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Good afternoon everyone.

My name is Emma and I’m joining Emma (hope this won’t become too confusing) in writing stories for her blog. Before I posted any, I wanted to make a short introductory post.

I’m 24 years old, from London City. I started my sexual discovery early and have always had a fascination with spanking. I was raised by my mother and stepfather and had an intimite relationship with my stepfather including spanking up till a very late age.

The stories I write are all of my own past, experiences that I’ve had. From them you will learn more about me and what I’ve been through.

Emma told me adding a picture to a post always got much appreciation, so let me show you one of my favourite sexy pictures.


Rewriting 1001spankingfantasies

Hello everyone

I’ve been away for over half a year and many of you have probably moved on to other blogs already. For those of you however that occasionally return or check still for something new, I have finally another announcement.

To make sure the blog gets more attention than it has gotten the last year, two more editors will join me in sharing pictures and posts: Emma and Perrin.

You already know a lit of Perrin’s stories shared on my blog. From now on he will post his stories himself. Soon (hopefully) Perrin will also have an announcement about the kinky spanking book he’s been writing. (you can already read more about it on the page ‘a little black dress’)

Emma’s stories are different from my own that they’re all true stories based on her own past. It’s a sort of personal diary which she has already shared with her friends on fetlife, but now wants to share on our blog as well.

I hope this will provide you with plenty of new stories and breathe new life into this blog.


Keeping up good habits, I want to add a little end-note and let you catch up with how my life has been going and perhaps explain a little where I’ve been these last few months.

I broke up with my partner. It was quite a bad break up and I had enough of relationships and bdsm for a while. I couldn’t stay away forever of course and even though my bottom hasn’t seen the color red in a long time, I’m ready to dive back into it.

Truth and an apology

Hey everyone

It’s been another three months and I understand I’ve dissapointed many of you by not posting in my blog. I’ve been trying to make excuses, apologies and the likes, but it seems to always come down to this.

I want to tell you it’s not my fault. But it is, I’ve lied to you and it’s this lie that keeps getting me in trouble.
The truth is: I love spanking stories and fantasies, but I’m not such a good writer as I appear to be. Many of the stories in this blog I did not write myself.

I did not steal them of course, they were written by a friend who was too shy to share his work online. Often he promised me a new story would be finished soon, just to not finish within the time I had already promised it to you. I feel that if I had just been honest about this from the beginning I would not have dissapointed you all so often. In fact, it was the fear of admitting not finishing those stories in time that kept me away from the blog for such long periods of time.

For those interested, only the following stories were written by me:
– my best friend’s father
– naughty nurse
– the middle of the night
– not what it seems
– like her little sister
– the building site
– daddy
– tit for tat
– disciplined slut
– a series of unfortunate events
– amanda’s toy
– sisterly rivalry
– therapy

These were not written by me:
– a spanking story
– a little black dress
– a bdsm kind of first date
-a birthday surprise
– a bus ride
– alone at work
– a red dress
– a special interview
– a thief in the night
– how daddy met mummy
– parking fine
– reunion
– savannah
– spank the police
– taxi driver
– the agreement
– the hotelroom
– the maiden and the prince


I will keep posting in this blog and hope you still want to read my stories and I will be more honest about those that weren’t mine. I hope you can all forgive me.

No panty day


Hey everyone, just a quick shout out to no panty day. 🙂

Girl, be careful your man doesn’t find you wearing panties tomorrow,and men, keep a lookout for those girls participating, especially those in short skirts on windy streetcorners.

Check my tumblr today and tomorrow for some ‘no panty day’ pictures and have a good one…

Start to draw

Well, it seems I’m out of practice in the drawing-section of things, it was very hard to get the drawing I wanted for last months assignment.
But you’ve all been waiting long enough, two months even, so here it finally is:

Firstly: This is what came out of my scanner, not such great quality:


But with just a bit of photoshop skill, you can see my attempt at me being spanked while trying to draw a picture of me being spanked. 🙂


Hope you like the drawing, even though I had to cheat a little (don’t tell Mike 😉 ).

Computer trouble

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while, but fear not I have been busy while I was away. A week or two ago, my computer crashed. After a lot of trouble – and my smarter friends coming to my rescue – we managed to save what was on my harddrive, but after backing up all my files, it crashed again. Time for a new computer.
So I ordered a new one from the local computer store. Of course the one I wanted was not in stock. But it would be next monday. Or maybe not monday I’d have to wait a week, or maybe two weeks… sigh…

Anyway, I did not dally, I have a quotum to reach for my blog, so I had a couple of blogposts ready to go live as soon as I had computer. Mike (my mentor) was so nice to keep my computer’s misbehaving in mind when judging my blogging behaviour. So I ended the month with a positive score, no spanking and a nice steak with some fries in the restaurant for being such a good bloggess, yay!

