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Hey everyone, today’s subject for our wedensday’s photoshoot is … pink.
Pink is widely regarded as a ‘girly’ color and a girl wearing pink is often cute, and who doesn’t love the idea of a cute girl getting a spanking.Pink is of course also the color your bottom turns during a spanking, before it turns red, indicating that she is well warmed up; or indeed spanked just enough for some foreplay.

The first picture radiates pink, the whole room is bathing in the cute girlish color. Imagine entering a girls room that looked like this, you can immediately imagine the inhabitant is very innocent. Until you see her bent over like that of course, ready for her spanking. Even good proper innocent girls like a pink bottom every so (very) often…

Our second girl, or well her bottom, is covered in a sheer, pink (perhaps purple is more accurate) pair of panties. This bottom looks ripe for a spanking, I’d like to keep these panties on, for a change, imagine how her bottom would look red under those see-through purplish panties. Of course for those puritans amoung you, you can always let her pull her panties back up after the spanking.

Our third girl has some bad luck. Her pink trousers have been pulled down and her bottom spanked to match the colour. It went slightly wrong though, her bottom doesn’t seem to match the trousers at all. I guess she’ll have to go back otk for a second dose, this time to match her bottom with the darker pink of her shirt.

Our fourth girl is ready for her spanking, bending over the bed. Her cute pink pantis wont protect her that much and if they get in the way … down they will go.

This girl’s shorts are vey cute on her. What I like most is the shade of pink, compare it to her skintone and this could very well be the colour her bottom will be when she gets spanked. Let’s hope very soon. (that odd leg must be her spanker about to kneel behind her for her spanking, right?)

Our last girl was made to undress completely, removing her top, pants, bra and panties. But when that was done she was allowed to put her pants back on, the cute pink pj-pants were a perfect referall point for her spanking, aiming to get her bottom just as pink.

Pain and pleasure

It is not a big secret that many – if not everyone – that gets spanked find their punishment erotically arroussing. Some people only play in spanking for this sexual pleasure, others swear they only see it as punishment, but many of them will admit that even then their body betrays them and shows the telltale signs of pleasure instead of pain. Often on sunday’s drawing lessons I’ve shared drawings of well-spanked women by Kamitora. This artist knows as no other that even though he might be showing punishment, there is also the aspect of pleasure and he adds this in his drawings, in the looks on their faces and the wetness between their legs.

Personally I think spanking is the most erotic thing imaginable. I can not think of it without getting that warm feeling, fantasising for only a moment makes me long for one and expecting to get one soon, be it for pleasure or punishment, will surely get me wet. The girls in today’s drawing lessons are just like that. These naughty girl sketches by Kamitora are well deserved of a good spanking and they will surely enjoy it too.

We begin with the naughtiest girl of the day. She has been told to go to her room and prepare for her spanking. But instead of baring her bottom and assuming the position she is to excited for the coming spanking. So excitd that she decides to pleasure herself. When her spanker finally comes to her room she shows him how wet and willing she is. Hoping that he will then have other things in mind. The poor girl will surely be in for one hell of a tanning, but when it is all over, finally she might get what she wanted.

Our second girl is only slightly less naughty. She too has been sent to her room for her spanking. She has managed to contain her excitement however. Until her spanker came and it beame too much for her. She decided to show him how willing she is, how much she wants him. But surely she will not get what she wants while her bottom is still so pale. Perhaps when her spanking is over her spanker might take what she is offering.

Our third girl is slightly more subtle, she waits for her spanking in a proper position. The little toy next to her howevere is a clear message to her spanker that he can do more to her than just spank her if he pleases. The toy however already looks used, if her spanker sees that, her spanking will surely last longer than she firstly deserved.

A girl must always be careful of what she offers and wishes for however, a spanker can be very creative. Apparently our previous girl had been naughtier than we thought and her spanker didn’t think she deserved too much pleasure. Instead of using her toy for its intended purpose, he puts it up her bottomhole for extra discomfort and embarrassment while he gives her a good hard punishment. But even this can not convince the girls body that she is not enjoying her punishment.

Lets end today with a girl that is more lucky than her predecessors. Knowing his girl gets so arroussed from being naughty, this lady’s spanker has allowed her to play with her toy instead of spanking her. There is one condition however, she lets him – and perhaps his friends, for the extra embarrassment – watch and if he doesn’t find the show entertaining enough she gets spanked anyway.

I hope you liked today’s sketches and may they inspire you to go spank some naughty girls that would otherwise just be playing with themselves.

