At the swimming pool – part 2

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I asked Steffie what happened after her spanking. She didn’t get spanked more unfortunately. Her father did take her shopping however, so I took that and turned it into an ebarrassing trip for our 20 year old Steffie. The last paragraph is complete fiction, so no longer a part of Steffie’s story, but I think would be a nice setup for another part to the story.

Alone in the hotelroom Steffie waited for her father. Her bottom stung as she rubbed it, laying facedown on the bed, still wearing nothing more than her bikini top. She hadn’t cried when she got her spanking, but now her cheeks were wet with tears. Her holiday was ruined, everyone had seen her get spanked. She wouldn’t be able to go back to the swimming pool, having to hide in their hotelroom for the rest of the week.
She couldn’t believe her father had spanked her. He hadn’t done that in years, not since she was a little girl. She could remember when she was younger. She had spent many hours crying across his lap. Like today she had liked pranks and more often than not they had gotten her in trouble. With a blush she remembered what else she had done when she was little. After her father had spanked her and sent her to her room, she had played with herself. Embarrassed she thought about all the times she had masterbated, a little girl excited because her dad had spanked her.

Quickly Steffie wiped her tears on the bedsheets and got up. Their hotelroom had a small balcony and she moved outside to get some fresh air. From there she could see the swimming pool. No-one would see her of course, there was no reason to look up. But if they did, they would see her again almost naked. Seeing all the people in the distance who had seen her get spanked, without them seeing her felt liberating. Just like when she was a little girl her hand wandered down and found her wet between her legs. She blushed, but her arousal took over as she played with herself on the balcony. She had time, her father would probably finish his book before he thought of her again.

Suddenly she heard a key inserted in the hotelroom door. With a squeal she turned around and ran inside. She jumped in the bed and pulled the sheets around her, covering her nakedness. Her sex was throbbing, she had been close to an orgasm already.
Her father came in, angrily looking her up and down. “Put these on.” He said, throwing her bikini-bottoms at her.
Steffie blushed holding the pants in her hands. Her father made no move to turn away. Slowly she got up, blushing to be bared in front of her father again. He sat down on the bed as she quickly pulled them back on, they felt cold and wet against her glowing bottom and lips.
“Now you’ve had plenty of time to think, so tell me what you were doing when you pulled down my shorts.” Her father said.
Steffie blushed. The tears from before came back, threatening to escape her eyes. “I dont know. I was angry because you didn’t spend time with me on our hliday together.” Some tears rolled down her cheeks.
“Oh honey, don’t cry.” The anger suddenly dissapeared from her father’s eyes. “Come here.” Steffie took his offered hands and let him pull her closer. She took place on his lap and looked up at him. “You should just talk to me instead of doing something so silly.” He said wiping away her tears. “It’s ok, I’m not angry anymore, you don’t have to cry.”
More tears replaced the first. “But my holiday is ruined now. I can’t go back to the swimming pool, everyone will laugh at me.”
“We don’t have to go back if you don’t want to.” Her father said, his hand gently tapping her thigh. “Let’s go to the local village. If we buy you a new swimsuit no-one can recognize you. You can even get a nice haircut, one with many braids like the locals wear. Would you like that?”
Steffie nodded.
“Good, put on a dress and we’re on our way.”

The dressing room was quite small and with her father on the other side of the short curtain Steffie hesitated to undress. They had found a small shop that sold swimwear and a nice red bikini in her size. Quickly she took off her own and put on the new bikini. “It looks great.” She said.
Her father pulled away the curtain and looked inside. “You look beautiful.” He said. “Here, try this one too, I just found it while you were getting undressed.”
Steffie held it up, it was a swimsuit in one piece, blue with white stripes and a tiny ruffled skirt ran all the way around the hips. “Daddy this is for little girls.”
“It’s in your size. Go on, put it on for me.”
Steffie blushed and closed the curtain again. She had no reason to upset her father a second time, so she quickly changed into the cute blue swimsuit. When she was done she pulled aside the curtain to show her father.
“That’s marvelous. You look super cute.”
Steffie blushed, she did look cute, she felt years younger looking at herself in the mirror. “I like the red one better.” She said.
Her father smiled. “Let’s buy both of them.”
She looked in surprise at her father, wondering why he was so generous after being so upset before. “Why?” She asked.
“You can wear the red one when you want. But when you act like a little girl again you’re going to wear the cute one.”
Steffie blushed. “I won’t do it again, I promise.”

Promise or not, the blue swimsuit lay at the bottom of their bag as they returned to the hotelroom. Steffie’s hair tickled her neck in dozens of braids. She hoped no-one would recognize her tomorrow in her red bikini.
When they reached their hotelroom there was a note shoved under their door. Her father picked it up and his face turned into a thundercloud. He read it aloud:
“Hey there naughty girl. It’s Sylvio, we met at the pool. I want to give you a spanking, you’re a very bad girl. I think you like it…”
There was a picture added to the note, a picture of Steffie on the balcony without her pants. A picture of her playing with herself…


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