A trade

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You know now how Emma became interested in the art of seduction, in using her body to get what she wanted. If you don’t, go read my previous story. I call what she did seduction, but at the start there was not much to it. These things need practice, experience and self-confidence. Emma was not a virgin, she had lain with a man before, but this is not the same as offering sex, offering yourself, as a trade for something else.
This story takes place only two weeks after the previous one. Emma had learned from her stepfather that her body was a valuable asset when it came to getting what she wanted. With him it had only been about getting away with an expensive phone bill and all he had done was look at her. Now she wanted something more, not from her stepfather, she was not ready for that, but from someone more impressionable.

It was not really necessity that drove her to it. Help would be welcome, but if she wanted to, she could have done without. A school assignment was what Emma had planned to use as an excuse to delve deeper in this discovery of herself. She had three more days to finish this assignment. It would be a close cut to finish in time, unless she asked someone’s help. She had chosen a boy in her class, his name was Michael. Michael didn’t have a lot of friends, he was the quiet type. Most importantly, Michael always had his assignments done in time. Emma had picked him because she thought he would welcome the attention of anyone, especially a girl and he would not brag about it afterwards either.
Emma approached him during a break between classes. When she asked him if he could help her with her assignment, he looked surprised. She had rarely spoken to him, but he seemed happy for her request. Just like she had thought, he jumped at the opportunity to help her. When he asked her if they should arrange a time to meet and work on it together, Emma reacted hesitantly. “Couldn’t you just do it for me?” She asked. Michael reacted disappointed, his hope quickly dissipating, afraid she just wanted to take advantage of him. “I’ll make it worth your while.” Emma said. “I’ll pay you back.”
“How?” Michael asked.
Emma grinned, already feeling the coming success. She wasn’t very seductive she knew, too straightforward, but this was her first time. “Use your imagination.” She said. “I could do anything you like.” Michael blushed slightly but did not respond. “Are you a virgin?” Emma asked, blushing herself that she had to spell it out for him. “Have you ever had a blowjob?” She asked. Both times Michael shook his head, telling her he hadn’t. “Meet me after school if you want one.” Emma said. “I can give you my work on my assignment then. If you still want to help me with it.”

The end of the schoolday had approached quickly and Emma found herself waiting in the small alley behind the school. All the other students had already left and Michael hadn’t appeared. If he thought she was pulling a prank on him, he might not show up. Just as she was about to leave however, she saw him approaching from the other side. “I thought you wouldn’t come.” She said.
Michael looked very nervous. “I wanted to help, are you really going to…”
Emma managed a smile, it was easy to hide her own nervousness now that she could see how he was. “If you want me to.” She said. “No-one is here to see.”
He looked away from her, quickly scanning the street. “Here?” He asked.
Emma stepped closer to him, this wasn’t her first time pleasing a man, she had nothing to be worried about. She reached for the buttons of his pants, they were already stretched to bursting. “Where else?”
Michael didn’t object and thus she undid the buttons and zipper of his jeans. He wore plain navy blue boxers, thrust forward through the opening. She got on her knees before him, the sidewalk tiles were hard and her skirt was too short to protect her bare knees. Using both hands she pulled down his boxers and she could hear him gasp. His erect penis was fully swollen, inches from her face. He wasn’t big, but not too small either, he smelled clean. She felt excited herself, her panties would soon be wet through and through. She reached inside his boxers with her left hand and cupped his balls, knowing her previous lover had loved that. Michael groaned audibly. “Tell me when you’re going to cum.” She said, before taking him in her other hand and leaning closer. She stroked him softly with her hand, planting a few wet kisses along his shaft. When she took the tip between her lips he trembled softly. The noises he made, made her feel powerful. She looked up at him an traced the full length of his cock with her tongue, massaging the tip with her fingers. She opened her mouth to take him inside her and he suddenly moaned. “I’m going to…” He didn’t finish the words before Emma felt the hot sticky goo on her cheek, dripping from her chin. For a moment she felt upset, he was supposed to warn her so she could take it in her mouth and not make a mess. But at the same time she felt proud, proud that she had been able to make him cum so fast.
“I’m sorry.” Michael said. “I couldn’t stop it.”
Emma smiled up at him, still sticky with his mess. “It’s ok.” She said. “It was your first time. You’ll do better next time.” She fished a handkerchief from her purse.
Michael quickly covered himself as she got up. “Next time?” He asked.
“Of course. Unless… You don’t want to help me with more of my schoolwork?”
For the first time Michael seemed calm. “Of course, I’d love to help you. Do you have your work? I’ll finish it for you right away.” He had a sense of purpose and Emma knew her work would be done perfectly.

Later that night Emma lay on her bed. She’d had a relaxing evening of watching tv. Thanks to Michael she had no work to do for just a small price. She imagined she could still taste him in her mouth, though she had dinner since. After switching off the light and retiring to bed, the scene kept replaying in her head. Her hands slipped beneath the blankets, inside her panties and she found her pussy wet and waiting.
Playing with herself, slowly she formed her own version of what had happened earlier that day. In her head Michael was not a nervous guy, unsure of what was going to happen. He was confident, in her version he was in charge. He told her what he wanted from her, told her he expected a reward for his work. When she knelt in front of him, his hand grabbed her hair. He pulled it so it just hurt a little, holding her in place so she could not go anywhere. His cock filled her mouth completely and he made her work hard for his cum. When she finally received it, he told her to swallow it and then thank him, not just for doing her work, but for letting her suck his cock.
She came trembling, her thighs sticky against the wet mattrass. When she dozed of to sleep she wondered, maybe next time she should pick someone more confident then Michael. Someone like the man in her fantasies.

I hope you liked this story as we dig deeper in Emma’s past together. Don’t forget to comment or message me with your questions. Next time we’re going further back, to Emma’s first sexual experiences.

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