Taxi driver (part 3)


Several days had passed since Mia’s ‘date’ with the taxi-driver. She had thought about him often, about the spanking he had given her and her bikini laying forgotten in an abandoned alleyway. She wondered if she’d ever have the courage to tell her friends about this adventure when she returned home. A few of them liked to brag about their holiday escapades, but she was sure none of them had ever experienced anything like she had.
She hadn’t contacted the driver again, though she had fantasized about it often. Their story seemed over, their first meeting followed by the agreed upon date when she’d payed the price for her misbehavior. He didn’t have a reason to spank her again and Mia wasn’t really interested in him sexually or romantically. She could of course give him a reason for that spanking, but that felt so fake. It would devaluate her first spanking that she had actually deserved. Instead she saved him for her dreams and fantasies.

On the last day of her holiday however, by chance she met him again. Her things were packed and she was waiting outside for her parents when the taxi they’d ordered stopped at the hotel’s front door. She recognized him immediately. Panic hit her for a short moment. It couldn’t be coincidence that her parents had called his taxi-service and he showed up, could it? Did they know, or had he somehow arranged it? Nervously she greeted him, but his response reassured her that he hadn’t known who he was picking up.
“I had hoped to see you again before you left.” He said. “After the last time I saw you, I hoped we could have a bit more fun sometime.”
Mia blushed. She didn’t want her parents to hear anything about their ‘fun’, but for the moment they were alone. “I’m sorry.” She said. She suddenly realized she’d made a mistake not contacting him again, now she’d wasted the opportunity to explore her newfound fantasy further. “I guess I should’ve called.”
The taxi driver looked up as her parents exited the hotel. “Well you’re lucky your parents are with you today.” He whispered quickly, “otherwise I would’ve turned your bottom bright red for such thoughtlessness.” Then headed to help her mother with her luggage.

The drive towards the airport was uncomfortable. She noticed the driver’s look in his back-view mirror and was reminded sitting there naked or laying across his lap. But now she sat next to her mother and couldn’t let anything of her feelings show.
The driver talked amicably with her father, when she heard they were talking about their trip home, she realized he was figuring out where she lived. Of course, that was far away from here, there wasn’t a chance they would ever meet again. A small part of her started to hope that maybe one day he would visit their country and they would meet again. Mia didn’t talk much during the ride. Instead she thought about his threat, how he would’ve reddened her bottom for not calling him. This would’ve been another spanking she had actually deserved.

“Please, wait for me here.” She whispered to the taxi driver after they had gotten out of the car. They had stopped at a busy taxi-stop right beside the entrance to the large airport. Her parents were already loading their luggage on a trolley. She followed them inside, nervously looking over her shoulder at the driver who was waiting for her.
When her parents got in line at the baggage depot, she said she wanted to have a look around. It was a long queue and she’d have plenty of time before their turn. She made her way back to the exit immediately. The driver was still waiting for her.
“I thought we had a little time to deal with my naughty behavior.” She told him when she returned. “My parents are in line with the luggage.”
The driver raised an eyebrow and smiled. “So eager.” He said. “It seems I did leave an impression after all. Too bad you waited so long, I don’t think I have time to drive you anywhere private.”
Mia blushed. She had thought about that, but the memory of being spanked in his car where others could see, the naked trip home with her towel barely covering her red cheeks and the day at the beach with her bottom still marked; those had turned her on just as much as the actual spanking. “You can do it here.” She said. “In the car.”
The driver smiled an evil grin. “How about I bend you over the hood of my car and spank you where everyone can see instead. Then everyone will know what a naughty girl you’ve been.”
Mia blushed again. He couldn’t be serious, could he? He was just teasing her, if she’d say no he would surely take her in the car and spank her there. Enough people were around to see her even then. So why wasn’t she saying anything then? Her thoughts were racing: No one knew her here, she was getting on a plane and everyone who would’ve seen her would be out of her life forever. And they’d all see her naughty bare bottom get spanked. “IF you think that would be better.” She whispered.

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