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Merry christmas

and remember…


Princess Peach

A vast majority wanted to see Bowser’s henchmen take revenge on Princess Peach for her fallen brothers.
So enjoy these pictures and don’t forget to vote for the next collection.






Childhood memories

Hey everyone,

Some of you might be dissapointed that the option from my previous poll: ‘childhood memories’ is not about spankings from your childhood. It has nothing to do with going over daddy’s knee or visiting your mean uncle. No, instead I’m going to corrupt – or ver-naughty-fy – your childhood memories by adding a spanking element to them.

The idea is simple, take something from your childhood and imagine how it would be with spanking added:

Childhood memory one: The power rangers.
Power rangers save the world yes, but they are also adults, and like adults they have needs, and by needs I mean sex:


Of course, when there is sex involved, there will be complications. What if your best friend the yellow ranger tries to seduce your partner? You can’t let it ruin your friendship, you have to save the world together. But you can give her a good power spanking…

Childhood memory two: Peter Pan.
Who of us spankes did not love the naughty little fairy tinkerbell/ And especially this scene where Peter collects some fairy dust?


Well, apparently the cosplaying girl below did not remember that part. She does not seem pleased of our idea to play out that specific scene. We all know of course that she will get it anyway in the end. If she is a true Tinkerbell, she is naughty enough for it anyway…

Childhood memory three: Pokemon
I’ve always felt pokemon would become even more interesting with the occassional spanking. I’m not sure about Gary spanking his rival’s mother. I had thought more about spankings as a result for losing a pokemon battle or something. But this kinda shows my point anyway:


Of course there are many more attractive pokemon trainers in more recent versions. This one finds herself in a very naughty situation, definitely worthy of being spanked too, accident or not… Poor diglett.

I’m ending this post with a special poll.  Before you get to vote for the next picture set, I want you to choose for a continuation of this one, the options are:

Pokemon: When a trainer’s pokemon grow up they get stronger and smarter. So when the trainer, sometimes just a young and inexperienced girl does not care of them properly, who better to spank her than her own little monsters?

Princess Peach: Have you ever wondered what bowser does with the princess when he kidnaps her? All his poor henchmen get killed by Mario, it seems only fitting that he let the surviving ones take revenge on the princess…

Choose one and I will upload the corresponding set of pictures soon.

Vine whip

Now I feel like playing a good old game of pokemon again…


Secret messages

This sunday’s drawing lessons are skipped for some other creativity. I found these buttons on tumblr that I just had to share. They’re not drawings, but just as creative. They’re fashion accesories, that from afar just look nice/vintage and would look great on any outfit. But from up close, for anyone that could actually read the small print, they hint at the kinky sexual preferences of the person that wears them.

I would love any fashion accesories that secretly hints people about my special interests, without being just obvious. It’s sexy and exciting at the same time, sortof not wearing panties under a short skirt, but less dainty and more classy. If anyone has any other ideas how to secretly get the message on your interests out to the world, please share them in the comments

Of course most of you aren’t here for fashion advice, but for sexy girls and seeing them get spanked. So for you I have this statue of just that. It’s not as subtle a message as the buttons, but it will certainly get the message across. It seems to take place in a psychiatrists office (the couch), and if I ever need to see a shrink, I would love to find this on the fireplace mantel in his office.

Celebrity spanking – House MD

Hey everyone, back for another post.

Something I love is imagining spankings in tv-shows, movies, boots etc. Just imagining ‘if this movie’sproducer/book author was a spanko, she would get spanked now’ or ‘if I did something like that I’d sure get my bottom smacked’.
I have on occasion seen drawings or photoshopped images of people from tv/movies being spanked and I absolutely love the idea. So much actually that I decided there aren’t enough of these kinds of image by far. So I have decided to practice my photoshop skills by trying to make some myself. I will of course share them with you, these posts will get their own category on the blog and I will (hopefully) be able to post a new image every week.

Please tell me what you think so I can increase my skill.
And if you have any of this kind of image, feel free to share them with me and I will post them on my blog.

I decided with an easy black-white image for my first try and one of my favourte tv showd: House MD
because well, who wouldn’t want to get over House’s lap, or see Thirteen get her behind tanned?

This is the original image for reference:

Happy father’s day

Hey everyone, I’m back after may-june’s study break. First of I need to apologize for not informing you all of my planned absence, I did get a good spanking for that too, so I’m reall sorry and it won’t happen again.

Anyway, I’m back just in time for father’s day and ready to share some interesting pictures this sunday’s drawing lessons, so lets see them.

