A spanking story

Hello everyone,

I want to try out a new kind of interactive story. This time you will have a lot of influence on what’s happening, in two different ways.
After each part of the story, a poll will decide how the story continues. But you also have the possibility to post your suggestions in the comments section and I will do my best to integrate the best/most interesting ones in the story.

I will post a new part every three days, so keep an eye out to vote and get your ideas heard.
The first part is quite short, but that’s because we need to begin with a vote, to see where the story is headed. Enjoy

The only sound in the empty office had been that of Emma typing. When she finally stopped the sudden silence reminded her that she was the last person left. She couldn’t believe her boss had come – five minutes before closing time – with one last assignment. Everyone had left by now and she was sure she had missed her train home. After turning off her computer she was left in darkness, wondering what to do. She had definitely missed her train and for the next one she’d have to wait over an hour.

She could go ask her boss for a ride home. She wasn’t even paid for these extra hours, so it was the least he could do. She just hoped he was in a good mood. (option 1)

Perhaps she should go by the other offices first. If any of her colleagues were still at work they might give her a ride. (option 2)

No, she didn’t want to burden anyone. There wasn’t anyone left anyway. She should just go to the train station and wait for the next train. (option 3)

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6 responses to “A spanking story

  • John

    When she turns in her assignment to the boss, this is an excellent time to ask for a ride home, since they live near one another. He will say that he was planning to have dinner in town before returning home, and will invite Emma to join him. If she shows any reluctance he will say:

    ” I’m not asking for a date, it is just my way of showing gratitude for your devotion to your job.”

    Emma agrees, and, somehow during the dinner conversation, the topic of spanking arises.

  • Kia

    Hi Emma-

    This should be fun! I have to admit, I am most excited by the “new part every three days” aspect of this endeavour. (though that seems like a very short amount of time to gather suggestions and craft a piece of a story- best of luck!).

    I do love John’s suggestion- so much can happen over dinner! And you’d think he realises that he owes her a favour. . . of course she may not be very grateful.

  • John

    Assuming they go to dinner, the boss could tell Emma that his young adult daughter is slacking off in her university studies, and he does not know how to motivate her. Emma then mentions that she had the same problem and that a paternal spanking “adjusted her attitude”. Desiring to see how the situation will develop, the boss invites Emma to come to meet his daughter at a party he is giving that weekend.

    (In order to maximize the possibilities, let’s make the boss an eligible widower, who finds Emma attractive).

  • Mr J

    This is a great idea Emma.

    I like John’s suggestions a lot. Would just add that Emma could find her boss attractive too as she is attracted to the older, authoritative ‘father figure’ kind of man. I’m thinking of myself in the boss’s place here obviously 🙂

  • John

    When Emma comes to the party, her boss introduces her to his daughter, and then says:

    “I was telling Emma about your neglecting your studies, and she suggested that I should give you a spanking. Care to comment?”

    The daughter responds:

    “Father, I’m now an adult. And the only reason I am studying at university is because you want me there. You know I would much rather work with you at your company. But still, if you want to spank me, feel free. I never told you this before, but a spanking can be a great stress relief. And right now, I’m feeling stressed by the fact that you discuss our private business with one of your employees!”

  • emma

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I’ve decided to close the poll every time at 5pm CET the day before the next part is due, to give me enough time to write the story. Starting part two now.

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