A spanking story – part 2

Hello everyone

I got a lot of reactions on my last post, which made me very happy.
Most of those wanted Emma to talk to her boss, but unfortunately, you voted for her to go catch her train. I tried to add some of the suggestions in this next part anyway.

I’m adding the old part(s) in each new post, so you can reread them to jog your memories or get familiar with the story if you missed the start.
If you want the new part continue to ‘** NEW **‘.

Don’t forget to vote for the next part and share your ideas in the comment section.
The poll will close at 5pm CET on saturday, the next part is due on sunday.


The only sound in the empty office had been that of Emma typing. When she finally stopped the sudden silence reminded her that she was the last person left. She couldn’t believe her boss had come – five minutes before closing time – with one last assignment. Everyone had left by now and she was sure she had missed her train home. After turning off her computer she was left in darkness, wondering what to do. She had definitely missed her train and for the next one she’d have to wait over an hour.

She could go ask her boss for a ride home. She wasn’t even paid for these extra hours, so it was the least he could do. She just hoped he was in a good mood. (option 1)

Perhaps she should go by the other offices first. If any of her colleagues were still at work they might give her a ride. (option 2)

No, she didn’t want to burden anyone. There wasn’t anyone left anyway. She should just go to the train station and wait for the next train. (option 3)

** NEW **

Passing by her boss’ office, Emma could hear he was still at work. Imagining him behind that large wooden desk he was so proud of, the short flame of courage winked out and she quickly strolled by without knocking. Embarrassed by her own lack of confidence, she ignored all the other offices and any chance of a ride home and made her way outside.
On her way to the trainstation she mentally scolded her own shy nature. Waiting outside in the cold would be her punishment, perhaps next time she would be able to ask someone for a favour.

She arrived at the station early, three quartes of an hour before the next train arrived. But it seemed she was not the only one who had missed her train. A young woman, sitting on a bench, was having a heated conversation with her phone. Emma could not help but overhear what she said, explaining why she would be late. “I’m not with a boy!” and “No dad, I’m too old for that.” Emma blushed having to witness this half of the conversation. She hoped the girl was not in too much trouble for missing the train and wondered what she’d be too old for.
Mere moments after the girl hang up however, she got her own version of an angry call. Her boss.
“Emma, where did you run off to?”
“I went to the train-station sir. I finished that assignment and sent you the documents.”
“Why didn’t you come and tell me? I had something to ask you. This is really not professional of you…” Emma listened with only half an ear at this point. When her boss was off on one of his rants, it was best just to agree. Even though she didn’t see why she should tell him she was leaving when she was already working overtime anyway.
“Sorry sir.” She answered when the tirade seemed finished. “I didn’t realise you…”
“Nevermind that, we’ll talk tomorrow. Are you still at the train station?”
Emma startled at the sudden interruption. “Yes sir. I’m waiting for the next train.”
“Is there a young woman there? Twenty years old, long blonde hair, probably wearing a skirt that’s inappropriately short.”
Emma looked at the girl she had observed before and raised an eyebrow. “Yes, I think I know who you mean.”
“Is she with a boy?”
Emma blushed. “No sir, she is alone.” Was this her boss’ daughter? She wondered.
A small silence followed before he answered again. “Good… Tell her she needs to do her chores when she gets home.”
With that he hung up the phone and Emma stared with a confused blush at the young woman. Did he really expect her to approach a stranger – hoping it’s the right person – and tell her to do her chores? The girl however seemed to have listened in on her conversation as well and stood up. “Was that my dad. His name is Erik, do you work for him?”
Emma blushed deeper. “Ehh, I guess yeah.”
The young woman threw her hands in the air and turned around angrily. “I can’t believe he sent someone to spy on me.”
“No, wait.” Emma yelled as she walked away. “He didn’t. I always take this train home. He called me to yell at me because I left without telling him.”
The girl turned around. “Really? Does he act like that at work too?”
Emma blushed. She wasn’t sure she should complain about her boss to his daughter. But she seemed like a friendly girl. “He can be a difficult boss sometimes.”
The girl laughed. “I can imagine. I’m Sarah by the way.”
“Emma” She shook the offered hand.

Thanks to this chance-meeting those fourty-five minutes waiting for her train were not as boring as they could have been. She learned a lot of funny stories about her boss, gossipping with Sarah. At some point she even managed to mention that her dad wanted her to do her chores. Making Sarah blush in turn. They even chose seats next to eachtother and continued their conversation until they reached the next station where Sarah had to get off.
The rest of her travel-time she wondered how it would be to have Erik as her father. She decided she admired Sarah, she must have a very strong personality. For herself, she was happy she only had to see him from nine to five – and occassionally a bit longer.
Right before arriving home, she got a message on her phone.

“Fancy getting a drink before we catch the train tomorrow? Sarah”

Emma blushed and started to type an answer. Not really sure what to do.
She could accept the offer, she’d had a great time after all. (option 1)
But once was enough right, she better say no before her boss found out. (option 2)
Or perhaps she could just tell him, he wouldn’t be able to blame her then, right? (option 3)
Well, on second thought. It might be better if Sarah told him. (option 4)

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2 responses to “A spanking story – part 2

  • Mr J

    It’s going very well Emma. Well done on bringing the boss and his daughter Sarah into the threads of the story and giving us an idea of the boss’s ‘character’. I know I’m going to enjoy this story (even if it doesn’t develop exactly the way I vote)! Thank you.

  • Alan

    Well done on bringing the votes and comments together. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

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