The idea

Hi and welcome to 1001 Spanking Fantasies.

1001SF is a blog about just one thing: Spanking fantasies. I’ve created it to share my fantasies with the world. Every new fantasy will appear on the front page ‘home’ in a short excerpt in which I’ll explain how I came up with the fantasy and what’s it about. By following the categories you can quickly determine whether the story has content you like or dislike. My interest in spanking is very wide, so the chances are great there will be stories you like, and some you might find less interesting. These categories are linked to on the right side of the page, so you can easily find all the stories with similar content. When interested in the fantasy, just click through to the post’s page to read the full post. But first, let me tell you more about myself and how I came up with the idea for this blog.

Spanking has been an erotic interest for me since my early teens. I won’t say I fantasised about spanking the first time I masturbated, but close to that anyway. It started out as a simple fantasy where I’d get a few smacks while having sex. When giving myself those smacks while fantasising I found that feeling even more aroussing then I’d thought, so my fantasies quickly changed to spanking as foreplay.

By that time I’d had my first sexual experience with a boyfriend and had tried some spanking foreplay with him. This meant that an erotic spanking was no longer just a fantasy of mine. When alone and fantasising I could still fatasise about just an erotic spanking by my boyfriend, but as always in fantasising you add things you don’t already have in real life. That’s when I started thinking up reasons for spankings. I got more interested in the ‘idea’ behind spanking, how it originated, the disciplinary side of spanking. I’d started dreaming up scenario’s where I’d ‘deserve’ a spanking, and fantasise about how such a spanking would turn into something more erotic.

I never told my first spanker about those fantasies, they were something of my own, I was satisfied with just erotic spankings occasionally and keeping my fantasies to myself. But as it always happens at such a young age the relationship ended suddenly and those fantasies were all I had left. Fantasising and pleasuring myself were once again the only way to satisfy myself and thinking up new scenario’s myself was no longer enough to keep up. I started searching for more fantasies that aroussed me and found the perfect media for this in the internet. I read all the stories I could find and came in contact with many new fantasies, some I liked, some I disliked. I also met quite a few people like this an learned that I loved sharing my fantasies with them. It was a pleasure to see their reaction to my dreams. It taught me to be more open about my fantasies and what I wanted, so I did share them with the few boyfriends I’d had since my first. I kept the most daring to myself – not every fantasy is meant to come true – and roleplayed some others with them. Somehow I must’ve made good choices in my bf’s as none of them shied back of what I wanted to try. When those relationships ended it was not because of what happened in the bedroom *grins*.

During my time on the internet I had discovered a spanking personals site named, not only did it contain a forum with lots of stories, lots of pictures and videos to feed my fantasies, it also has a very active community and chatroom. The chatroom quickly became my favourite place to hangout, sharing fantasies and experiences with other spanko’s. It was there I first came into contact with the idea of ‘online roleplaying’. Using the chatroom I could take my fantasising to a new level, by adding a second ‘unpredictable’ source to it. The other roleplayer could steer the fantasy in unexpected turns, I was no longer in full control of my own fantasy. And giving up that part of the control was like giving up control when being spanked.
Online roleplaying wasn’t all good though. I quickly learned that most of those roleplayers were caught in a single fantasy. They weren’t as openminded as me and had specific ideas of how a spanking should be. They had this one set fantasy they wanted to play over and over again, sometimes in different settings, sometimes barely varying at all. I was still giving out control to them, but they were no longer unpredictable, I could predict precisely how the story would go. In other words, it got boring.
I started avoiding roleplayers and returned to sharing my own fantasies with people in the chatroom. In turn they’d share their fantasies with me and a new way of fantasising opened up to me. By taking over their fantasies, and applying them to myself I had a whole new way of fantasising. Only small parts of the fantasy could be altered, so I had very little control over the fantasy.

And that’s how I came up with the idea of this blog. I had thought up and forgotten hundreds of stories since my first spanking and now wanted to write them down to remember them. But instead of writing them down for myself I decided to share them, so others could, like me, take them for themselves with little alterations to feed their own need for new and interesting fantasies.
Knowing myself I’d work harder if I had a set goal in mind, so I choose the name 1001 Spanking Fantasies, in hope of someday actually collecting that many fantasies and sharing them with the world.

If you read through all that, than you for taking an interest in what’s behind this blog, and go treat yourself to some of my fantasies. 🙂

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