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Most of my stories deal with unique situations. They have long backstories that make what happens next extra interesting. Not this time, I imagined a scene that could come right out of my own life. I very rarely concentrate in the man’s perspective in my stories, so here I focussed on just that. I hope you like it.

Perrin’s eyes slid up and down his wife’s body. Hot water streamed down his back as he squirted the shower-gel on the sponge. All the while she waited patiently, her back turned to him, water glistening on her soft skin. He leaned forward as he pressed the sponge between her shoulder blades, pressing her against the wall. She gave a satisfying squeak as her breasts pressed against the cold bathroom tiles, they were a sharp contrast to the steaming hot shower.
Roughly he scrubbed her back while his free hand grabbed her bottom. The soapy water spilling down her back made it slippery in his grip. Perrin’s breathing increased in the small enclosed place. Unable to resist her so close and exciting he reached around, pulling his wife against his chest. His erection fit perfectly between her cheeks, slipping into place on the soapy surface.
“Let’s make sure you’re clean all over.” He whispered in her ear. He had just enjoyed the view of his wife washing her breasts, casting him seducing looks. But she did not protest as he washed her again.

When the air was full of water and breathing became too hard Perrin finally let go. “Join me in the bedroom when you’re done.” He said as he stepped past the shower curtain. He knew his wife needed a little time alone to finish washing up.
Quickly he dried off and made his way to the bedroom. He didn’t bother to get dressed and instead sat down on the edge of the bed. His wife arrived moments later.
That short moment of respite had been enough to gather his wits about him. His hunger no longer ruled his actions. He wanted to play now and his wife recognized his body language, the look on his face. She stood in the door opening, awaiting his instructions.
Perrin took a pillow from the bed and dropped it at his feet. His wife knew what it meant and approached him. She dropped to her knees in front of her husband. Perrin stroked her hair, it was still wet. “Good girl.” He said and gathered the hair in his hands. He held it firmly at the back of her head, but did not push or pull. He merely held it out of the way as she willingly bends over and took his erection between her lips.
Leaning back slightly Perrin enjoyed the touch of her wife’s lips and tongue, her soft hands on his balls. He could just let her finish this, he thought. It would be so easy to do nothing and enjoy what she was doing for her. But he wanted more today, he wanted to tease her, make it hard for her, spank her. This was too easy.

Still holding her hair he roughly pulled her back. She looked up at him in surprise. Her opened lips spoke of disappointment that he made her stop. “Stand up.” Perrin commanded.
She wasn’t usually so silent during their plays. Perrin thought it a good sign that she didn’t feel the need to respond as she stood up. It meant he was doing a good job controlling the scene. “I want you to touch yourself.” He said.
His wife smiled a cheeky smile. “Where?” She asked.
Perrin held back a laugh. So much for her keeping silent, he thought. But he managed to ignore the challenge in her eyes. “One hand here.” He said as he reached between her legs. Her pussy felt hot and wet between his fingers. “And one hand here.” He stood up and stroked one of her breasts. “I will watch.”
His wife didn’t blush; instead she placed her hands where her husband had indicated. “Can I cum?” She asked as her fingers started to work on herself.
Perrin took a deep breath, drinking in the view of his wife, gloriously naked and playing with herself, just for him. “If you can without falling over, yes.”
With that permission his wife’s fingers increased in speed and she grabbed her breasts tightly as she stood shaking on her feet. He would of course stop her before she got close to an orgasm.

When he could no longer just sit by and watch Perrin stood up. His wife had been swaying on her legs and he used that as an excuse to wrap his arms around her. With a firm hand he pulled her arms from between them. “Let’s get in a more comfortable position.” He said and slowly turned her around.
He let go of her and dropped back on the bed, his wife’s cute bare bottom in front of him. Now with his own hand he reached between her legs, searching for her opening. “Sit on my lap.” He ordered when he found it, guiding his erection inside her as she lowered herself. He grunted softly as he felt his wife clench around him as her weight settled on his lap.
Slowly she started rocking back and forth. Perrin wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her breasts. “Hold still.” He whispered, his lips inches from her ear. “I want you to keep playing with yourself, but you have to hold still.” He squeezed her breasts as she pushed down on him and moaned softly. “You need to practice your self-control. If you make me cum before yourself, I will put you across my knee and spank you.”
“That’s not fair.” His wife moaned.
Perrin grinned, pushing her wet hair to the side. He could feel every little move she made. “I’m the one that decides what’s fair and what’s not.” He started softly massaging her breasts. “The longer you wait, the harder it will become to succeed.” He bit her ear, his excitement heightened by the power he held over her. When his wife reached down between her legs, he could feel the small rocking motions she made, unable to keep herself still. “Careful.” He whispered.

