Afraid of the lightning

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Curled up in her sleeping bag, Samantha listened to the thundering noise of the rain on the tent’s roof and the lightning in the sky. The two girls beside her slept soundly, as if they could not hear the storm raging outside. What a ridiculous idea it had been: sleeping in a tent, outside in the yard during a rainstorm. She could’ve been sleeping in a warm bed right now. The girls’ father was inside of course, warm and safe. He had given in on the girls’ request, not seeing any danger despite the storm, since they’d be right in their own backyard. Samantha had been unable to refuse to join them. What could she have said? That she, a grown woman, was afraid, while two young girls were not? Samantha was the girls’ governess – both she and the girls had gotten too old to still call her their babysitter – and the girls looked up to her. So despite her fears, she had given in and joined the girls in their little tent outside. But now that they were sleeping and she was not, she regretted her choice. Her heart was racing, the sound of water was everywhere, it could leak into their tent and drown them at any moment. Whenever lightning struck and turned the tent’s canvas bright, she jumped up slightly. And every time she looked at her watch, only minutes had passed. The night and its storm seemed to go on forever.

Thomas was half asleep in his bed, after a hard day’s work. He’d been drifting in and out of sleep for a while when he was once more half-woken, this time by the sound of his door opening. “I can’t sleep.” A frightened voice said. “I’m afraid of the storm.”
Smiling in his sleep, Thomas pushed his blankets to the side. He had half expected this when his girls had begged him to sleep in the tent tonight. “It’s ok.” He said. “You can sleep here with me. I’ll protect you.” He didn’t notice how long the figure in his doorframe hesitated. He’d fallen asleep again before she made up her mind and joined him underneath the blankets.

Samantha woke the following morning with the comfortable warmth of Thomas against her back. It took her a few moments before realizing whose bed she was sharing. Thomas’ arm was wrapped around her, his hand pressed on her chest, between her breasts. She could feel his warm breath in her neck. The intimacy was oddly comforting. She could even feel him pressed against her bottom, an erection pressed between her buttocks. A blush crept up on her face as her dreams faded and she truly awoke, realizing fully where and with whom she was lying. Still she didn’t dare move lest she woke him. There was nothing wrong with this. She tried to assure herself. His hand lay still on her chest, and his erection well all men got those in the early morning.
The truth was, that Samantha hadn’t had such a good night’s rest in a long while. She remembered the storm and this was the first time in a long while that she had been able to sleep through such a nightmare. She didn’t want it to be over just yet. So instead of waking Thomas up, she nestled herself in his embrace, his strong arm around her, his comforting breath behind her ear and his manly erection between her buttocks. She wasn’t doing anything wrong; they were only sleeping after all.

Thomas woke in confusion, with the young woman in his arms. As her moved his hand, he felt her breasts, the girl mumbling a reproach when he took hold of one, but not shaking him off. He half-remembered one of the girls coming to his room late at night, scared of the storm. But his little girls didn’t have curves like those beneath his hand or pressed against his crotch. What would’ve been an innocent position for a father holding his little girl became something else entirely with a young woman fitting inside his embrace perfectly.
Breathing in her smell, her long hair tickling his face, Thomas tried to figure out what had happened. “Samantha, is that you?” He asked, realizing she would be the only possible explanation.
The figure he was holding stiffened, as if naming her had broken some spell. “Yes, it’s me.” Samantha said. She took his hand then, pulling it from her breast to break free from his embrace.
“What are you doing here?” Thomas asked. His voice was gruff and he felt cold after she had so suddenly pushed him away.
Samantha rolled over and looked up at him in the semi-darkness. She was biting her lower lip. “I was afraid.” She said.
Thomas felt upset, though he wasn’t sure exactly why. Because she had broken their embrace? Because she had tricked him, even if it was unintentional? Because he had enjoyed holding a woman again and was now reminded of how alone he actually was? Or just because she had left his children alone in a tent outside in the middle of a storm? “Where are the girls?” He asked her.
“Still outside in the tent, I think.” Samantha answered.
Thomas shook his head, angry suddenly because of his confusion. “You left them outside alone?” He asked loudly. “The only reason I permitted this was because I thought you would be with them the whole time. But instead I find you here now, sneaking into my bed.”
Samantha was blushing. “I thought you knew.” She protested.
Fully awake now, Thomas pushed himself up in the bed, throwing the blankets aside as he did. He saw then that the girl was only wearing a thin nightgown, barely covering her rounded curves. Not really a girl, he thought, not much younger than himself actually. As he saw her lying there, he longed to hold her again, to touch her again. “I thought it was one of the girls.” He said. He was only wearing boxers himself and he noticed Samantha was distracted by the bulge that was still inside of them. He took her chin in a firm grip and forced her to look him in the eyes. “If you’re going to act like a responsible little girl Samantha, I should treat you like one as well.” The young woman’s eyes stood large and unblinking in her face as she looked up at him. Scared of the lightning like a little girl. Thomas knew exactly what to do to remind her she was a grown woman. She knew it too, because she didn’t even struggle when he pulled her across his lap. He smacked her bottom with the palm of his hand. Samantha responded with a low moan as her nightgown flipped up, revealing the pale skin of her lower buttocks before falling down again. Each smack that followed lifted it a little more, until Thomas just pushed it aside to reveal her now glowing pink bottom. She wore no panties beneath the gown and remembering his hand on her breast, Thomas realized she didn’t wear anything but that thin soft negligee.
Samantha didn’t protest as he spanked her bottom, only soft squeals, low moan and the occasional struggle or kicking of her legs. Thomas didn’t really know why he was spanking her. Not really because of what she had done, he turned her bottom far redder than she deserved for that. It just felt good spanking her, holding her close to him, controlling her and hearing her squeals. He had needed this. From the lack of protest on Samantha’s side, he could only hope she felt somehow similar.

