Naughty wife vs. cheating secretary (part 2)


Linda arrived home late after her day off, her husband John was already back from work and waiting for her in the living room sofa. She no longer felt the effects of her spanking earlier that day, but still remembered it vividly. She dropped next to her husband in the sofa, nearly on top of him. “How was your day?” She asked.
“It started out great.” John replied. “Had a very… interesting conversation with my boss and a productive… meeting with m new secretary.” Linda blushed shyly. “But I got some disturbing news by the end of the day.”
Linda frowned. “Why, what happened?”
“I thought you could tell me.” Her husband replied.
His tone confused Linda, he nearly sounded like he was angry, but she couldn’t imagine what he was talking about. “I don’t know what you mean.” She said.
“Do you think I wouldn’t find out?” John asked. “One of your colleagues heard you and contacted me right away. Did you think no-one would notice if you had sex with your boss, right in his office?”
Linda’s confusion was complete. She’d never… She hadn’t even been at work today. She’d only been to John’s new office where she – Linda noticed the tiny curl at the corner of John’s mouth, that tiny smirk, telling her she was being teased – where she had roleplayed being a secretary having sex with her boss. Linda wanted to punch her husband on his chest and call him a bastard, but then remembered his accusation. One of her ‘colleagues’ had ratted her out. Had one of his colleagues heard them earlier today? Had John talked about what they’d done with his friends? She blushed deeply.
“I see you have nothing to say for yourself.” John said.
Still unsure of where he was going with this new twist in their roleplay, Linda couldn’t do anything but play along. “I’m sorry.” She said.
“You’re sorry?” John asked. “I love you Linda and I know you have a large sexual appetite, too large maybe for me to satisfy on my own. But I can’t let you get away with this.”
It was a punishment play, Linda suddenly realized. She had mentioned him giving her a real spanking earlier, was that what he was planning now, an even firmer spanking than what she’d gotten today? Her bottom started tingling at the prospect, her heart-rate increasing. “I’ll never do it again.” She promised, giving him her best pleading look, lips pouting and eyes open wide.
“No, honey, I know you better than that.” Her husband said. “When you want something, you take it. But if I can’t stop you from doing such things, I can at least make sure there is a price to pay. It will be up to you consider whether that price is worth paying or not.”
If it wasn’t roleplaying they were doing, Linda would be very surprised to hear her husband say such things. He was basically given her permission to cheat on him, for a price. “I will do anything to make it up to you.” She said, playing the now obedient wife.
“It may seem a bit old-fashioned.” Her husband said. “But perhaps a spanking will teach you the value of faithfulness in a marriage.” He took her hand and pulled her closer. Already sitting next to him on the sofa, Linda let him pull her across his lap.

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