Sophie’s student job

Hello everyone, my name’s Perrin and I’m the lucky guy that gets to share this blog with two lovely girls.

Emma has already shared some of my stories in the past, but from now on I’ll be posting them myself. I don’t have a backstory or picture as interesting as “kinky-emma”. Instead I will make a good start with a sexy new story for you to enjoy.

I hope you will all enjoy Sophie’s student job.

Sophie’s student job as a sales clerk had its ups and downs, but every day was interesting. She worked at a sex shop after all. They sold dozens of different toys, gadgets and outfits, but Sophie’s favourite area was the basement floor where they sold BDSM-wares. They had collars, restraints, rope, paddles, whips, canes, gags, blindfolds… Everything a kinky girl like Sophie could want.
She often spent time down there and when a customer entered she kept a close eye on what interested them most. She was most entertained by young couples and always tried imagining the girl being spanked by whatever implement they were looking at.

In her second week a young couple was looking at the canes and Sophie sat in her chair blatantly staring at them. They both seemed very caught up in their would-be purchase as they felt the thickness and length of the implements. Holding one of the canes the young man looked at her suddenly with a questioning look. Unsure what he wanted, Sophie lifted her shoulders and said, “go ahead”.
“Turn around.” The young man said. The girl turned so she faced Sophie and the man swatted her bottom with the cane. Sophie felt her nipples grow erect immediately and kept her eyes focussed on the two of them. “How does that feel?” The man asked.
“ I don’t know.” His girl answered.
“Lift your skirt.” He commanded and the girl quickly obeyed. Sophie could not see the girl’s bottom as she was swatted with the cane, but knew from her facial expression that the man was not holding back. They did not talk again, but the man picked up several of the canes and gave her a single swat with each. Sophie couldn’t keep her eyes off the girl. She saw her lips part in a small ‘oh’ when the cane hit her bottom, and her biting her lips as the man looked for another one to try. She wished she could see her bum, which must have had at least a dozen red stripes by the time she lowered her skirt and they decided on which cane they wanted to buy.
Sophie followed the couple upstairs where they paid for their purchase at the register, which was manned by her boss. After they left she told him what had happened. He grinned at her and told her that must’ve been quite a show, he was sad he’d missed it.

The following day when Sophie returned to the store, two men were setting up something in the basement. “I moved one of the fitting room downstairs.” Her boss explained. “I got the idea after what you told me yesterday. I’m sure more couples would love to test the product before buying it.”

Her boss turned out to be right, as the following week the private booth got many visiting customers. When a couple used it to test out an implement Sophie would sit right outside and listen. She would hear the smacks, the muffled moans even a squeal now and then. She quickly discovered the wall panelling on one side was not fitted perfectly and when sitting close to the wall she could look inside for an almost complete view. She started spying on all the customers that used the booth for testing their products.
When a young couple took one of the wooden paddles into the booth, Sophie immediately took her seat to look in on them. The girl was taken over the knee with her bottom facing her. The guy lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties, leaving her bottom completely bare. Sophie noticed how excited the girl was to be spanked in the semi-public setting of the store by how wet her pussy was. Growing wet herself and with her nipples erect she watched as the guy warmed her up with his hand. Sophie loved the occasions where the couple took their time for a real spanking and not just a few swats. Unable to control herself and sure that she had plenty of time, Sophie reached up her skirt and touched herself.
The couple inside the booth switched to the paddle and Sophie watched the girl’s bottom turn red as she got spanked. Her own panties were down around her knees as she rubbed herself. She was about to cum when she was interrupted by the sound of someone coming down the stairs. “What are you doing?” Was her boss’ surprised reaction to seeing her sitting with her hand between her legs and her panties around her knees.
The couple inside the booth stopped spanking and Sophie peeked a quick look. They stared nervously at the booth’s door, but they did not see her peeking. Her boss did however. “Upstairs!” He said.
Sophie quickly pulled her panties back up and ran up the stairs before her boss. She heard the paddle smacks continue as the couple heard them leave.

