A rainy day

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Emily cursed softly as she fought her way through the seemingly endless downpour. When she had left at home, everything had seemed fine, a few clouds at most. During the train-ride however, the sky had grown dark and gloomy. As she arrived at her destination, the rain was coming down in great sheets of water. The train station was about three kilometres from the office and thus Emily had to withstand this horrible weather as she rode her bicycle to work, water coming from all directions as the passing cars drove through the deep puddles that had formed beside the road.

When she finally arrived, she stood shivering in the hallway of the office building. Her hair hung in wet strands across her face, her jacket had kept her top mostly dry, but her skinny jeans stuck to her like a second skin. When the water streaming from her body was reduced to a few drips and a sizeable pool at the building’s entrance, Emily made her way to the dressing rooms. Just a year ago, the office had – as part of a ‘sustainable business’ project – added showers and lockers for their employees. It was supposed to encourage a healthier lifestyle, allowing them to use their midday break time for physical activities or sports. Emily hadn’t used them much, but was grateful now for a quick shower to get warmed up before work.

As Emily stood beneath the hot water, enjoying the scalding heat, she heard someone else enter the dressing room. “Is that you, Emily? She recognized Catherine, the cleaning lady’s voice.

Yes Cat. Just getting warmed up before I put on some dry clothes.” She replied.

Do you want me to take your jeans and put them in the dryer?” Catherine asked. “I’ll return them when I come back and they’ll be nice and dry.”

Thanks, that would be great.” Emily replied. She didn’t want to put that soaked thing back on anyway. She always had a spare in her locker for an occasion just like this.

Finally warm again, and dry after towelling herself off, Emily quickly dressed. All of her colleagues must already be at work by now; she’d wasted enough time. Her panties were still slightly wet, the rain hadn’t spared them, but her bra and top seemed dry. Her socks she just discarded, choosing to wear her shoes without them. Only when she opened up her locker, did she realize something she’d forgotten.

Just a week ago it had rained just like today. She had worn her spare set of trousers then and hadn’t replaced them since. She had nothing to wear.

Shocked, Emily paced through the dressing room. What a stupid mistake! She had no idea what to do. Desperately she tried the other lockers, hoping she could ‘borrow’ something from her colleagues. They were all locked. When she looked past the door in the hallway to see if anyone could help her, no one was there. Quickly, Emily ran into the empty room, hoping she could find Catherine with her jeans. The cleaning lady was nowhere to be found however and Emily realised she must’ve headed home already. Defeated she stood still, there was nothing else she could do. The office she worked in was an open space, one large room with over a dozen desks, hers stood somewhere in the middle. She couldn’t go there in her undies. Just as she had decided to go back to the dressing room and hide, one of the doors opened. Emily grabbed a chair and half-successfully managed to hide her bare legs behind it’s back as her boss, John, exited his personal office. He noticed her immediately of course. “Emily, is everything all right?” He asked.

Emily blushed, but she knew there was no way out of this now. She explained her situation as best she could without stuttering.

Her boss laughed, not loudly, just a smile, but Emily blushed deeply none-the-less. “Wait here.” He said. “I’ll go ask if anyone can help you with a spare.”

Emily nodded thankfully, her face still beet-red as John passed her to the doors of the shared office. He didn’t have the decency to look the other way. Emily quickly turned the chair to hide herself from anyone looking past those doors, but couldn’t prevent her boss from seeing her in her panties.

When her boss returned however, he shook his head sadly. “I’m sorry Emily. I asked everyone but no one keeps any spare trousers or skirts here. You’ll have to make due without.”

Emily’s mouth dropped open. “What? But I can’t go in there like this!”

Well, it’s that or going home.” Her boss said mercilessly. “You could take the day off. But I don’t see how you’d want to go out like that either. I already tried calling Catherine, but she’s not answering her phone.”

Emily’s heart was racing. “Couldn’t I use your office then?” She asked.

