make your bottom match the sexy lingerie.

Our third girl decided to walk a fine line, she dressed as sexy as she could, but still got into her spanking-position. This position could easily be used for other things, which she might hope for, but in the end I think her bottom will be red first.

Now with all this talk of spanking a sexy young lady, I’ve only showed you their pale bottoms. This stockinged-sexy is already nice and pink, showing that her ‘dress-sexy’ act didn’t help her at all.

Coming to the last two pictures I realised I forgot to add some possible reactions to your attire. Besides spanking you, your spanker could be wanting to do even kinkier stuff to you. The next two ladies find themselves tied up and even blindfolded. Guess that’s what happens when you try to seduce your way out of a spanking.

Naked and waiting

Today in this wednesday’s photoshoot we take ‘ready and waiting’ one step further. Anticipation can be a very powerful tool in spanking, be it disciplinary or erotic, and what says “you’ve been a naughty girl and are going to get a spanking” better than being sent to your room and told to get ready for your punishment.

When prepare for your punishment is not getting in position and just baring your bottom, but undressing completely, not only is it that more embarrassing, you feel so much more vulnerable without your clothes too. I love a naked spanking myself and not only when it is erotic, so naked and waiting seemed like a good photoshoot idea. Enjoy.

The first girl in our photoshoot is bend over a desk, awaiting her punishment, the look on her face says she’s not sure she’s embarrassed, excited or scared, or possible all three at once.

Our second girl is looking forward to a very good spanking. First of did she forget to take of her socks and secondly, she might be on the bed, but probably not in the position her spanker needed her. She is of course only making things worse for herself and her soon to be red bottom.

Our third girl looks a bit bored, perhaps she’s been waiting for a long time, but I’m sure once those cheeks get turned red she’ll look a lot more lively.

Lets take it a step further even for our fourth girl’s embarrassment. Not only naked for her spanking, but with the window opened she’ll be bending over the windowsil for her spanking. With her breasts hanging outside and her cries heard by the whole neighbourhood, this will be a spanking she won’t soon forget.

Our last girl seems not just a naughty, but a dirty one. At least, that’s why I think her spanking takes place in the bathroom. Perhaps daddy (or her bf) needed to wash her before giving her her spanking, her wet bottom will make sure she’ll learn from her spanking. She already did learn one thing, how to properly present her bottom for a spanking.

A quick last photo of our last girl, this dirty picture proves she deserved the spanking she’s gonna get.

A BDSM kind of first date: story

This is my first attempt at writing a story that is more of a master-slave situation than a normal spanking story.
I’ve been wanting to write something that combined bondage and slave-play in one story for a long time.

This story is a bit more explicit than you’re used to from this blog, so be warned,
but I hope you all enjoy it.

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Computer trouble

So last week my old laptop finally gave out, so I had to buy a new one. Which means you all had to miss my posts for over a week. But I’m going to make up for it,a weeks worth of post, in one night. enjoy…

Firstly Sammy finally shows her true nature in ths cartoon. We’ve seen Sammget in trouble a few times, but now we learn she does it on purpose she really does love spanking.

schoolgirl slippering

Mr Bear is strict

A very cute picture today, a cute little girl playing with her teddy bears. Well we now all know the naughty fantasies in her head, don’t we? Cute spanking scene with the girl in girlish clothes and ruffled panties, little teddy covering his eyes and Mr Bear raising his hand ready to spank.

Really like the setting with the old sofa and the angle of the light, makes for an old grainy photograph. The girl and especially her panties are just supercute. I always love the combination of cute and innocent with the kinkyness of spanking.

Spanked over ruffled panties by mr bear.

Again, don’t know who made this, just found it on the internet. If someone tells my I will give credit etc…