Chores and a spanking

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We were digging deeper into Emma’s past and last time I told you about the first time she had offered a sexual act as a trade for something else. I had planned then to go even further back to her first sexual experience.
I have since then changed my mind however and decided to write about something else first. As you are getting to know the past, you will be wondering what happened to this girl, what kind of woman has Emma grown into. How these events in the past influenced Emma will be shown in this story. We’re jumping eight years forward from the last story, to a weekend in may 2015.

Emma now is an independent single woman. She still longs, craves for that submissiveness in her life, but she is not attached to a single man. Emma lives by herself in a small apartment, she has many friends and lovers. While her submissive behaviour in the bedroom is apparent to her lovers, few know how deep those feelings run, but there are some. Emma likes the word ‘lovers’, it’s better than ‘fuck-buddy’ or ‘friend with benefits’, though those last might be a better description since love takes no part in what she does. That doesn’t mean she’s never been in love, but those few friends, those that keep coming back for more, they are nothing more than friends.

Some days more than others Emma wishes for a firm hand in her life. She wishes for it sexually, imagining how hot and excited discipline and spankings make her. She wishes for it mentally, knowing that some times a firm hand is exactly what she needs.
That weekend was one of those days. Saturday was a day she had marked in her calendar to catch up on her chores. There were many of them: run laundry, clean her bedroom, do the dishes, vacuum the living room, scrub the floors, dust the cabinets, vacuum the couch, clean the windows, … It had been weeks since her last chores, her home wasn’t just a mess, it was dirty.
A whole day alone with her chores was no attractive prospect however and Emma imagined she could make it more interesting by making it sexy. She imagined doing her chores for a strict master, keeping an eye on her. She undressed, keeping on just a pair of black panties, the kind that only covers the top part of your hips and leaves your buttocks exposed. The internet would have to provide the master. With fetlife – a bdsm-focussed social networking site – open she started her chores. She left a small wooden hairbrush placed next to her laptop.
Each time she passed her laptop, she checked it for new messages. She made sure people knew what she was doing and she felt sexy and exposed doing her chores. The hairbrush served as an extra incentive, for every time she checked her messages instead of working she gave herself ten swats on her exposed buttocks.

Time passed slowly and the chores even more slowly. Her bottom turned red quickly, but Emma caught herself checking her computer more and more often. At this rate she would never finish all her chores. Her plan was not working and she needed something more, a better incentive to help her focussed on what was important. Emma closed her laptop and picked up her phone. It was time to call for the aid of a friend.
This friend, we’ll call him Alex, she’d met on a night out with friends. He was one of those “friends of a friend” that had somehow ended up in her bed. More importantly however, Alex had a dominant streak about him, he had spanked her before and would be a good option as a dom, if they had any other common interests. Emma didn’t want a just a dom, she wanted a partner and one date with Alex had taught her that they would never become more than just lovers.

When she explained to Alex her situation, he agreed to come over and help her. He did not say how he would help and Emma spent a long half an hour waiting, wondering if she would have to finish her chores with a bright red bottom, or whether he had anything else planned.
Alex did not spank her when he arrived. He took one of her chairs and placed it in the middle of the room. Sitting on it he could see every corner of the apartment. “I’ll keep an eye on you while you do your chores.” He told her. “That’s what you wanted, right?”
Emma realized his plan when he took her laptop with him. He would allow no more distractions while she did her chores, only his eyes on her. It would be very effective and infuriating.
“Oh and I have to leave at seven, so if you’re not done by six thirty I will have to put you across my knee, so you better get to it.”
Emma’s excitement surged, and she set to her chores, that threat was all she had been longing for. She didn’t want that spanking per se, but knowing it was a possibility made her wet already.
“And take off those panties, I’d like a full view of my hardworking girl, please.”

Taking off her panties had been powerful. She had been almost naked anyway, but removing that last layer, at his command, had put him firmly in control. She was constantly aware of his eyes on her. Emptying and filling the dishwasher was no longer boring as she knew he was looking every time she bent over. Dusting the cabinets was much more interesting as he looked while she tiptoed and stretched to reach every spot. She scrubbed the floor, purposefully forgetting the mop stick and going on her hands and knees. Vacuuming made her hot and sweaty, the water to wash the windows ran down her arms and over her chest. She was no longer doing a boring set of chores, she was putting on a show.

All Alex did was watch, but with his help Emma finished her chores well before six and easily avoided that spanking. Alex decided he had time for a reward instead.
When he asked her, Emma admitted part of her had looked forward to a spanking. It was hard to be a good sub and do as she was told, yet at the same time wishing she could be naughty just so she could get that spanking. Alex took her across his knee anyway, for a good girl spanking as a reward for finishing her chores so quickly. It was perfect, Emma got to be a good submissive girl and still got the spanking she wanted. Slowly Alex smacked her bottom and made it hot and red, his fingers exploring her soaking wet pussy as he did made it much more enjoyable than the spanking she would have gotten if she had not finished in time.
Wet and hot from her spanking Alex pulled her up, setting her straddling his lap. After undoing his jeans he slid into her easily. Sitting on his lap, completely naked while he was still fully dressed, on a chair in the middle of the room, felt like the perfect ending to her chores. This is where he had been sitting, watching and waiting for her. His lips and teeth played with her breasts as his hands squeezed her red bottom and guided both of them to an orgasm.

I hope you all liked this story and got a better idea what kind of girl Emma has become. Next time we’ll be going back to her past to see the things that made her who she is.

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