Her boss seemed to think about this for a moment before replying. “No, Emily. I’m sorry, but I need the computer in my office. You’ll have to accept the consequences of your mistake.” When Emily didn’t react, unable to think of anything else to save her, he added: “You’re already fifteen minutes late, it’s time to get to work.”

Blushing deeply, her arms by her side, Emily walked to the office doors, her boss’ gaze following her. When she went through the doors, a few heads turned to see who was entering. When they noticed her state of undress, their eyes popped open. Trying her best to ignore them, Emily walked to her desk seemingly calm, hoping not to attract any more attention. Inside however her thoughts and emotions were racing. When she finally sat down, she started up her computer and set to work. No one in the room had said a word.

The whole morning Emily was constantly aware of her near-nudity. No matter which position she sat in, however she crossed her legs, there was no way she could hide that she was sitting there in her panties for all to see. How many of her colleagues turned her head to watch her? She wondered. Did their boss really come into the shared office more often than usual, or did she just imagine this? The morning was nerve wrecking and she had barely gotten any work done by the time everyone went out for lunch.

When she was all alone – she had decided to eat her lunch at the desk – John came into the office again. “Emily, I wanted to talk to you.”

Hoping he had good news, perhaps he had been able to contact Catherine, she turned to him. “Yes, Sir?” She asked.

I’ve been keeping an eye out today for you to see if you’d be okay.” He said. Emily blushed, so he hád come in more often. “I noticed however that you were fine, it’s your colleagues that are the problem.”

Not understanding what he meant, Emily raised her eyebrows. “What do you mean, Sir?”

They’re distracted. None of them seem to be working as hard as usual. I’ve seen many of them, mostly the men, staring at the show you’ve been putting on.”

Emily blushed. “I haven’t been putting on any kind of show!” She declared angrily.

No?” John asked her. “Then what do you call it? Sitting there constantly swaying in your chair, crossing and uncrossing your legs to draw every eye in the room, your fingers playing and fidgeting with the edge of your panties. It looks like you’re enjoying the attention just a bit too much.”

The blush on Emily’s cheeks turned scarlet. She hadn’t realized she was doing any of those things. “I was just nervous.” She tried to explain.

Whatever the reason.” Her boss answered. “Try to attract less attention the rest of the day. If that’s not too much to ask.”

Of course, Sir.” Emily replied. “I’ll try not to attract any attention.”

John left her then and Emily slowly finished her meal. She couldn’t think of anything else than what her boss had said. It was preposterous to think she’d been trying to get anyone’s attention. The racing of her heart; the warm, uncomfortable feeling in her belly, they were signs of the distress she felt, not any kind of excitement or arousal at being seen near naked by her colleagues. Yet as she ate, she grew less sure. She remembered their eyes on her, remembered even unconsciously fiddling with her panties to make sure they were on straight whenever she knew for sure someone was watching. When the first of her colleagues returned and she caught herself crossing her legs just when his eyes slid past her, she knew for sure. John hadn’t been completely mistaken. She had been secretly enjoying herself. It surprized her. She had never thought of herself as someone into anything like exhibitionism. But she now recognized her increased pulse and the warmth of her flesh as the same arousal she felt during other erotic activities.

The second half of the day Emily found herself exploring her newfound fantasy. The first time she had to ask a colleague a question, she didn’t send him an email like she’d done earlier that day. Instead she stood up and made her way to his desk. She blushed as she saw the many eyes following her way through the room. What am I doing? She asked herself, unable to stand the embarrassment when she thought of her colleagues seeing her like this. She made her way back to her desk quickly.

Despite that horrifying experiment she left her desk twice more that day, unable to stop herself. The next time she got up, her pace wasn’t brisk, but swaying and catching everyone’s eyes. The third time she was standing at a colleague’s desk, she was resting on her elbows while looking at his computer screen, bent at the waist; her bottom was on display for everyone else, her panties stretched against her round, upturned bottom. It was at precisely that moment when the door to their office opened and her boss walked in on them. Emily looked over her shoulder and saw her boss staring at her swaying behind with wide-open eyes. With a blush she stood up straight, mumbled her thanks to her colleague and made her way back to her desk.

