A peculiar gift


It had all started out so innocent for Anna. As a young woman with a healthy sexual appetite, she had been interested, but not experienced in a more adventurous sex-life. She was not a virgin, but her experiences thus far had been very vanilla while her fantasies were much kinkier than what her few partners had offered. To satisfy her curiosity, she had joined an online community that focused on anything kinky, from BDSM and exhibitionism, to activities she’d never heard of before. She made her own private profile, making sure all her personal details were hidden. Anna was the type of girl who was very confident with her own sexuality and her body. When the website asked her to add a picture to her profile, she chose one where she was wearing a provocative dress: very short and with deep cleavage. It was the type of thing she liked to wear in real life as well. Anna quickly made friends on this community, as a single girl in her twenties and with a broad array of interests, she was very popular. Some of her new friends were quite imposing, but she quickly learned which of them were genuine and who just wanted to use her for their own fantasies. Still, one of the requests she got most often was for her to post more pictures. Early on, Anna had realized that her provocative picture was actually quite tame compared to those of the other users. Nudity was accepted and often encouraged. Strengthened by the examples of others, Anna soon added more pictures of herself, wearing less in each, even posing in just her underwear. The response was immense. She got more friends and all her pictures got positive comments. Some of the things people said made her blush, but Anna truly loved the attention she received. While she had always been too shy to do anything remotely exhibitionistic, Anna felt safe in the anonymity of the internet. The community kept asking and Anna kept delivering. Soon she took off her bra as well, covering her breasts with her hands. Her panties disappeared as well, her nudity only hidden by sensual poses or strategically placed hands or objects. Anna knew at that point that some men were using her pictures while pleasuring themselves. The idea turned her on greatly, she loved the image of their greedy eyes on her naked body. She showed them more and more, just a finger covering her nipples to show off her breasts and then not even that; later spreading her legs to show a full frontal picture of her pussy or bending over to show her bum-hole. Her friends-list became too long to count, but only a small part of them reacted to her pictures, most just wanted to watch. An even smaller part messaged her privately, those were her closest friends.

Anna enjoyed those private chats even more than the comments on her pictures. Often she would get requests for a certain kind of picture and she’d do her best to please her friends. Oddly, while her pictures had evolved into a fully undressed, sexual repertoire; many of her friends requested pictures in sexy lingerie or kinky attributes. While exhibitionism might seem very kinky to most; pictures of young naked females are abundant on the internet, and her friends were looking for something closer to their own fantasies. Anna had a few sets of lingerie in her wardrobe, but nothing extremely sexy. When some of her friends offered to give her money to buy more, she refused. She did not want to seem like she was selling her body for money. One of her friends came with the solutions that he could buy a set for her as a gift. Still hesitant, but persuaded by the idea of owning such a sexy set of lingerie and showing it off to all her friends in the community, Anna accepted. She told her friend her measurements and her address to send the gift to. She was slightly worried about sharing this information, but still felt safe as most of her friends were from different countries than hers and her closest friends she trusted. The gift arrived nearly two weeks later, a sexy black set of lingerie with many extra ribbons and clasps. It was much kinkier than anything she’d owned before. She took dozens of pictures while posing with the set and shared the best of them on her profile. When she mentioned the set had been a gift from her friend, others started offering to buy her things as well. Overjoyed with the sexy set she owned now and desiring more of the same, she gave out her information to more friends. They did not all buy her lingerie, some bought whole costumes that fueled their fantasies. Anna posed for her friends as a naughty maid or a sexy nurse. Some send her leather shackles, rope or even a ball-gag. The kinkier each picture she posted, the more inventive her friends became with the things they send her. Some gifted her toys as well, Anna let them see how she played with a vibrator or showed them the sparkling butt-plug in her bottom. When someone send her a wooden paddle, she showed them how red her bottom had become from a self-spanking. She was now truly experiencing some of the kinkier fetishes in the community.

It didn’t stop there of course, the more Anna gave, the more her online friends asked of her. It didn’t bother her at all. In fact, she was always looking for that next thing with which she could surprise and delight them. They suggested she filmed herself as she played, so they could see her reaction to their gift. When discovering a gift and taking pictures of herself, Anna no longer just imagined the men masturbating should they see her; more often than not she played with herself as well, pleasuring herself before sharing the pictures on the internet. The idea of sharing this with her friends turned her on even more, and Anna started to share her first video’s with her friends. She had received a list of toys: implements she spanked herself with so her friends could see her bottom slowly turning red and toys she pleasured herself with afterwards so they could see how much she had enjoyed it. The positive feedback kept coming with each video and often some tips on how she could do it differently next time or things they wished she’d done. Some of the tips they gave her made Anna wish she’d known them beforehand to make her video even better. She joined a small platform where she could stream live video’s and invited her friends from the kinky community to come and watch. She never asked any money for her shows, but received even more gifts now that her friends knew they would be able to see her play live with anything they bought for her. Anna even scheduled weekly video’s now, at least once on Saturday afternoon and more on other days when she was particularly horny or interested to try out something new. It was around this time that she received a peculiar gift.

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