Sexy for a spanking

When you know you’re in trouble or even told you are getting a spanking, there is one thing you can do to sometimes avoid it: dress as sexy as you can, find those sexy panties, pull on those stockings and get those high heels. This can influence your punishment in several ways:

– your spanker could forget about wanting to spank you and instead want to do other things with you

– your spanking could become much shorter, due to him wanting those same other things

– your spanking could become more of an erotic spanking than a disciplinary spanking

But be warned, dressing as sexy can have quite the reverse effect as well. Especially when your spanker mostly loves spanking because of the erotic aspect, then he will just love spanking his extra sexy naughty girl, or if you have more of a daddy figure he might spank you extra for the way you dress:

– your spanking might become longer and harder

– and even after this longer and harder spanking they will still also want those other things

But then again girls, maybe that was our plan all along right, some good long spanking with some fun later.
Anyway, dressing sexy might make you feel less like a naught little girl and more like a sexy woman … then again, it could also highlight the fact that despite you’re a sexy woman, you still can get spanked like a little girl.
So in the end, it doesn’t matter what you like, dressing sexy makes it more fun, not only for your spanker, but for yourself as well.

And thus today’s photoshoot will include some sexy women, that need a good spanking too.
The first one, covering her bottom with the flimsy short dress must make most men’s heart beat faster. No matter how sexy she is I’m sure anyone could find a reason to smack this little bottom.

Our second girl is sexy in pink. Not necessarily the best colour option, he might just decide to make your bottom match the sexy lingerie.

Our third girl decided to walk a fine line, she dressed as sexy as she could, but still got into her spanking-position. This position could easily be used for other things, which she might hope for, but in the end I think her bottom will be red first.

Now with all this talk of spanking a sexy young lady, I’ve only showed you their pale bottoms. This stockinged-sexy is already nice and pink, showing that her ‘dress-sexy’ act didn’t help her at all.

Coming to the last two pictures I realised I forgot to add some possible reactions to your attire. Besides spanking you, your spanker could be wanting to do even kinkier stuff to you. The next two ladies find themselves tied up and even blindfolded. Guess that’s what happens when you try to seduce your way out of a spanking.

The belt

The belt is probably my favorite implement, for as far as a spankee can have a favorite of those. But it’s not about how it feels, or the kind of pain it deliveres (in that category the hand would be my favorite *giggles*). It’s about the idea of the belt. There is something definitely sexy about a man taking off his belt, using something of his own to spank you with. In a way he is undressing himself as well, witch adds a tad of eroticism even if it’s a disciplinary spanking.

The belt is also an implement you’d connect to ‘the father’ spanking his naughty little girl. It’s not the chosen implement of teachers or law enforcers etc… It might very well (embarrassingly) remind you of your childhood, even if daddy never used his belt. I think in the end, it’s just that sound. Laying down on the bed, bottom bared ready for your spanking, and you hear that sound of the belt gliding through the loops as it comes off…

belted on the bed

Confession and a cardgame

Have just been going through some spanking blogs again, and found this interesting confession at ‘the pink report’:
(have to remember to reenact this one when my friend is visiting)

Do you think it’s an accident that he walked in to find me leaning over the bed, naked from the waist down, reaching for my pajama bottoms?
It wasn’t. I’ve timed his arrival; I’ve set the stage.
Some people light candles. Me? I bend over, the glow from my cheeks providing all the romantic ambiance we need.
The only thing scripted is the opportunity I’ve created. All else is left to him. He can decide what to do, or not do, with me.
It’s the ‘doing’ that interests me.

And also found another cardgame I want to play:

Round Robin:
1. The top or Dom chooses 4 implements (with or without the sub’s approval).
2. The sub or bottom draws two cards from a deck (minus Aces and Jokers).
Each card is face value or Jack is 11, Queen is 12, and King is 13.
The kicker is that pesky 2 card. It DOUBLES the other card. So the highest one can achieve is 26.
3. Rotate through the implements, delivering the number of swats as determined by the cards;
4. Continue until the deck is gone.

ADD rule #3 and #4

I didn’t have time yesterday to write a blogpost for avoiding domestic discipline rule 3.
So today you’re getting both rule number 3 and rule number 4.

The first, rule number three is again a rule not really avoiding the discipline, but suggesting not to wear when you go otk.
See for yourself:

spanked in boyshort panties

Rule number four is the first rule that needed 2 pictures to explain, and the second picture is the first in color *yay*.
It says, when in trouble, don’t make things worse by putting up an attitude:

about to be belted

belted on a bare bottom

Now, friday I got my first comment on my blog, thank you John) so in thanks I’m sharing another picture of my collection.
(I’m spoiling you all today)
This greyed out picture is very stylish, just a woman’s back, her hands rubbing her bottom. There’s not really much to see, but this picture really is worth a thousand words. (not a thousand spanks though, nothing is worth that)

rubbing her bottom