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Just some pictures

Hey everyone

With restarting the blog, I went through the linksin our blogroll and deleted all the old links of no-longer active sites.

I also added a link to Perrin’s tumblr where he shares some very nice spanking pictures.
And decided to show some of the best I found here. 🙂

tumblr_npy79rNGzy1qaxcmro1_1280 tumblr_nl0fcf9HJZ1trfj98o1_500 tumblr_nm3hzhfjf21uqefi4o1_1280 tumblr_nm2z6zjKe61qdj042o1_540 tumblr_n6u4pxxlIq1toopilo1_500

Taxi-driver pt.1 – story

Hello everyone, time for another story.

Summer is almost over and I wanted to share this last summerday-inspired fantasy with you before it gets cold again.
This story actually contains two fantasies, one which wasn’t even spanking oriented, but by merging them I created a story fit for this blog.

As you can see, I named it part 1, so be sure that you will get the second part of  the story later.

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Well after a super long winter it’s finally getting slightly warmer here in europe, so I’m already looking forward to short-skirt-weather and days at the beach.
To get everyone else in the mood as well, enjoy these pictures…

A group of naughty young ladies, getting ready for a swim, or a spanking? Both can be fun, but they definitely deserve the latter.


Some naughty girls teasing eachother, I’m sure everyone on the beach is enjoying the view.


Luckily someone knows such behaviour is not appropriate and thses naughty girls deseve a good spanking at the beach.


And let’s finish with the naughtiest girl of all. If thisone doesn’t deserve a spanking, I don’t know who does…


Wet bottoms

Hey everyone, it’s time for another wednesday’s photoshoot, I hope you will enjoy today’s subject and the pictures I have for you.

Today it’s all about wet bottoms, they make spankings more interesting for several reasons: a spanking on a wet bottom stings a lot more and gives a good lesson to a naughty young lady; usually when you get your bottom wet, you first get out of your clothes, a spanking after you just showered means you’re naked, extra embarrassing; and just for the spankers out there a wet bottom glistens very nicely and is a nice sight to behold.

Lets start with a place where everyone’s bottom is wet, at the beach. This young lady seems to be getting surfing lessons, or well she is getting lessons, not sure if they are about surfing. Her wet suit will probably barely protect her bottom from those smacks, and out on the water she is in full view of any watching eyes… poor girl.

Imagine you’re out with friends and they want to go swimming. They all agreed to wear their bathing suits under their clothes, but forgot to inform you. “just keep on your panties” they might say, afterall don’t your panties cover as much as any bikini? Well that might be true, but once wet they are much more revealing then normal swimwear. And what might daddy say when ou come home all wet?

The same problem goes for our third girl, water makes your thin white clothing as good as see-through, and when you’re not wearing any panties, well you could just as well be naked, with your bottom out for everyone to see.

Talking about naked, this girl doesn’t seem to mind you staring at her naked bottom. Personally I like swimming in the nude as well, but offering my bottom up like this? That would be asking for a good couple of swats.

On the subject of naked swimming, you could do it at a spa/sauna where everyone is naked. But it’s a lot more fun outdoors and skinny-dipping isn’t only exciting, it’s also naughty, guaranteeing your bottom a good tanning when you get caught.

Now I’m sure you all enjoyed these lovely bottoms, but where are the spankings you might ask? Well I saved the best for last. Like I said the best place for an embarrassing wet and naked spanking is the bathroom, just after a bath. Just imagine your bf/spanker/daddy coming in telling you you are going to get spanked whilst you’re already naked and embarrassed in front of them. And on top of that, the spanking will hurt a lot more because you are wet.

A windy day part 2

Wednesday’s photoshoot.
Three weeks ago I wrote a post about the effects of a strong gust of wind on a lady’s short flowy skirt. Ten days later Sir Enzo posted his first truth or dare challenge on his blog, and surprise surprise, it was about those windy days. The challenge was this:

Dare – Go out dressed in a short flowy skirt/dress with some especially contrasting (be them bright, sheer or super cutesy) panties underneath and send me a detailed report on your adventure; additional points for a picture of you in said outfit. Extra credit points for a wind-caught picture! I am especially looking at you Emma and Veronica to complete this challenge!

