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Choose a story

Hey everyone

Before I post the next installment of a mean prank, I wanted to write another story as a break.
Help me decide which story to write, inspired by one of the following pictures.

1_parents_night_double_spanking_color1 389591_300973573318735_1525941507_n 40330141_014_879832123 dd tumblr_n0s4fr30UL1rim35ao1_500

Simon Bolz,

Please vote:

and don’t forget to enjoy the pictures

Just some pictures

Hey everyone

With restarting the blog, I went through the linksin our blogroll and deleted all the old links of no-longer active sites.

I also added a link to Perrin’s tumblr where he shares some very nice spanking pictures.
And decided to show some of the best I found here. ๐Ÿ™‚

tumblr_npy79rNGzy1qaxcmro1_1280 tumblr_nl0fcf9HJZ1trfj98o1_500 tumblr_nm3hzhfjf21uqefi4o1_1280 tumblr_nm2z6zjKe61qdj042o1_540 tumblr_n6u4pxxlIq1toopilo1_500


Good afternoon everyone.

My name is Emma and I’m joining Emma (hope this won’t become too confusing) in writing stories for her blog. Before I posted any, I wanted to make a short introductory post.

I’m 24 years old, from London City. I started my sexual discovery early and have always had a fascination with spanking. I was raised by my mother and stepfather and had an intimite relationship with my stepfather including spanking up till a very late age.

The stories I write are all of my own past, experiences that I’ve had. From them you will learn more about me and what I’ve been through.

Emma told me adding a picture to a post always got much appreciation, so let me show you one of my favourite sexy pictures.


Spanked in public

Hey everyone

Just a week ago I had a very interesting new experience that inspired me for another post in my blog.
I got my first really public spanking. It wasn’t one of those by the roadside or in a forest spankings that has the danger of being caught, no this was in the local park, with plenty of people withing ears and eyes reach.
So I wanted to share other (un)lucky girls like me receiving their public spankings.

As if being spanked where everyone could see wasn’t enough, those bikini bottoms will not cover the redness either, reminding everyone constantly of what a naughty girl she is.


This store has it’s own way to deal with shoplifters and it happens where everyonecan see, a good warning for other naughty thieves.


Two friends naughty together get spanked together. Bare red bottoms at the beach.


The sign reads “cassiere punie’ or “punished cashier”. How emarassing to have your bare red bottom on display of all the customers.


If you can’t accept your loss, don’t make it worse by throwing a tantrum or your red bottom will be a lesson for everyone else who wants to play.



Hey everone

I’m having trouble coming up with the rest of the story, so instead lets see some pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re halfway through the summer, so lets see what we’veall been nejoying so far.

Pick-nicks in the park.





Fun at the swimming pool.




Naughtiness at the beach




Adventures in the woods.


And shopping sprees for those who’ve outgrown their skirts during winter.


interactive spanking art

I love spanking art of many kinds, and this kind can be very satisfying if done right: interactive spanking art. Giving you control over the picture and spanking the naught girl.

The art I wanted to share today is one of those satisfying ones, enjoy:
(care: turn down your volume)

interactive sailor moon spanking

Now, I’ve never really seen a full sailor moon story, but I think I know the idea behind it. Some attractive young girls with super powers, fighting evil. Of course, the young ladies in short skirts lend themselves perfectly for many erotic fan-fiction, which is in a way almost more famous than the original cartoon.
So despite not knowing the actual story or characters, I do find it an interesting idea of having the female heroin getting spanked by the villain. Let’s face it, a true hero gets down before he/she gets up.

Just spanked

Hey everyone

Sorry for making you wait this long for another post, I hope I’ll be able to make up for it with these pictures and comments.

Last time you voted for ‘girls right after their spanking. At the time, I didn’t realise I would be one of those girls myself. But we all know what happens when I neglect my blog… I’m a bit like the girl in the first picture at the moment actually. Didn’t do your chores in time? Well then you’ll get to do them with a red bottom as company.


I’d of course much rather be like the girl in the second picture. But instead of a nice cooling fan,I’ll have to be happy with the fans reading my blog. I’m sure if you’d had the chance you’d want to help me cool down as well.