This girl is offering her daddy the best father’s day present he can wish for, her bottom. Perhaps she should’ve taken off those panties, but who knows maybe daddy loves doing that himself and she is just being a good daughter. All in all a good spanking for this young lady will make her daddy very happy.

In our second picture another girl is waiting for daddy to come home with her bottom presented. Wearing nothing more than a flimsy gown this girl seems more experienced in making her daddy a happy man, but the result should be the same,a hot red bottom.

Not all girls are good girls of course and it seems this young lady has forgotten about father’s day. Her father has thus decided he has no use for this errant daughter of his and is just going to sell her. With the money he might be able to buy a nice present for himself.

We’re ending this series with a funny one. One of the best known star wars scenes is Darth Vader telling Luke he is his father, this of course means he is Leia, Luke’s sister’s father as well. This opened a much more interesting way to interrogate her about the rebel’s base. Leia insisiting he is not her father and shouldn’t spank her makes it that much funnier and I’m sure we all agree this would have been a very interesting scene for the movies.

I hope you all enjoyed it, and to all daddy’s out there, have a happy father’s day and I hope you all had a naughty young lady across your knee today.

A blast from the past

Sunday’s drawing lessons
Many a times these last few months I was bored. I should have been studying but longed to go and see if my blog was still alive. To distract myself I grabbed anything I could find to read, and found myself reading some old comic books from my childhood.
It was in one of these innocent children’s tales that I came across a spanking scene I hadn’t thought about in a very long time. The comics are about a girl named Wiske who lives with her aunt. It’s never explained why she doesn’t live with her parents and it doesn’t seem important either. In the very first story she meets a boy named Suske and they become best friends. Suske doesn’t have a home so Wiske’s aunt (Sidonia) takes him in and they’re raised together. There are a few other main characters, like Lambik, a balding middle-aged man (Sidonia fancies him), Jerom who has inhuman strength and professor Barabas who has many strange inventions. Together they have the weirdest adventures, often featuring professor Barabas’ time machine.

This little comic piece is at the start of a book and Wiske is just playing outside with a ball, her doll Schanulleke (that accompanies her everywhere) still in her hands. Aunt Sidonia has just finished repainting her home when she finds a drawing on a wall. This is left behind by some prehistoric caveman, transported to this time by the professor’s time machine. Unknowingly however Sidonia thinks it was Wiske who ruined her paintjob.
She rushes outside and grabs the playing Wiske by the collar, putting her over her lap on a bench and giving her a spanking. Not until it is over Wiske has time to ask why she was being spanked anyway.

I really liked finding this again, it was probably one of my first, if not the first, contacts with spanking. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I’ve actually masturbated to this comic as a young girl. It’s not just any aunt-daughter spanking, there is so much going on. They’re outside so there is the possibility of witnesses. She was playing with a ball, most probably with her friend Suske who must’ve certainly witnessed the spanking. She was actually innocent of the crime she was accused of (a special fantasy of mine, getting spanked for something you did not do). She is wearing the dress she wears in every comic book and even though it is not shown – it is a children’s story after all – you can imagine how easy it would have been for her aunt to pull that up and out of the way. I particularly liked the typical comic book stars to show her bottom is hurting and her hand rubbing the pain away.

I realise this might not be the kind of pictures you’re hoping for or expect to see when you visit my blog. It can hardly be called exciting. But I wanted to share this part of my past with you all, and I’m sure many will have enjoyed learning about it. Only one picture too, in contrary to my plans for the schedule, but nothing else really fitted with the theme of this post.

I translated the text balloons to English so everyone could understand.

Teasing the teacher

This is a very lovely pin-up picture. A sexy school teacher is standing on her chair, scared of the frog one of her students brought to class.
I don’t think the boys anticipated on this much succes, scaring the teacher yes, but catching a gli;pse of her stockings and bare thighs as she jumps up on her chair no. Their mission is definitely a succes.

For those amoungst you that enjoy an F/m spanking fantasy this will surely lead to those boys being soundly spanked by this sexy teacher. Personally I prefer the idea of the headmaster walking in. “Miss Rogers, what are you doing on that chair? Is that setting an example to your students? I want to see you in my office after school!” And we all know what will happen to por Miss Rogers then…

the teacher's bare legs

Facial Expressions Friday

Yes, it is friday, but this post is still last weeks facial expression. I have the next 7 posts for this week ready, and after those, tonight you’ll get today’s facial expression.

Today’s facial expression says “I know what you’re thinking, and you know what I’m thinking, but lets just pretend we don’t so I can act surprised when you tell me you’re going to spank me.”

On a side note, I’ve tried this with a friend, but apparently I was too subtle. *giggles*

warm up her bottom