When Thomas finally stopped, Samantha lay panting across his lap. Her bottom was on fire, bright red and naked to his eyes and gently stroking fingers. She could not believe he had spanked her. She could not believe she had let him. When he let her sit up again, she forced back the tears in the corners of her eyes, wincing as she sat down on her sore red bottom. “Now tell me.” Thomas asked her. “What really made you come to my room in the middle of the night?”
And thus Samantha told him, blushing and unable to look into the eyes of the man who had just spanked her. She told him of when she was a little girl, playing at the playground a few blocks from her home. How it had started to rain and how she’d gotten lost, even though she’d run the route between the playground and her home a hundred times before. How she had ran around for hours in the storm until her parents found her. And how she’d been afraid of storms ever since.
When she looked up at Thomas again, his mouth was open and his eyes were full of guilt. “I’m sorry.” He said. “I didn’t know. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have spanked you.”
It was strange, but Samantha didn’t feel upset that he had. She hadn’t wanted his apologies; she had just wanted to explain. When she got up to hug him, Thomas took her by the arms instead and let her sit on his lap like a little girl. “It’s okay.” She said. “I still deserved a good spanking for letting the girls outside on their own.” She felt Thomas’ erection – now half gone since her gripping story – spasm against her bottom at her admission. It made her blush.
“Maybe.” Thomas agreed. “Though I still feel bad about it.”
Samantha looked around and up at the man holding her. “Don’t be.” She said. “I’m sure I’ve given you plenty of reasons to spank me since I started working for you. It was about time you took matters in hand.”
The look in Thomas’ eyes changed suddenly when he realized what she was telling him, admitting to him that she too had enjoyed the spanking, that she perhaps wanted more of the same. Samantha now, no longer looked sorrowful; her eyes were full of lust as she looked up at him. She too remembered his hand on her breast, his breath in her neck, his erection, well she could still feel that against her bottom right now. She reached down for it, slipping her hand into his boxers and grasping him firmly.
“Wait.” Thomas took her hand and pulled it out.
Samantha pouted disappointingly. “But, I thought…”
“Trust me.” Thomas said. “I want the same. But we both have responsibilities.” He sighed. “You should go down and get the girls from the tent and arrange their breakfast.” He smiled then. “When you’re done with your tasks, and I with mine, we should meet up here again.”
Samantha gave Thomas a teasing kiss on the lips and then got up from his lap. Walking to his door, her nightgown was barely long enough to cover the red marks hidden beneath.

When Thomas left the bathroom after his morning shower, he found his girls in the living room watching TV. It was a bit early for cartoons, he thought, but he knew why Samantha had put them there of course. Not finding the governess anywhere herself, he hurried his way upstairs to his bedroom. When he entered he found her lying face down on his bed, completely naked. Grinning, Thomas dropped the towel he had draped around himself to reveal his own nakedness; his erections standing out proudly. He gazed at her for a moment, enjoying the view of a young woman in his bed, his eyes resting on her bottom, faded to a light pink since her spanking earlier. “Well, this is the second time today I find a young lady in my bed.” He said with a grin. “And this time she is wearing even less.”
Samantha looked up at him longingly. “Maybe she hasn’t learned her lesson yet.” She said, “and you should give her a second spanking.”
Thomas laughed and crawled onto the bed beside her, kneeling as he placed one hand on her luscious bottom. “Really?” He asked. “Has she been naughty again then?”
“Oh yes.” Samantha said, moaning deeply when he smacked her bottom. “Very naughty.”
“What did she do?” Thomas asked. Smacking her bottom another time.
Samantha purred like a cat, letting him rub her bottom as she thought about her answer. “Yesterday, while you were at work.” She said. “She let the girls watch TV all night without doing her homework.”
Smack! On her bottom. “Naughty girl.” Thomas said.
“And while the girls were watching TV.” Samantha continued. “She left them alone while she played games on your computer.”
Smack! Smack! “Naughty, naughty girl. You really do deserve another spanking.”
“Yes, please.” Samantha moaned. “She didn’t even make the girls any dinner. She gave them ice-cream instead.”
“Ice-cream?” Thomas asked wickedly. “That’s it!” He grabbed Samantha by the hips and pulled her over his lap in the middle of the bed. His hand smacking her bottom as soon as she laid comfortable against his erection.
She fit perfectly across his lap, her bottom high up in the air for him to smack, her voice sultry and excited as she moaned and squealed, and her breasts readily available to play with when he paused to let her rest. The skin of her bottom was soft and warm, it coloured delightfully red as he spanked her. When his arm grew tired she started to plead with him, promising she’d be a good girl and when the pain became too great she even begged for him to stop.

