Just spanked

Hey everyone

Sorry for making you wait this long for another post, I hope I’ll be able to make up for it with these pictures and comments.

Last time you voted for ‘girls right after their spanking. At the time, I didn’t realise I would be one of those girls myself. But we all know what happens when I neglect my blog… I’m a bit like the girl in the first picture at the moment actually. Didn’t do your chores in time? Well then you’ll get to do them with a red bottom as company.


I’d of course much rather be like the girl in the second picture. But instead of a nice cooling fan,I’ll have to be happy with the fans reading my blog. I’m sure if you’d had the chance you’d want to help me cool down as well.



The next girl isn’t me, but it could have been. Knowing the next set of pictures was of girls right after their spanking, Mike made me take a pic of my freshly spanked behind as well. Luckily he hasn’t made me post it, yet…



Well, I’d say that’s enough about me, the girl in the next picture has troubles of her own. I love her pink bottom in the distance,the sullen look on her face and her runny make-up.



And finally lets end with that a good spanking is all about. Learning a lesson. This young lady certainly looks like she learned one,letting the cool leather of the couch cool her freshly spanked buttocks.



I hope you all liked these photo’s. I will post more photo’s and stories soon, with my own spanking fresh in my mind.
But first vote for next week’s pictures.

About emma

I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- spanko.net: emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: spankingfantasies@mail.com / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

6 responses to “Just spanked

  • Alan

    We’ve been neglected for a whole month, some of us checking the blog daily for updates. Don’t you think we deserve a picture of your punishment and the story behind it?
    We’ll take the pictures word for it that you were disciplined enough.

  • Enzo Man

    Nice picture selection!
    That first illustration is rather graphic, but still well done.
    The runny makeup shot is a favorite.

  • Mr J

    Thank you Emma. Nice pictures ….. after a long wait! So you deserved your own spanked bottom. I hope you are told to post it for your fans to see very soon. My favourite pictures are the last three, especially the runny makeup picture. she seems to be in a good position for some nice post spanking ‘making up’ which is always a very nice thing.

  • emma

    Thanks Mr J.

    You and Alan migh get your wish soon. I’ve started up with a new spanking story, where I promised to post a new part every three days. Mike told me if I miss that deadline, the picture is going online. *blushes*

  • Sophie Taylor

    Love the photo of the girl in the bathroom…lovely, freshly-spanked bum!

  • PDBB

    Very nice choice of pictures/illustrations. Like the older film genre sometimes what is intimated is often more sensual than the explicit. In any case I’ve had my fill of the crass (nothing you’ve published even approaches that). From the first illustration and your comment, I was led to something my stepmother used to say of her *style* of child rearing, when anyone inquired as to why we were (or seemed to be) so well behaved. “When I tell them to do something (and /or not do something)”,she used to say, “I always offer them a choice”. “They either do it willingly when they are told or do it shortly afterwards crying a great deal”. It was somewhat comforting(?) to know you still had choices. And not surprisingly kept us out of *real* trouble some of our friends got into by allowing us to weigh our *choices* and consider the possibilities of getting caught. Hence the meaning of(or behind) discipline.

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