The review girl

If you had told her six months ago what she was about to do, Emma would have never believed you. Most of the things she had done in those six months she could hardly believe even now. But today was something, you could just not make up.

The first time she’d entered Walter’s store, she’d felt adventurous, despite her blushing face. How innocent she had been back then.
She had admired the canes, whips and various restraints in his shop, her eyes full of wonder. Yet she had strolled by them until she found his collection of dildo’s and vibrators. What a surprise that had been, so many sizes, shapes and materials. How could she possibly know which was the right one for her?
She had realised she’d spent a long time staring at them when the store-owner approached her. He then asked the dreaded question: “Can I help you with something?”
She had not wanted to discuss her potential buy with a man. But, she’d told herself, he probably dealt with this on a daily basis, stop being so shy! “I just can’t choose.” She replied.
The man had looked at the three she’d picked out. “Those are all very good choices.” He said. “Perhaps you would like to try them out first?”
Emma had stared at him in surprise, she hadn’t thought that an option. Not with this kind of merchandise. “How do you mean?” She asked.
“Take them home with you and try them out. So you can pick the one you like best. I have only one request.” Emma blushed, a request, what could that be? “I want you to write a short, positive review on each. I’ll be able to use that in the store and help others like you.”
The suggestion had seemed so innocent at the time. She took all three items home with her, blushing one last time when he wished her a “good night”.

“No charge.” The store-owner told her the following day, handing over her chosen toy. He folded the paper with her reviews on them. “These are payment enough.”
Emma was delighted, she had just scored a free toy. With a smile she turned to leave, but the man had another suggestion for her. “Would you perhaps like a job at my store?” He asked. “I could use reviews like this for all my products.”
Emma blushed, she did not know what to respond.
“You’ll be properly paid of course and you can take your work home with you. Just a few reviews per week.”
Being paid to play with herself. It sounded so wrong, but why not? It was not as if anyone would watch her, she wasn’t making porn. Her reviews weren’t meant to be arousing, they were informative. So she accepted his offer again.

Every week she took a few toys with her, trying them out at home. It was the kinkiest and most pleasurable job she could imagine anyone having. But soon she ran out of play toys to test. So she started reviewing other items. Did this blindfold cover her eyes completely, was the fabric soft enough? Did this body paint wash off easily? How did it taste?
It was only when she wanted to test the various restraints when she needed help. How could she tie her wrists together and still make an objective deduction about their strength? She started to try them out at the store. William would help her in the back room with putting them on.

The more she did this, the more aroused she got by playing with these things and the more she noticed his arousal as well. William sold various types of rope in his store and to test them out she had to feel them on her bare skin. She blushed the first time she undressed for him, but soon found nothing but pleasure from letting him enrope her naked body.
“Perhaps we can try out some of the spanking implements today.” She told him in her third month on the job.

Sir William used many of the store’s implements on her bare bottom. First soft and lovingly – for a review on erotic use – which turned her on greatly. And later hard and stinging – for a more disciplinary approach – which had almost the same effect.
She loved the implements that offered more of a thud, like the heavy paddles and large floggers. The sharp stinging implements like switches and thin straps were less of a favourite. But she tried them all anyway.

It was strange to think that in those six months she and her boss had never had sex. No matter how much both of them enjoyed their sessions, there was always the excuse that this was just for the store.
But today it wasn’t William who watched her as she lowered her panties and raised her skirt. It wasn’t his voice she heard with that admiring grunt when she bent over the table.
Two wooden paddles, nearly identical, lay next to her. One of William’s most loyal customers wanted a new toy, but he could not decide which one. Her reviews did not distinguish well enough between the two for him to decide, so her boss had suggested she’d help him choose.

It was her own choice to be here of course. She was not forced to take this spanking, not by anyone but herself. Just the idea of being spanked by a customer, for failing at her job, was such a turn on that she had accepted the offer almost immediately.
“Do you want a warm up?” The man asked. He was suddenly very close.
She looked over her shoulder at her boss who was observing from some distance. He knew her safe-word and would stop this if it got out of hand. “No sir, I’m fine.” She didn’t even know his name.
“Ok then.” He said and picked up the first paddle, placing it against her bared bottom. “I will be using these mainly for disciplinary sessions. But don’t worry, I know I can make them hurt, I just want to see how they feel in my hand.” He raised the paddle and brought it down with plenty of force and a loud thwack.
The constant change in strength, speed and rhythm as the man tested the paddle had her squirming and moaning as her breath grew ragged and her bottom turned a bright pink.

She gasped in surprise when he dropped the paddle next to her and immediately picked up the second. She had expected to at least get a break in between. She squealed as he, with renewed vigour, aimed the second paddle at her sore red behind.
All her moans and sighs were replaced with grunts and squealing as the pink turned a deep red and the sting in her bottom overcame all other thoughts and sensations. “Stand still please.” The man told her and she realised she must’ve been squirming and wriggling, probably putting up quite a show for the two men watching. With a blush she steadied herself for him to land a last few, extra hard smacks.

“That’s enough.” He said. “Thank you.”
Emma blushed and covered herself again. Her boss turned to return to the store and the man followed her, leaving her behind with her sore bottom and arousal. Alone and rubbing the soreness from her bottom, she thought about what she had done today. She did not feel sorry for her choice, just longing for more.
William returned alone with a smile. “Great job.” He said. “He bought both of them. You should help the customers more often.”
Emma blushed. “I could… But then I want a raise.”
William smiled. “Fair enough. How much do you want?”
She drew a deep breath, steadying her nerves and stepped closer to him. “Not money.” She said looking up at him. “I want you…”

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4 responses to “The review girl

  • Mr J

    A really good story, Emma. Please thank your friend very much. I like the way the girl is called Emma 🙂 …. your friend’s name wouldn’t be William (Sir William / Walter) would it 😉

    She certainly landed a really good and interesting job in that store. I’m sure there must be a job there for a male assistant too (form an orderly queue behind me guys!). 😀

  • emma

    Hey Mr J, I will certainly do so. His name is not William haha, but he likes using my name for stories I’ve noticed.

    What role would the male assistant fill? Perhaps I can convince him to write a sequel.

  • river

    This is an interesting story, what a great job to have!

  • donandy52

    Great story waiting of next part 🙂

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