Truth – Tell me about a time in particular when the wind has not been your best-friend (or perhaps it has as you have enjoyed the show it helped you give to others) by making a sail of your outfit and a flag of your panties.

He gave us a deadline of a week, which I have blatantly ignored (so spank me); because I wanted to do the dare, not the truth and the weather here wasn’t worthy of short skirts and bare legs at all. But just now a week ago, we finally had a sunny day, so I decided to go out. I picked my shortest white summer’s dress and when on a bicycle ride. I decided to wear some bright red panties underneath, I thought the bright red would be more noticeable under the white dress.
I love riding my bike where I live, there are so many parks and protected nature areas in and around my city, with decent bicycle-roads. Now that summer is finally coming I can go outdoors again (good for my figure too), I even broke my personal record of distance travelled on a single day that day. Here’s a picture of where I went:

Now don’t think I spent my time doing the dare in a place where nobody would see me. We are a country of cyclists and I met tons of people enjoying the weather on their bikes. I live in a very flat country and my city is almost surrounded by lakes, so there is a constant wind and I had to constantly pull my dress back down to keep myself covered.
At one point a man in an electronic wheelchair passed and his head turned slowly while passing me, keeping his stare on my legs. I am sure many more so the red panties of a girl on her bike that day.
When I was tired of riding I went to the city centre for some shopping and the big buildings funnelled the wind, making my dress very lively. No pictures (that I know of), but I’m sure I passed the dare challenge admirably.

No pictures of myself, but I have some more to share to make up for that lack. The first one is special because it is a girl on her bike. I tried this myself, letting my skirt flow behind me instead of sitting on it, but then pulling down my dress in the front would just work for a second before going up baring my legs and panties all the way. There is a difference between a glimpse from the wind and just going out skirt/pant-less, so I only tried that for a short time.

The girl in the second picture has a very nice (bare?) bottom, glimpsed through a see-through part of her skirt, but I am sure her bottom and her friend with an equally short skirt’s bottom were exposed quite often that day.

The beach-like setting of this picture might mean we’re just glimpsing a bikini here, but the lady’s efforts to pull don her dress suggest they might be panties anyway. And in the end, it doesn’t matter if they are a bikini or panties, but that we are seeing something she didn’t want to show.

Not much of a bottom view, but this shows that a girl sitting down should always care how her skirt is distributed. The wind gives us a nice view of her leg and thigh. Perhaps the photographer )and other bystanders) glimpsed more but wasn’t able to get it on camera.

This girl probably didn’t expect to fall victim to the wind. Her dress doesn’t seem that flowy, but is rather small. The wind though otherwise though, and just decided to lift the whole thing to her elbows instead of flipping up loose ends, giving us a full view of bottom and nice pink panties.

A windy day

Wednesday’s photoshoot.
Good day everyone. Today’s post has been inspired by one of my own stories and it’s reactions. Just this Monday I wrote a story titled ‘a thief in the night’. Though most of the story takes place in a private setting, I used one quick reference to a more public display. Just one sentence in a long story, but sir Enzo found it worthy of mentioning in his comment. The sentence I’m talking about is the following:

“She normally didn’t wear a thong under something that was this susceptible to the wind, but today she wanted nothing to touch her bottom more than necessary.”

When it comes to catching a glimpse of a girl’s bottom in public, the wind is your best friend. Actually I can tell you that it is a good friend to the girl as well, a cool breeze can be very soothing for a warmed up bottom. The fact that it might reveal your bottom to anyone lucky enough to look in the right direction, is just something you have to take with it. Kind of exciting to some of us even, I admit.

Anyway, no spanked red bottoms today, just our friend the wind giving us a peek at these girls’ finest assets.

This girl’s dress is obviously too short to wear a string underneath (a good look reveals a bit of black between those lovely cheeks), let’s hope that man she’s with knows how to deal with such a naughty girl, this bottom looks just made for spanking.

