The wedding ceremony


Most wedding ceremonies take place in front of your friends and family. For Scarlett, this was only the case for two out of three of hers.
She had started the day early. Her friend Emma had already been waiting at the front door while Scarlett was taking her morning shower. Emma was a beauty-specialist and had come to do her friends hair and make-up on her special day.
The early hours of the day had passed in a blur. Luckily, Scarlett had planned the day perfectly and anything she’d forget, would be rectified by the master of ceremonies she had hired.
It wasn’t long before she stood at the steps of city-hall, her hand resting in the crook of her fiancé’s arm. Their witnesses stood behind them, followed by their parents, family and friends.
Lucas wore a dark, sexy suit with a gleaming white shirt and shiny blue tie. Her own dress was perfectly white, with pearls along the bodice and a skirt that dragged a long way behind her.
Traditionally, a white dress meant that the bride was still a virgin on her wedding day. It’s an old tradition though, and like many modern brides, Scarlett had chosen to ignore that rule and go for white anyway.
The ceremony at city-hall was the least pompous of them all. The room was nicely decorated of course and the official was affable and occasionally funny; but this just felt like doing the paper-work.
When they left city-hall, they were officially married. At least as far as the state’s concerned.

The second ceremony was at a church. It was past noon by the time her father was leading her down the aisle. They’d had sandwiches and drinks for lunch before they arrived.
It felt a bit odd then, having her father hand her over to her husband, when they were technically already married. But that’s just one of those oddities when combining a state and church wedding.
The church ceremony made up for everything the previous one was lacking. The church was beautiful with stained glass windows, golden candlesticks and large burning candles. The guests stared at her as she walked down the aisle while a cousin of Lucas played the wedding march on her violin. She saw tears in more eyes than just those of her mother.
It might not mean anything official except perhaps in the eyes of God, but it was everything she had hoped for.
When she left the church, she wore a ring on her finger and everyone was eager for the wedding party. Little did they know that a third ceremony was planned.

After the church wedding, but before the wedding dinner, all the guests were expected to rest or check in at the hotel. The young couple would go to the local park to have their wedding pictures taken. Afterwards they would all gather for a reception, followed by dinner, cake and dancing.
No-one but Scarlett and Lucas knew that there was one hour of freedom between their photography session and the reception.
The last part of the day would take place in a hotel’s banquet hall. Most guests had rented a room at the hotel and so had the young couple, the brides’ suite to be exact.
After making sure no-one had seen them, they made their way to their room. This was where the third and last ceremony would take place.
Scarlett and Lucas shared a secret that none of their friends or family knew. Early in their relationship, they had discovered their mutual interest in kinky activities like spanking, bondage and submission.
They had planned this secret ceremony to incorporate their submissive versus dominant lifestyle into their wedding.

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