She didn’t move from her spot the rest of the day. But still she could not help herself, rubbing her thighs, adjusting her panties or swaying in her chair as she rearranged her bare legs. She knew every eye was on her and she couldn’t help but enjoy the attention even as it made her blush with embarrassment.

At the end of the day, Emily still stayed at her desk, waiting for everyone else to leave first. When the office was empty except for herself, she got up in the hope of finding Catherine who would’ve finally brought back her trousers. Before she could leave however, her boss entered. “Emily. I need to talk to you.”

Blushing Emily sat back down in her chair. She was still uncomfortable about her state of undress, having someone look at you secretly was very different from having an actual conversation with them while they were staring at your panties. “Yes Sir?” She asked.

I thought I made it clear to you during lunch that you shouldn’t attract too much attention. But then I find you parading around the office in your underwear.”

Emily blushed; she hád been parading around. “I just had to ask a question.” She lied.

And make sure everyone else got a good look of that cute bottom of yours while you did.” John replied. “Don’t pretend otherwise, I heard that wasn’t the first time you got off your chair.” Emily bit her lip; of course they would’ve been talking about her while she was waiting for them all to leave. “Besides, from what I’ve heard and seen, you were putting on an even bigger show then before when you were sitting in your seat.”

Emily looked down, momentarily distracted by her own bare legs. By discovering this new part of herself, she had completely forgotten why her boss had made those remarks in the first place. She didn’t know what to say.

Well?” Her boss prompted. “What made you decide to not only ignore my instructions, but do the exact opposite of them?”

Emily caught herself playing with the edge of her panties as she was straining for an answer. With a start she let go and pressed her hands together. “I don’t know sir.”

John took several steps until he stood in front of her. “Stand up.” He commanded. Her heart racing, Emily got up so she stood face-to-face with her boss. He looked her in the eye, no longer distracted by her panties it seemed. “Turn around.” He said. “Put your elbows on the desk. Pretend you’re asking someone a question.”

Obediently Emily bent over, resting on the desk and presenting her bottom to her boss. Inside she was screaming: What’s going on? What is he going to do? Is he staring at me now? Suddenly, he smacked her hard on her bottom and Emily fell forward against the desk. Blushing furiously she straightened and turned around. “What are you doing?” She demanded.

John looked her in the eye, furiously calm he told her: “I’m teaching you a lesson about disobedience. A spanking seems just the thing to do so.”

Emily blushed. Her bottom was tingling; stinging where he had spanked her, her panties hadn’t been any protection. “You can’t do that.” She said, her voice unsure. “It’s sexual harassment.”

Her boss grinned. “Oh, and what do you call parading around half-naked? Distracting your co-workers? That’s more than harassment, that’s indecent exposure as well. So unless you want to find out exactly how much trouble you’re in, you turn back around and bend over your desk.”

Furiously Emily looked up at her boss. He couldn’t let him do this. It was ridiculous. But standing there defying him while she wasn’t even wearing trousers was ridiculous too. Worse, she felt that increase in her pulse again, that heavy breathing; her skin glowed where his open hand had smacked her bottom. It was the same feeling she’d had when she’d felt her colleagues watching her. It seemed impossible this would happen to her twice in a single day. Of course, a spanking wasn’t something she had never thought about, she wasn’t a complete virgin when it came to sexual fantasies. But actually experiencing all this in a single day felt like too much. Too much was happening at once. Not that she had a choice of course. John was staring down at her. “Well are you turning around or do I need to give you a helping hand?” Emily did turn, placing her elbows on the desk, raising her bottom high for her boss to spank.

The smacks on her bottom came hard and fast. No matter how aroused she felt, John wasn’t going to go light on her. Emily moaned and squealed, swinging her bottom to the side after the hardest hits or kicking up her legs. But despite her protests, she felt horny and excited, enjoying this as much as she’d discovered she enjoyed being watched. When John pulled down her panties, she did not protest, but proudly showed off her pussy as it was wet with excitement.

