Spanked in public

Hey everyone

Just a week ago I had a very interesting new experience that inspired me for another post in my blog.
I got my first really public spanking. It wasn’t one of those by the roadside or in a forest spankings that has the danger of being caught, no this was in the local park, with plenty of people withing ears and eyes reach.
So I wanted to share other (un)lucky girls like me receiving their public spankings.

As if being spanked where everyone could see wasn’t enough, those bikini bottoms will not cover the redness either, reminding everyone constantly of what a naughty girl she is.


This store has it’s own way to deal with shoplifters and it happens where everyonecan see, a good warning for other naughty thieves.


Two friends naughty together get spanked together. Bare red bottoms at the beach.


The sign reads “cassiere punie’ or “punished cashier”. How emarassing to have your bare red bottom on display of all the customers.


If you can’t accept your loss, don’t make it worse by throwing a tantrum or your red bottom will be a lesson for everyone else who wants to play.


About emma

I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

11 responses to “Spanked in public

  • Rudi

    … especially the girl in the changing room. So many possibilities…

  • Aron

    Nice post Emma, glad you’re back.

  • Mr J

    Some good pictures here Emma. Thank you.

    Actually I think the man spanking the naughty girls on the beach should have the smaller girl nearer to him …. the way it is he’s not going to be able to reach over to spank her bottom properly!

    And you didn’t tell us why you got your own embarrassing public spanking in the park. Perhaps it was ‘just because’ or had you been naughty?

    • Alan

      and how exposed were you? was it on the bare? did it last a long time?

      Nice to see another post again also. I’d like to see more 🙂

      • emma

        Hey Mr J and Allan

        It was just because a bit of bratty behaviour. I was quite exposed too, bottom bared with my panties all the way down

  • sixofthebest

    If one has to spank a naughty woman in public, than such corporal punishment must take place. A police station, or a judge’s court are excellent places to use when such events take place. Yes, their dress or skirt should be upturned, their panties, knickers, or bloomers taken down, and a good caning or birching given on their bare bottoms should be forth coming from the police or judge.

  • Flora Bertelli

    I got spanked bare over my Daddy’s lap with his hand, a belt and a paddle. Quite often someone was present to witness my punishment. I was frequently disobedient and knew my Daddy would spank me. I wasn’t crazy about others witnessing my punishment but I did always learn my lesson. I would often be given corner time and had to stand bare from the waist down sometimes for half an hour exposing my bare red hiney to the room. There were also times Daddy would take my rectal temperature before he sent me to the corner. That was always embarrassing, having someone witness the thermometer sticking out of my red hot hiney. 😱

  • mason

    I got spanked for losing a ping pong match. It was my sister, and I lost horribly. For every point she got I got 10 swats. I couldn’t sit at dinner!

  • mason

    I went to a restaurant once, and accidentally forgot my wallet. I tried dine and dashing, but the waitress caught me. She took me in the back room and put me over her knee and spanked me, bare bottom. She then gave me 50 swats with a paddle, and put me in the corner for the rest of the day. She put a sign on my back saying, “Dine and dashers beware”. I got to leave after they closed up, and after I got another 100 paddle swats.

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