“How long have you been spying on the customers?” Her boss asked; he seemed very upset.
Sophie blushed and did not know what to answer.
“I can’t have that happening in my store Sophie. You’re fired. You can finish your work today, but you don’t have to come back tomorrow.”
Sophie’s jaw slacked. She couldn’t believe she was fired. She wanted to argue, wanted to beg him to let her stay. This had been her favourite job ever. But before she could say anything, the couple she had been spying on came up the stairs to buy the paddle they had been testing so successfully.
Sophie worked the rest of the day without talking to her boss. She decided to show him she did her job well and give him time to cool down before asking him for her job back. When the last customer left and her boss turned over the closed sign, she approached him. “I’m guessing you’re going to beg me to let you keep your job?” Her boss asked as he saw her puppy-dog eyes staring up at him.
Sophie blushed. “Yes sir. I’m really sorry. Please, it’ll never happen again.”
Her boss sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “I shouldn’t do this.” He mumbled.
“Sorry?” Sophie asked for she had not understood.
“I guess it’s a bit my fault as well.” Her boss said. “Letting an impressionable young girl work in a store like this and exposing you to such activities.”
Sophie blushed. She didn’t consider herself impressionable and she had enough experience in some things herself.
“One of the most important things in BDSM Sophie is respect. You showed a total lack of respect to our customers by spying on them. You will have to learn respect before you can work in a store like this.” Her boss continued. “Do you understand?”
“Yes, sir.” Sophie nodded.
Her boss almost smiled at her reply. “If you still want to work here, go down to the basement and get me one of those paddles like that couple you were spying on bought. I will give you your first lesson in respect myself. If you don’t want to, you can leave right now.”

Sophie blushed deeply as she descended the stairs. The choice between losing her job or a spanking had been a quick one. Being spanked had been one of her greatest fantasies after all. She was embarrassed of course that her boss would spank her and not a boyfriend or husband like she had always imagined. She found one of the heavy wooden paddles and returned upstairs to where he was waiting for her.
He instructed her to remove her panties and bent over the register desk. Sophie obliged and bent over with only her skirt covering her bare bottom. Butterflies filled her stomach and her head was stuffed with clouds. She almost felt nauseous and unable to think with excitement, fear and anticipation. Her boss stood behind her and raised her dress to bare her bottom. She was already wet from excitement and she was sure he noticed. He didn’t say a word; she had already received her scolding. Instead he slapped her bottom with his open hand. Sophie moaned as he slapped her again and again, building the sting in her bottom. His full-arm swings sent her toppling over the desk, her full weight against the rough wood. Her bottom felt sore but her boss did not relent, smacking her bottom until she moaned and squealed.
Then he took the paddle she had brought him and rested the flat wooden surface against her hot bottom. The paddle landed with a loud crack as he swung it and smacked her bottom. Sophie howled, but yet another swing was already underway. Sophie kicked and squealed as her boss paddled her bottom, the pain worse than she had imagined. With tears on her cheeks she begged him to stop, promising she would learn respect, that she’d be a perfect employee.
When he finally stopped her bottom was bright red and sore. Sophie rubbed it vigorously before she pulled her panties back on. It was hard to look her boss in the eye.
“I see you’ve learned your first lesson.” He said. “You can come back tomorrow. But I’m keeping a close eye on you from now on.”
Sophie nodded. “Thank you sir.” She said. The pain was already levelling off as she left and she longed for the privacy of her home where she could continue what she had started when spying on that couple.

The next day Sophie arrived early at work and her boss was already there. He greeted her at the door and let her in. “I want you to take off your panties and raise your skirt, Sophie.” He said.
Sophie blushed. “Why?” She asked. He had already punished her for spying; did he want to spank her again? She could still feel a bit of bruising and she wouldn’t sit down all day if he turned her bottom red again.
“Until you’ve proven to me that you learned the right amount of respect, I’m taking precautions so that what happened yesterday doesn’t happen again.” Her boss explained.
Sophie pulled down her panties before raising her skirt. He had not told her to bend over yet, so she blushed as she offered him a frontal view of her shaved sex. Instead of spanking her again, her boss took an item from the store and showed it to her. It was one of the full metal chastity belts. Sophie blushed deeply as he told her to stand with her legs spread so he could secure it on her. The metal felt cold against her sex. The belt fit tightly and was locked with a key her boss put in his pocket. It felt heavy underneath her skirt and she was sure she’d be aware of it the whole day.
“You’ll wear that while working here, until I’m sure I can trust you again. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir.” Sophie replied with a blush. She could still feel where his hands had been to secure the belt. But she would not be able to do anything about the excitement she felt while she wore it.
Her boss set her of to work with a swat on her bum.

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Writing a story about a naughty girl is almost as good as having her bare red bum across your knee. View all posts by K.C. Perrin

6 responses to “Sophie’s student job

  • Mr J

    Thanks KC – very good story.

    I have to disagree that writing a story is ‘almost as good’ as having a spanked girl’s red bum across your knee. I think it falls well short. But writing or reading a story is always great if you have a really active imagination – and luckily, I do. 🙂

  • KC Perrin

    Ah, but you have to look at the bigger picture. After you finish your story, the naughty females that read it will be lining up to go over your knee… Or maybe that’s just my really active imagination again.

  • Lee

    Just wondering if you could do a spread or intersperse girls with tan lines on their bottoms. I’ve read this fetish is rare, hence so few girls with pale buns. Butt! I Enjoy them…

  • KC Perrin

    I do love the occasional tan-lined bottom, it makes the picture feel more real sometimes. I’ll see if I can find some pictures like that to share with my next stories 🙂

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