The HWL facility

Hey everyone

To celebrate my return to the blog I already came up with a new story.
I have been wanting to write this one for a long time, but always felt deterred because it was too long and complicated.

The main character in this story will be enrolled for training at a facility that will set the stage for many interesting stories. The background for the story: who is the girl, what does the facility do, … was very elaborate so I decided to split the story in several installments.

Before we get into any action, in this first installment, our main character (and through her us) gets to know the facility and what it does.

I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment with your reaction to the story.

The waiting room was empty except for the girl in one of the red cushioned chairs. In front of her on the low table was the institutions welcoming package: a collection of papers explaining exactly what they did.
Emma bent over deeply to read what they said, if anyone had been with her they would’ve had an interesting view of her deep cleavage. She had heard many good things about this institution, it had very unorthodox methods but they worked. All the reviews spoke of positive results. The HWL institution stood for Health & Weight Loss. Emma herself had a very healthy figure, she did not need to lose any weight, but she lived a very unhealthy life. She wished to turn this around before it was too late. The first chapter explained how the institution was divided in three faculties and how the process of subscribing went:

“We divide our patients in three groups: Group A are those with a healthy body figure with whom the focus will be on a healthier lifestyle. Group B are those that could lose a few pounds but are not overweight, they will be learnt a healthier lifestyle with a healthy diet. Group C are those who are overweight with whom the focus will be on their diet first before we focus their lifestyle.
To determine which group you belong to, you will be subjected to a physical examination before your entry. At the same time we will examine you for other health factors.”

Emma smiled slightly. She would not need a physical examination to know she belonged in group A, but they would probably insist on it anyway to have a full medical background.

“When you have enrolled in our course you will stay in our facilities for one week. This is your testing week and during this time you are allowed to leave if and when you please. The first few days are very hard for many girls and we encourage you to stay the entire week before you make up your mind. To ensure this there will be no refunds for those that leave early.
After your first week you can enrol for a full program of 1, 3 or 6 months. You can not back out of a full program early.”

That seemed pretty fair to Emma, a week should be plenty of time to decide whether the program would work for her or not. She did wonder however what would be so hard that she might want to leave early. She continued reading about the three stages of training the facility offered.

“Our training comes in three stages. You start at stage one and technically you can finish your training without reaching the higher stages. You will be given a trainer who keeps track of your progress and who decides when and if you should go up to the next stage.
The first stage is called “the self discipline stage”. During this stage you will be relying on yourself to improve your lifestyle along with the encouragement our facilities offer. During this stage you will not be subject to any discipline unless you break one of our basic rules.
The second stage is called “the monitoring stage”. During this stage you will be monitored closely by your trainer. He will give you assignments and additional rules. Failing these assignments or breaking these rules will result in discipline from your trainer.
The third stage is called “the fixed discipline” stage. During this stage you will have a fixed discipline schedule alongside a training like in stage two but more strict.
Most girls reach their full potential during stage two, just a few actually reach stage three.”

Emma contemplated the explanation for a while. The methods seemed pretty fair, though she was not sure what to expect about this discipline matter. She had known discipline would be involved when she looked up this company, but she had not expected them to be so focussed on it. She read on to see what more she could learn about it.

“Our training method is based on three grounds: Discipline, reward and mental state. The biggest problem for most of our patients is the discipline, which is why we have this rather complicated method in place. Rewards are more straight-forward. They can be earned at any time and are at the discretion of your trainer.
The third ground is your mental state, this means that we aim to inflict an emotional response to your behaviour. This is usually in the form of embarrassment to dis-encourage bad behaviour. You will see how this works when you read about our three basic principles.”

The concept seemed rather simple to Emma. Good work was rewarded, failure was met with discipline, and your stay could be quite embarrassing if you did not constantly do your best to improve. She eagerly read the next part about their principles.

“You will be trained in three major principles of health during your stay at our facility. These are: sleep, physical activity and diet. There are several ways our facility helps and encourages you to grow in these areas.
We encourage a healthy sleep schedule by giving every patient a private room. Your sleep will be monitored by a machine that registers noise, it is accurate enough to even register your heartbeat. With this information we can discover your sleeping patterns. When the machine learns you’re awake it will also record your activities visually.
Patients at stage two and three have a specific bedtime and the monitoring device doubles as a way for your trainer to check up on you.. At stage one you can chose the time you retire yourself but the device will automatically activate anyway after 11 pm. Your trainer will use this information to determine whether you’re sleeping enough by yourself or you need to be raised to stage two.”

