At the swimming pool

Hey everyone.

I recently met a new friend who told me about one of her most embarrassing childhood spankings. I liked her anecdote so much I turned it into a story, changing just a few things to make it fit the adult theme of my blog (like her age, since she was really just a little girl when it happened) and added some extra elements to make it even more interesting.

So enjoy the following story, based on true events:

At the swimming pool

Sitting at the edge of the swimming pool, Steffie wrung the water from her long dark brown hair. She admired herself in the reflection on the water as she did. The blue with white polka dot bikini she wore was new, a gift from her father right before they had departed for their holiday together. It looked so cute, she could almost forget she was angry with him. It was supposed to be their trip together, for her twentieth birthday. But instead of coming swimming with her, he just wanted to laze about reading his book. It’s not that she’d been lonely of course, there were plenty of boys that wanted her attention. One of them, a handsome Italian, even caught her fancy.

Still, there were enough cute boys at home she thought as she climbed out of the pool. When she saw her father returning from somewhere, his chair empty, she blushed. He’d gone somewhere without her! Even after she had asked him to come swimming with her first. As he turned his back on her a naughty plan formed in her mind.
As it always went with pranks like this, once Steffie had thought of them, she was unable to give up on them. Even knowing how much trouble she could get in. Silently, she tiptoed behind him, knowing that in the noise of playing children and chattering adults in many languages, he would not hear her approach. Standing behind him she leaned forward, grabbed his swim-shorts and yanked them to his knees.

Her father cried out, turned around and almost fell into the pool. Steffie’s face grew red as she saw her father naked and realised what she’d done, in front of all these people. He quickly had his shorts back up and grabbed her by her shoulders. “What are you doing?!” He half-yelled.
Emma blushed deeper. “Sorry.” She mumbled, unsure what had come over her to do such a thing.
“Oh, you’ll be sorry.” Her father said, taking her by the arm and dragging her to his lounging chair. Before she knew it Steffie found herself laying face down across his knee. Her father’s hand smacked her bottom quickly.
“Wait!” Steffie yelled. “I’m too old for this!” She realised everyone must be watching them now, all the attention she’d yielded by depantsing her father was now aimed at her wet bottom as her father quickly turned it red.
“If you’re not too old for such pranks, you’re not too old for a good spanking.” Her father said. Her bottom was already sore, the water from her swim amplifying the sting of the first few smacks. “In fact, since you pulled down my pants, it’s only fair I get to pull down yours.”
Steffie squealed and reached back to stop him, but her father was faster. With one hand he pinned hers behind her back, with the other he pulled the polka dot bikini pants down to her ankles.
With her bottom now glistening wet and bare for everyone to see he spanked her again, making her moan, wiggle and squeal. She begged him to stop, but all he said was. “I thought you wanted us to spend time together.” And turned her bottom a bright shade of red.

When he finally stopped he pulled her up and said: “Now run to our hotelroom and wait there until I come and get you.”
Steffie blushed scarlet as she looked around, everyone was looking at her. She saw her pants laying at her fathers’ feet, lost in her kicking and bend over to pick them up. Her father smacked her bottom hard. “I said run!”
Steffie jumped up. Her bikini bottoms were out of reach and everyone was looking at her. She ran, recognizing that cute Italian guy laughing with his friends, right before she left them all behind her.


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