A spanking story – waiting

Hey everyone

As you might’ve noticed, I’ve fallen behind on the spanking story we’ve been imagining together.
I’m having a hard time continuing the story after the last poll, because I don’t know quite how to continue it and I want to think about it and not just write somethng down quickly.

While you wait, please enjoy the red bottom Emma is enjoying right now:


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Writing a story about a naughty girl is almost as good as having her bare red bum across your knee. View all posts by K.C. Perrin

15 responses to “A spanking story – waiting

  • Alan

    I see you were punished adequately. However, if you’re to make these mistakes again, a picture taken when you’re in position may be needed.

  • Mr J

    A very nice red bottom – and very enjoyable too Emma. Is it the same red bottom you ‘enjoyed’ (meaning it’s a picture of your bottom) or is it similar to the red bottom you ‘enjoyed’ (meaning it’s not your bottom but it’s what your bottom looked like)? I think we should be told – and if it is ‘similar’ and not ‘the same’ I think a little rereddening to correct your use of language would be in order. 🙂

    I’m very much looking forward to the continuation of the Spanking Story so I hope you get over your ‘writer’s block’ soon. If the poll results made things too difficult for you I suggest (as one who voted in the poll) that you
    continue in the way that you would like to yourself.

    Thanks again Emma

  • Kia

    No rush, Emma. I was impressed with how quickly the first few chapters were turned around! Sometimes these things take time, and sometimes head in unanticipated directions. We’ll be here (im)patiently waiting 😉

  • emma

    Hey everyone 🙂 it’s not my bum in the picture, it’s actually the picture Mike sent me with the warning ‘this is how your bum will look like if you don’t finish your story soon’ *giggles*
    When I said enjoying I meant enjoying the anticipation for a future with my bum looking like that.

    Meanwhile however, Mike has turned it this color and taken a picture. It will be shared together with the next installment of the story.

  • Alan

    Do you think it’s fair that we receive one pic of your punished bottom per week we’re made to wait? Of course we’re getting close to 3 weeks…
    I believe you promised a picture of your spanking before as well. That’s two already lined up. I’m sure your mentor could find the time to bend you over a third time for the camera.

  • Js

    I think Alan has a good idea. Also just wanted to say I really enjoy your stories.

  • Heather

    I can’t wait for the next part of the story. Have you figured out what angle you want to go into next or when we fan expect the next part?

  • Alan

    it’s been another week… Maybe instead of making you post four pictures you should have to write us an in depth account of your most recent spanking from Mike along with a picture of course. It will be a story like we have been waiting for but it will add the embarrassment you need to your punishment. Seem fair? Of course if you disagree I’m sure I could spare the time to “mentor” your bottom a bit more.

  • PDBB

    A truly satisfying sight. And so well decorated too. Pleasing to the ahhs and vicariously feeling the oohs. I for one would forgive lapses in intent and have already forgotten that a task has remained stalled. As always thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Sophie Taylor

    Emma I really do think it’s time that we saw a picture of your chastised bum! Looking forward to it…

  • I'm Spankee

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  • Rudi

    And a very fine bottom it is too.

  • Alan

    Really disappointed to see this blog inactive. This was by far my favorite spanking blog. I hope you come back Emma. Youll need your little bottom spanked when you do.

  • emma

    Hey Alan and everyone that’s been disappointed. I’m really sorry about this, I don’t think the story will be finished and eventhough it’s not entirely my fauly as it isn;t my story, I agree I should probabl be punished for lieing about it and making false promises 😦

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