Emma read the chapter twice over. Every girl had their own room, but basically no privacy due to the monitoring device. She was starting to understand how this institution worked and how hard it could become.

“We encourage healthy physical activity by offering a wide array of sports and games. Any patient is allowed to participate in the sports and games she wants. At stage two and three you will also be assigned to some activities, at which point they become mandatory.
We want you not only to improve yourself at our facility, but also to feel good about yourself and about your body. That is why most of these activities are held in a minimum stage of dress. The means that you will only receive sports-clothes that are absolutely necessary for the activity. Swimming activities to give an example, are always held completely naked.”

Emma blushed. She had always been shy about showing of her body. Of course the other patients would be undressed as well so that would make things easier. Except for the trainers of course who were probably not subject to the same rules. She wondered whether she had read anywhere whether there were only female staff or whether there would be men too. She realized she hadn’t.

“We encourage a healthy diet by offering healthy foods. Even for those in group A the healthy diet is the hardest and at the same time most important part of their stay at our facility. It is the hardest principle for them to succeed on and is therefore the one we encourage in the most drastic way. Every patient gets her own diet recommendation based on her physical examination. At stage two and three these recommendations become rules.
To encourage a healthy diet we not only monitor what you actually eat and drink, we also monitor bathroom usage. Every patient in our facility has a badge that gives her access to our bathrooms. This badge allows you up to three visits a day, typically one for the morning, one before going to bed and once during the day. Your trainer will provide you with diapers should those three visits not be enough. Wearing these is mandatory at all times during stage two and three. At stage one you can chose not to use them, but any accidents when not wearing them is considered a major breach of the rules.
Your trainer will monitor your usage by only providing one of these at a time. At stage two and three the patient is not allowed to take them on or off themselves.”

Emma’s face grew even redder as she reread this a few times. Bathroom use was controlled? And she had to wear diapers? Emma loved sugary drinks, she knew she drank way too many of them and it would be one of the things she had to work on. She feared she would certainly need to not only wear these but probably use them as well. Luckily at stage one you got to deal with it by yourself. She couldn’t imagine having to let your trainer do that. That seemed cruelly embarrassing. She then realized that was exactly the point of course. They had mentioned before to use embarrassment as a turn off for bad behaviour.

“These are the basics of what you can expect at our facility. Any more questions and details can be requested during your interview. When you have read the list of rules at the bottom of this document, ring the bell at the desk and some one will come for you. Please be aware that your participation here is completely voluntary up to the point that you enrol in our courses.”

“List of our basic rules:

  • All patients are expected obedience and respect to our trainers. Any issues with a trainer must be alerted to our counsellor for the patient’s protection.

  • All patients are expected respect towards each other. Bullying or teasing is strictly forbidden.

  • Everything in our facility is free to use and there is plenty for everyone. It is not allowed to hoard food or items in your bedrooms.

  • All patients are expected to respect facility property and not damage it in its use.

  • All patients are expected to show sportsmanlike behaviour during games and activities.

  • All patients will willingly submit to scheduled physical examinations during their stay at our facility.

  • All patients can be subject to discipline by a trainer for inappropriate or bad behaviour. Patients at stage two and three are also subject to discipline by their personal trainer concerning their program. Discipline consists mainly of humiliation and corporal punishment. These include scolding, corner time, writing assignments, chore assignments, spankings, paddlings and whippings.”

Emma placed the pages in front of her. Three pages of text and they wait for the last three words to tell her the discipline can include spanking and worse? She can’t believe anyone actually agreed to such a training. Of course those were only deterrents for the bad girls. She herself had come here on her own accord and wished to improve. She wouldn’t need any discipline if she just stayed as focussed as she was now. Besides, she had a test week first, she would surely not get in any trouble her first week, so perhaps she could give it a chance.
She got up and placed to papers on the desk and rang the bell. She could at least do the interview before deciding what to do.

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