The next girl isn’t me, but it could have been. Knowing the next set of pictures was of girls right after their spanking, Mike made me take a pic of my freshly spanked behind as well. Luckily he hasn’t made me post it, yet…



Well, I’d say that’s enough about me, the girl in the next picture has troubles of her own. I love her pink bottom in the distance,the sullen look on her face and her runny make-up.



And finally lets end with that a good spanking is all about. Learning a lesson. This young lady certainly looks like she learned one,letting the cool leather of the couch cool her freshly spanked buttocks.



I hope you all liked these photo’s. I will post more photo’s and stories soon, with my own spanking fresh in my mind.
But first vote for next week’s pictures.

Why we love skirts

Hello everyone

In my last poll a large majority voted for skirts over pants.
So in this post I’ll show a few examples of why we love skirts so much.

First of, we look great in skirts. They’re hot, sexy and teasing.
Talking about teasing, they are great for it, a bit of wind under a short skirt can turn on any guy watching. And if there’s not enough wind, a naughty young lady will give a helping hand herself.


Of course, we’re not all naughty like that. Sometimes you’re just clumsy or not paying attention very well. You might think showing your bottom by accident isn’t a spank-worthy offense (unlike the girl in the previous picture). But then how will she learn to be more careful in the future? (taken by Enzo on every day spankings)


Talking about spank-worthy offenses, the skirt itself can be one. A too short skirt can be very inappropriate, like this young lady is learning right now.


Still, that doesn’t mean short skirts are bad per se. They can be quite sexy – did I mention that before? – ย and this girl’s skirt will be easily lifted out of the way for the rest of her spanking when she is warmed up.


That’s actually one of the other many upsides of a skirt. It gives easy access to a naughty girls bottom, no matter where you are. Just have a look at the naughty young lady in the picture below.


Hope you enjoyed this series of pictures. I don’t think I needed to elaborate more, they mostly speak for themselves.
Don’t forget to vote for the next series.

Merry christmas

and remember…


Sinterklaas vs Santa

Hello everyone

Usually I skip the holiday posts, but for christmas I wanted to make an exception.
This time of year we get flooded with pictures of naughty girls turned over santa’s knee, instead of just sitting on it and telling him what they want for gifts. I do really like this fantasy. Santa knows when you’ve been good or bad, and it’s only naturally for us spanking enthusiast to imagine him spanking the bad ones.

But I have always wondered, is there any relation between Santa and spanking, outside our spanko fantasies? I want to make the comparison with a very similar holiday here in the Netherlands. On december the fifth, we celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ Or Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus are probably one and the same, they share their name and bring gifts and sweets to children at night through their chimneys. There are some differences of course, Saint Nicholas rides a horse, not a sled with reindeer, he’s from Spain, not the north pole, he’s not a fat man in red pyjamas with white fur, but a tall man in a red bisschop’s tabbard. But most importantly, he doesn’t have elves to help him, but manservants.

Why are these manservants important? Well, because Saint Nicholas doesn’t punish you with coal when you’ve been naughty, it’s his manservant that gets to spank you with a birch. And this isn’t just a spanko fantasy, it’s an actual part of the tradition. You almost never see it anymore, but when I was younger and Saint Nicholas came to visit you at school, his manservants carried around those birches and playfully chased the children across the playing grounds. I’ve never actually heard of anyone getting spanked, it is a children’s holiday after all. But the threat was always there.
Even now when they no longer carry them around, it still comes back, for examply in the children’s songs. One of the most important songs have a rhyme that goes: “Wie zoet is krijgt lekkers, wie stout is de roe…” Which roughly translates to: “When you’re good you’ll get sweets, when you’re bad it’s the birch…”

So that’s why Saint Nicholas is still my favorite holiday, even if christmas is now a widespread holiday here as well, under influence of American tv and such…
Please, if there is anything spanking related associated with the actual christmas tradition, please let me know in the comments, or perhaps share some other holidays/traditions you know of that gets your palm/bottom tingling.

Some pictures:

sint1 sint2


(You’ll see that Saint Nicholas’ manservant is black. I didn’t want to talk about this too much, because of the recent controversy about this. The general idea is he got black from the soot climbing down chimneys (Saint Nicholas doesn’t climb down himself), though historically it’s porbably more accurate that they were slaves. But this blog is about spanking and not about such politics)