For the second time today her bottom felt on fire. And this time she had asked for it herself. Surprised by herself, softly cursing the very idea of asking for a spanking, Samantha still enjoyed the rough touch of Thomas’ hand, massaging and squeezing her sore bottom. Regularly his fingers dipped down between her legs, touching her lips, which were wet with excitement. She had given him full access to herself, her legs spread open after kicking and struggling across his lap. “So, you think you’ve had enough, do you?” Thomas asked her.
Samantha blushed. Her exact words hat been: “Please, I don’t think I can take any more.” She had never thought she’d be begging him to stop like she had.
“Do you want to know what I think?” Thomas asked. “I think,’ he said without waiting for her answer. “That you’ve been lying.” He smacked her butt suddenly.
Samantha yelped in surprise and looked past her shoulder. “No.” She said.
Thomas was rubbing her bottom again, strongly, but not looking like he would hit her again. “Yes.” He said. “I don’t think you let the girls watch TV all night. Nor do I think you played games on my computer. And you definitely did not give them ice-cream for dinner, did you?”
Samantha blushed and secretly sighed of relief. She thought he’d meant something serious. “Of course not.” She said.
“You only said those things because you wanted another spanking, didn’t you? You naughty girl.” Thomas continued.
Samantha moaned softly. Instead of answering his question, she pushed up her red bottom and purring softly, begging him to touch her some more.
“What you didn’t know of course.” Thomas said. “Is that you can always tell me when you need a spanking. But I am always the one that decides when you’ve had enough. And since you’ve lied to me, I think you need a little more.”
Samantha groaned as Thomas pushed her off his lap. Just a moment ago she had begged him to stop, feeling she couldn’t take any more. But after this short respite he was already going to spank her again, and somehow she felt ready for more herself.

Thomas took Samantha by the hips and rolled her over, grinning delightedly when she yelped as her sore bottom touched the sheets. As she lay on her back, he could look her in the eyes as her raised her legs up high. She looked at him longingly and then closed her eyes as he raised his hands. He smacked her hard, again and again, watching her mouth as her lips formed the different oohs and ahs of each little squeal.
He watched her breasts as they rocked back and forth after every smack. Samantha’s eyes opening momentarily when he paused to feel them in his hand. Her eyes begged him to stop, inviting him to fuck her. When his hand slid down her bottom, up to her legs, he found her pussy wet with anticipation. She moaned when he pushed a finger inside and slightly opened her legs. Thomas grinned and pulled back to smack her bottom again. He enjoyed the surprise in her eyes and her wide-open mouth as she yelped at the sudden pain. “Don’t close your eyes” He said. “Watch what I’m doing, so you can see what happens to naughty little girls.”
Samantha blushed, but kept her eyes open and focused on him as he spanked her bottom once more. Once more she started pleading and begging. Promising him to be a good girl and never lying again. Her bottom was bright red when Thomas suddenly sat up and knelt behind her. He rested her legs against his shoulder and looked down on her with a smile. “Is this what you wanted, naughty girl?” He asked her.
Panting, Samantha looked up at him. He could see her thinking, knowing that if she gave the right answer, the spanking would be finally over. “Yes, Sir.” She said.
Thomas groaned as he repositioned herself and spread her legs, now resting each on one of his shoulders. He pushed forward slowly, sliding his erection inside her. Samantha moaned deeply. “Good girl.” He said. “I hope you learned a valuable lesson today.”
“I did, Sir.” She replied as Thomas lowly started to fuck her. “Thank you.”
Thomas grunted and picked up the pace, fucking her hard and fast. Samantha yelped as he smashed his hips against her sore red bottom, her breasts bouncing again like they had before. “Don’t!” Thomas said when she grabbed them. Obediently Samantha let them bounce free once more, letting her arms fall to the side.
Samantha came even before he did, spasming and moaning as he fucked her. The ecstatic look on her face and contraction of her muscles pushed him over the edge himself so that he came, moaning, deep inside of her.

Samantha wanted to lie in bed beside Thomas for the rest of the day. But she knew they couldn’t. When he got up to get dressed, she looked for her nightgown and fled to the guest room where she stayed most weekends. She dressed in loose clothing, sparing her bottom the touch of rough fabric. Thomas met her on the stairs down to the living room. The girls were still watching cartoons. One of them turned around when she heard them enter. “Daddy.” She asked. “Does this mean Samantha is our new mum?”
Samantha blushed furiously, unable to look up at the man beside her.
“No, honey.” Thomas answered. “Go watch TV with your sister.” His hand slipped down as the girl turned around and squeezed Samantha’s sore bottom. “She has a lot to learn first.” He whispered.

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