Perrin’s wife did better than he expected at first, but slowly the swaying of her hips increased. The closer she brought herself to orgasm, the harder she was riding him. Perrin felt she had been warned enough and pushed back against the constant motion, pushing himself inside her. He played with her breasts and breathed heavily at her ear. Either his wife had given up all hope of succeeding or thought this worth the punishment she might receive. With a grunt and shuddering Perrin came. His wife’s moaning and gasping for air told him how close she was herself.
As soon as he was recovered he grabbed her hands. “Stop.” He said.
“No!” She didn’t listen, close to satisfaction as she was.
Perrin grabbed her wrists with both hands and pulled them aside. “You naughty girl.” He said. “I warned you. You need to learn some control.” With a jerk he pulled her off his lap and she dropped on the bed next to him.
“No this is not fair.” She protested even as her husband grabbed her by the hips and pulled him back onto his lap, face down this time, her bottom up in the air ready for a good spanking.
Perrin landed a few quick swats across his wife’s bottom. Moaning she pushed it up in the air, begging for more. For a moment Perrin wondered if she had ignored his instructions on purpose, longing for the spanking. It wouldn’t be the first time. Her bottom turned pink quickly as the next smacks came more slowly, but harder and well aimed to cover her whole shapely bum. He didn’t stop until her moans turned to squeals and her bottom wriggled back and forth to avoid his hand. He rubbed her bottom softly, enjoying deeply how he could take her from moaning to squealing, then back to begging for more and begging to stop. He felt in control completely and the next swats on his wife’s bottom came hard and quick, turning the soft skin red and setting her feet kicking the mattress beside him. “Will you try harder next time?” He asked her, rubbing her bottom again.
“Yes sir.” She replied.
Perrin smiled; she was always so willing to please. “Good, then I think we’re done here. It’s about time to get dressed.”
“No! Not yet.” His wife said, pushing up her bottom, begging for more attention.
Perrin squeezed the raised cheeks. Oh how he enjoyed teasing her. “Why not?” He asked.
“I think I need a little more spanking., sir” His wife replied. “Just to be sure.”
Perrin grinned. It wasn’t a spanking she wanted, he knew. She wanted that orgasm he had denied her before and hoped that spanking would turn into more playing. He also knew that he shouldn’t let her try and manipulate him such. The wooden hairbrush was within arms reach on the nightstand and would teach her it was a bad idea to ask for one thing when she wanted something different.

The hairbrush landed with a loud smack across his wife’s bottom and Perrin breathed deeply as his wife groaned. Her bottom was bright red now and each smack he landed with the brush made her either squeal or wriggle her bottom back and forth. “Is this getting us anywhere?” He asked.
His wife relaxed at the pause between smacks. “Yes sir.” She replied.
“So you think you’ve learned your lesson now?” He squeezed her soft red bottom and she arched her back, begging for him to touch her, give her what it was she really wanted. “Or was there anything else you wanted?”
“Yes sir.” She replied in a small voice.
Perrin smiled at his wife’s shyness. All these things she could do without a blush, but not ask her husband this one thing. “I gave you the opportunity before.” He said. “But you squandered it then. Now you missed your chance, I’m not going to let you play with yourself anymore.”
She sighed and squirmed under his touch. “Would you do it for me, sir?” She asked, immediately finding the loophole he had offered.
“I could.” Perrin smiled, of course he would, but not for free of course, his wife’s moaning and squealing across his lap had re-enflamed his own hunger. “But there will be a price.” His hand slid from her cheeks to her thighs, his fingers finding her wetness before she could object to what that price might be. Her response to his offer was cut off by her own moaning as his fingers quickly found her pleasure spot.
From squealing back to moaning and begging for more, Perrin mused as his wife lay shivering across his knee, controlled by just a single finger in the right spot. It did not take long before her body convulsed uncontrollably and she finally got that orgasm he had denied her for so long.

When he let her up she kissed him deeply. “Thank you sir.” She mumbled against his lips. Perrin smiled. “You’re welcome young lady.” He kissed her again. “But we’re not done yet. Naughty girls have to pay a price for their satisfaction. They must show how grateful they really are, show they can be a good girl too.”
Perrin reached for the pillow that had slid away during the play, placing it back at his feet. “Let’s return to where all this started.” He said.
His wife smiled and knelt in front of him. “I am very grateful, sir.” She said.
Perrin grabbed her hair and pulled it out of the way, holding it tightly at the nape of her neck. “Hands behind your back.” He said. “I want just your mouth now.”
His wife obeyed and took his erection between her lips. Perrin pulled her hairs slightly, keeping her firmly in place. There was no need to play soft with a naughty girl…

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