First seduction

Good morning everyone

A week ago I told you about Emma’s first spanking. You got to know Emma as a sexually confident person. She knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to reach for it. Emma knew she was attractive, knew she could use her body to seduce any man. Like any girl she knew how to get a boys attention, she knew she would get their help quicker just for the way she looked.
But today I will tell you how she learned she could get a lot more and all she had to do was offer a little more herself. This story takes place almost half a year before the previous one.

Emma knew the boys would help her for a smile. She knew the stranger on the street would be helpful because of her short skirt. She knew her teacher would be more lenient when she pouted and played innocent. But today she learned she could get more than friendliness. She learned this by seducing someone you were not supposed to seduce. This person was not supposed to be able to be seduced by her. It was her stepfather. Emma’s father had left her when she was still very young, her stepfather had replaced him quickly and been as a father to her.

This story takes place on an ordinay schoolday, Emma’s mother was out for her dancing lessons and her father was doing grocery shopping while she did her homework. Like every evening she had showered after her work was done. The rest of the evening would consist of watching tv in her pj’s. The evening would’ve turned out very different if she hadn’t left the bathroom then, covered by nothing more than her towel. Her father was waiting for her, just returned from the store and holding a piece of paper he must’ve gotten from the mailbox. She recognized the company logo in the corner, it was the monthly bill of her mobile phone. Emma flinched, just last month her father had scolded her till her ears hurt and taken away her phone for a whole week when that bill had come.
This time however he said not a word. He looked more surprised than she, staring down at her. Emma remembered the towel she had chosen, all the large ones were in the laundry and this smaller one barely covered her from her breasts to halfway down her hips. She blushed and whispered quickly: “I was just going to get dressed.”
Before her father could reply she ran up the stairs to her bedroom. She looked back once and saw him staring after her, the towel wouldn’t cover her bottom completely while ascending the stairs. But he wouldn’t look at her like that, not her father … Her stepfather.

Once in her room, Emma was afraid to go back down. Her father would be ready for his tirade. She didn’t want to hear how much money she had wasted again. With her luck he would then rage about the laundry as well, not only did she not have a decent towel, she didn’t find any of her pj’s either.
When she caught a glimpse of herself in her bedroom mirror she wondered if one problem couldn’t be a solution to the other. She wore a white t-shirt, just long enough to cover her light pink panties. Her legs were still bare and her hair was still wet, the t-shirt had already soaked up some water and she was not wearing a bra. If her father saw her like this, he might react just like before and she might escape that scolding. Emma blushed slightly as she thought of her plan, but couldn’t think of any better solution.

Her stepfather was waiting for her in the couch when she returned downstairs, the bill waited on the table. But again he did not say anything as she approached, though his eyes stuck to her as she reached the couch. She sat down right next to him, her hip pressing against his. “Hi daddy.” She said.
He looked up at her slowly, he had not been looking at her eyes. “Hello darling.” He responded.
There was a bit of a silence and Emma swallowed. “I’m sorry about the phone bill, daddy.” She said, giving him her best pout.
Her father laid his hand on her knee, his fingers were warm. “It’s ok. I’ve been thinking we might have to change your payment plan to something better suited to your needs.”
Emma smiled broadly. Not a scolding but a reward, was that the result of how she had dressed? “Thank you, daddy!” She said, hugging him fiercely. “Can we watch some tv now?”
“Sure, what do you want to watch?” He asked as he reached for the remote.
“You chose.” Emma replied. Her stepfather’s hand had slid up from her knee, resting on her thigh. She blushed as she noticed her own panties, she hadn’t thought that the t-shirt would be too short to sit down in the couch. His warm fingers were very close to them. She had not anticipated her plan would work this well, but she had imagined even less that she would be so excited from its succesfull execution or her fathers hand so intimately placed…

Nothing else happened that evening. Emma dozed off while watching tv, resting her head on her father’s shoulder. He had to carry her to bed later and all she remembered were his warm arms around her. But wat she did remember, was that her stepfather was just a man like any other. If she could do this to him, she could get what she wanted from anyone. Or so she thought.

I hope you enjoyed this second installment. It’s maybe not as erotic as the previous one, but I feel a lot more personal.

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2 responses to “First seduction

  • Mr J

    Well written indeed Emma. I felt it was intensely erotic and you portrayed that latent eroticism very well. To be erotic a piece of writing doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘all action’ – and I can see that you understand that very well. Thank you. 🙂

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