At the swimming pool – part 3

Hey everyone

I’ve already finished a third part to this story. They’re all very short pieces, making it easy to write a few quick stories in a row.

Like I said last time. From here on the story is pure fiction and no longer based on my friend’s memories. (not saying anything about her fantasies of course)

Steffie was mortified when she saw the picture that was taken of her. Her dad grabbed her by the arm and she realised he was going to spank her again. “No daddy wait!” She cried. But he didn’t pull her towards the bed to put her across his knee as she’d thought.
Instead he took her to the balcony. “Can you see him?” He asked.
“Who?” Steffie asked, too upset and confused to think straight.
“The boy who took the picture of course, who else?”
Steffie blushed and stared along the swimming pool. “There he is.” She pointed him out.
“Good.” Her father let her go. “Go and get him. Invite him to our room. I need to talk to him, make him delete those pictures.
Her face grew bright red. She’d rather never see that boy again than have to talk to him and invite him to her room. But this was not the time to argue. Quickly she left the room to find him.

“You’re the naughty girl!” Sylvio recognized her shortly after she’d approached him. “I almost didn’t recognize you with your hair like this.”
Steffie blushed, her disguise might have worked if she hadn’t have to do this. “Hey…” She said. “Would you like to come to my room?”
The boy laughed. “Haha, you really are a bad girl. Very straight forward, I like it. You got my message, yes?” Steffie nodded. “Good, yes, I will come to your room naughty girl.”
With Sylvio’s arm around her, Steffie returned to the hotelroom where her father was waiting, blushing when Sylvio squeezed her behind as they ascended the stairs. But once past the doors, her dad was there.

“What is this?” Sylvio asked, looking over his shoulder ready to run.
“Nothing.” Her father replied. “I just need you to delete those pictures you have of my daughter.”
Steffie blushed, but the boy straightened his shoulders. “Why would I?” He asked. “You can’t make me.”
“I’m asking you.”
Sylvio turned to look at her. “I like them. Your daughter is hot.”
Steffie blushed deeply and her father sighed. “If you delete them, you can stay and watch when I give her her next spanking.”
She stared at her father. “No daddy please, not another.”
“Oh yes, you definitely need another young lady. These pictures are definite proof that I didn’t spank you hard enough the first time. You would’ve never done such a thing when you were still a little girl.”
She imagined her face couldn’t grow anymore red. That was exactly what she’d done when she was a little girl, but she couldn’t tell him that. “But you can’t let him watch.”
“You didn’t have a problem with him watching you on the balcony… In fact anyone could have been watching then.”

Sylvio had been observing the conversation quietly. “Fine.” He said. “I will watch. But I will only delete the pictures after.”
“Deal.” Her father said. “Pick one of the chairs.” Himself he went and sat down on the bed. “Take off your bikini Steffie.”
“Dad you can’t.” She cried.
“Do you want me to come and do it for you?” He asked.
Blushingly she turned away from both men and pulled down her bikini pants, baring her bottom.
“The top too young lady.”
“What, why?”
“Because you’re going to put on your new blue swimsuit when we’re done.”
Steffie blushed, but realised it was too late to resist. She took off her top and stood naked in the room with her father and the cutte boy from the swimming pool.
“Across my knee.”
Slowly she turned around so both could see her and then quickly made her way across her father’s lap.

He wasn’t gentle, he spanked her quick and hard. Each smack sending shivers of pain through her bottom. Quickly she turned red as she moaned and squirmed. But he did not relent, not when she squealed or kicked her legs.
“Stop kicking.” Her father said. “You’re giving quite a show to your new friend.”
She tried to stop, but didn’t last for long. Each smack turned her bottom a shade darker and she begged him to stop.
Finally, with her bottom red and throbbing, he let her up. She jumped up and down, rubbing her behind as she did. “Put on your new swimsuit and go stand in the corner.”
It was small, tight against her swollen red bum as she waited in the corner while her dad spoke to their witness who was now deleting his pictures.
“I’m going to the pool to read my book.” Her father said. “You can come too when your bottom has cooled down. Your new friend has promised me to keep an eye on you so you don’t leave the corner until it has.
Steffie blushed. He couldn’t leave her alone with him! But then she heard the hotelroom door close.

Sylvio was suddenly right behind her. “Your daddy is a gentle man.” He said.
Slowly she turned around, confused. “What do you mean?”
“He spanks you only with his hand. Last year I had a girlfriend like you, she was naughty too. I spanked her with a hairbrush.” He picked one up from the night stand. “I think you need another good spanking.”
“No, you can’t spank me.” Steffie cried, suddenly filled with fear, excitement and arousal all at once.
“If you don’t let me spank you. I will tell your father you were playing with yourself again.”


I apologise that the picture does not match the story. The naughty girl took her top off before her bottoms…

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