This girl appears to be on a windy parking lot. Possibly with her mother? If she is, she should teach her little girl flashing her cute pink undies isn’t acceptable, hands about to spank can lift such a short skirt just as easily.

This little girl appears to be at the beach. Making it quite possible that she’s wearing a bathing-suit. Nonetheless, the wind offers us a better look under that frilly skirt.

A warm day at a crowded market. It’s these days we love wearing short dresses so the wind can cool our legs. This lady seems to like a cool bottom too, no sign of panties on this one.

Large open areas, like this airport, generate a lot of wind. Perhaps this lady should have thought about her choice of dress. She doesn’t show as much as the others, but any panties she’s wearing don’t cover much, and what we do see promises a very nice sight at the next blast of wind. Not every photographer can time it perfectly.


Second time in a week that I missed a day to post. My bottom is probably going to have to pay for that… But I won’t bother you with that information *giggles* just enjoy yesterday’s post today.

We’re looking at another sport today, and this one is just perfect for spanking-lovers and just anyone who loves to see a woman’s bottom displayed: volleyball.
Everyone knows of beach volleyball of course, nicely built woman wearing nothing more than their bikinis jumping and diving in the sand. But normal volleyball isn’t that bad either. Tight shorts and t-shirts should make sure that they are not restricted by their clothing in anyway and that we can fully enjoy their curves. Better even is their position. As they’re waiting for the ball to come their way they’ll bend over, hands on knees, bottom sticking out, a classic spanking position.

Most of these sport-types are rather slim, but a cute tight little bottom can be fun to watch just as much as a big one I think:

sports spanking position

Wet bottom

Three reasons why wet bottom are so interesting:

One, they look absolutely sexy, that shiny glistening skin, those water drops. You can’t resist touching or spanking it.
Two, they feel amazing when touching, stroking, massaging.
Three, they give that extra sting when spanking so the naughty girl really learns her lesson.

I absolutely love fantasies where a girl gets spanked on a wet bottom. Possibly at the beach or the pool, after having a swim, during a swim or after using one of the public showers, bikini-pants pulled down and that wet bottom spanked. Or after she’s had a shower or bath, not just nude, but one of the few moments any spankee can be spanked completely nude without telling her to undress (if you think undressing is too erotic for a disciplinary spanking, this is a possibility to spank a girl naked). Other wet spanking fantasies could be, a girl had too much fun watering the garden, or was too enthusiastic whilst washing the car. Perhaps it was a very warm day and she decided to run through the city-square fountains to cool down, only to get a public wet bottom spanking to warm her up again. Or as a first price reward in a wet t-shirt contest…

So many possibilities, enjoy today’s wet bottom:

a bare wet bottom

Where’s that beach?

We all know them, the photo’s of amazingly sexy girls posing nude on the beach. And we all know they’ve been shot by professionals on private beaches. We can go to any nude or non-nude beach and hope to see some attractive girl with (almost) no covered body parts. But never will they be as perfect as the person in the professional photograph.

Still, that doesn’t stop us from fantasizing about the sights we might see on our way to the beach, or while tanning in the sand. Who knows, someday we might get lucky and see someone as perfect as in the following picture. Long red hair (my personal favorite in women) and an ass that just begs to be spanked.

nude on the beach

A day at the beach

The picture I’m sharing today comes out of my favorite album.
This album consists of pictures outdoors, mainly photo’s anyone could have taken when they were out for a stroll some day. It kind of gives a message: ‘go out, don’t sit behind your computer all day looking at pictures on the internet. There’s a whole world of bottoms out there, waiting to be discovered.’

The first picture from this album is an easy one. If you’re out to find a good look at a good looking bottom, there is no place better than the beach.
I’ve always found it weird that some girls would run screaming when caught in their underwear, but have no problem parading down the beach in some skimpy bikini. Though I’m sure the girl in this picture is not one of those.

I hope someday she will get spanked on the beach, her mini-bikini would not offer her any protection, not for the spanking and not for the voyeurs.

skimpy bikini at the beach