Her boss spanked her even harder then, her bottom felt on fire as he mercilessly turned it a bright red. When he stopped, she could barely stand, she was shaking on her legs.

Stand up straight, Emily.” Her boss told her. “We’re not done yet.”

Emily did an effort to push her bottom up. “I can’t Sir.” She pleaded. “It hurts so much.”

Her boss’ hand rested on her bottom, stroking her softly. Emma didn’t know whether her moans were from pleasure or embarrassment at the intimate touch. “Very well.” He said. “Turn around, get on the desk.”

Not knowing what else to do but obey, Emily turned around sat down on her desk. She squealed in surprise as she sat down on her sore bottom. John didn’t say anything as he took her panties, which were dangling around her knees. He pulled them off past her feet and then said. “On your back, legs up in the air.”

Relieved to take the weight off her bottom, Emily leaned back. John grabbed her legs and pushed them up, then lifted her slightly until her bottom rested on the edge of the desk. Completely exposed like this, Emily’s boss slid his finger across her pussy, down to her bottom – Emily moaned loudly – then grabbed her sore bottom. “Naughty girl.” He said. “I knew you liked the attention.” He smacked her bottom again, reigniting the sting that had started to fade. He started over again. One hand smacking her bottom while the other held her legs up in air, effectively pinning her down on the desk.

Emily moaned and begged, the pain growing rapidly as the spanking continued, past what she had imagined she could take. She begged him to stop, promised him things she would never have thought of. But John was relentless.

When he finally stopped, they were both breathless. Emily’s bottom was one mass of swollen stinging flesh, bright red and sensitive. She had closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath. Her pussy was throbbing, she expected to be touched again any moment, her boss’ exploring fingers, or even something more, something penetrating her deeply. She longed for it, surprised at her own horniness and dripping wet arousal. When she opened her eyes, John was standing a small distance from the desk. He was looking at her, but hadn’t touched her again. “You should put your panties back on.” He said. “I told Catherine to come back a bit later today, but she should be here any moment.”

Emily picked up her panties from the floor. Why did she feel so disappointed? Had she really wished that her boss had taken advantage of her even more after what he had just done? She didn’t feel anything for him, she knew. But yes, physically, sexually, she yearned for him now. She wished she were still up on her desk, experiencing his touch. Even if that meant more spanking.

When she pulled the panties back on, she winced audibly and John smiled at her. “At least I know that made an impression on you.” He said. “I’m sure you’ll think twice next time before disobeying me.”

Emily rubbed her bottom softly, but couldn’t get rid of the sting. “Yes, Sir.” She said.

And if you don’t.” Her boss continued. “I’ll just have to spank you again.”

It wasn’t a question really, but Emily answered anyway. “Yes, Sir.” She replied again. John smiled at her admission that she would submit to his discipline in the future. “And next time.” Emily added. “Maybe you could take advantage of my subordination in more ways then one.” She blushed at her own temerity.

Emily’s boss’ grin widened. But before he could offer that they still had some time to do so now, Catherine entered the office. In her hands she held Emily’s skinny jeans, her eyes however were fixed on Emily. She took in the scene: Emily standing near half naked in front of her boss. She then realised the position Emily had been in the entire day and blushed furiously. Thus reminded of it herself Emily couldn’t help but blush herself and she quickly accepted her jeans. The whole day suddenly seemed surrealistic, a dream, something that couldn’t have really happened. But when she pulled on the jeans, her sore bottom painfully reminded her that it had. The jeans, while dry, fit her snuggly; she had to pull them past her swollen bottom, whimpering softly as she did. The fabric pressed against her tightly, the sting no longer faded and Emily knew she’d feel it the whole way home until she could take them off again. That first short way by bike would be torture. Catherine was looking at her. Had she seen her struggling? Had she noticed how red her bottom was? Of course she had. So much for keeping that a secret, how long until today’s events would be the topic of gossip in the entire building? And why oh why, did that turn her on as well?

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