I don’t want to post everything in one go, so expect a lot of posts these coming days, including last months drawing I made myself. 🙂
This month’s assignment is just as fun. I need (at least) three comments on this post that describe a spanking scene, and at the end of the month find a picture that fits each of those and share it. Hope you guys won’t make this one too difficult.

And let’s and this post with a series of gifs that need no further explanation. 🙂

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Hmmm … maybe I shouldn’t have been such a good bloggess afterall.

another month

Hello everyone, and wow it is March already.
It’s been two months already since I started with the mentoring process for my blog. After the succesfull first month of januari however, I am ashamed to admit that februari did end in a spanking for me. You have all read the many stories I have written, and yes, those were enough to reach the amount I was set. There was however a second part of the agreement that I failed to succeed this time. The assignment. I was assigned to make a drawing, and despite actually looking forward to this, I did what I always do. I kept posponing it, procrastinating until the end, until I had only this last saturday left to do it. Of course, then I realised, februari, unlike any other month, only has twenty eight days. So instead of spending the saturday drawing, I spent it over my mentor’s knee. After a good scolding I might add, in which he also told me I needed more variation in my posts, not just stories, but also pictures like I used to.

Because I did write enough posts, my mentor went easy on me this time. He did not use the hairbrush on my bare bum, only his hand. Still it was red and sore by the end and I will surely do my best to do this months assignment on time.
I have to do last months drawing as an assignment, but with an extra rule. The drawing must be about the spanking he had just given me. Literaly or symbolicaly.

My mentor wanted to remind you that you can always post good ideas for assignments in the comments section. And to end this post I wanted to share the following picture, in a way symbolizing the naughty girl that didn’t do her assignment.
(but don’t go anywhere just yet, in just a little while I hope to have finished the final chapter of ‘like her little sister’.)


Reader’s choice + news

Hey everyone, I have a short update on my mentoring situation and a question for you all.

Yesterday, Mike and I talked about my progress on the blog so far, the new rules are still fresh and might need some tweeking after all. We quickly came to the conclusion that the rules were a bit too strict. Not too strict as in: too hard to follow; but too strict as in: hampering me in my blogging.
Mike had decided that any post in a week I had already posted before only counted for one point. This was to ensure I didn’t just post a lot in the last week of the month, to save myself from a spanking. But now I realised, if I had a good idea for a post, I would save it for the next week if I had already posted something before. While the idea had been that I would be more free to post, I was in fact holding myself back. So we adjusted the rules, so that in the first full week of the month I can get full points for up to three posts and in the second full week for up to two posts. To compensate these new rules I now have to reach at least thirty points by the end of the month.
We’ll keep you updated on any more changes.

We also came up with something new, a way to have more interraction with my readers. The first thing we’re going to try is using a poll. I’ll be writing a new story in februari and you can decide which one by voting in the poll.
There are three options with each very different stories behind them:

1: The hotelroom
This is an erotic story. A young lady is trapped at the airport because of a snowstorm. It appears she will have to sleep in the terminal, but is then rescued by a knight in shining armour. He offers to share his hotelroom with her for a night so she might sleep in a bed. She doesn’t yet know this knight weilds a paddle instead of a sword…
Vote for this if you want a hot and steamy spanking story.

2: The building site
This is a disciplinary story. Every saturday, early in the morning, it is still dark and the building site is empty, except for a young woman, a man and the sounds of a spanking. Why she returns to this building site for her weekly dose of discipline will be discovered in this story.
Vote for this if you want a hot but strict spanking story.

3: Her little sister
This story is about discipline and age regression. A young lady who has not been spanked in many years, finds herself in trouble so deep that she gets the same treatment as her little sister. Spanking is not the only thing that embarrasses little girls she finds out as her mum and dad teach her how it feels to be a little girl again.
Vote for this if you like a good parental spanking and want to discover a new, secret fantasy I have never written about before.

Also, don’t be afraid to post a comment. 😉

My new mentor: personal story

Hello everyone, I’m going to start the new year by making good on at least one promise. I’m going to share the story of my first spanking of 2013. It is the story of what will hopefully bring a chance to my blog and improve my erratic blogging behaviour.
I promised to write this story to Mike, my new blogging mentor and old friend, it is also this months assignment, so I’m getting of on a good start this month. At the same time it is meant as an apology to all of you, for all the missed deadlines and broken promises of 2012. I hope I can be a better bloggess for you all in the coming year.

Never before have I shared a story about myself on this blog as open as this one, not with this many details and admitting this many feelings. I’m very nervous about your responses, but please comment if you want to, I’d rather have your remarks and critiques than your silence.
Some of it might come as a surprise to you, the amount I care about this blog, the severity of the spanking. But I hope that in the end that all helps in you getting to know me a little better.

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