My best friend’s father pt.5

Hello everyone

The story about Sophie and her best friend’s father is coming to an end. I hope you will all like the story finish I’ve come up with to end this series.
Five parts seemed long enough and I’m sure you’re all waiting for new and interesting stories as well.

Evelyn was searching her pockets for her keys when she heard something strange. She had returned early from her run because she wanted to take a shower before going to dance class. She walked around the house and peeked in through the living-room window. The noise was more audible here, the sound of someone being spanked. She saw her father in the sofa with a young woman across his knee, her bottom bare and already quite red. It took her quite some time – while staring fascinated at the scene – to realize the girl was her friend Sophie. When she did, she hesitated what to do. Go in and ask what was going on or spare her friend the extra humiliation and wait it out?
In the end the decision was made for her. Her father let her best friend up and sent her to the corner. Evelyn knew all to well how much time you could spend there and she didn’t have that much left herself. “What’s going on?” She asked when she got inside, Sophie’s bottom was bared and on display in the corner.
Her friend looked over her shoulder and blushed before looking away. “Do you remember last time I spanked you for a bad test, before we found out it wasn’t yours?” Her father asked. And of course she remembered, that had been so unfair. “Well, Sophie and I agreed then that she needed some guidance for her studies. As you know I spanked her once before when I caught you two drinking. So we decided a good spanking would be what she’d get every time she got another bad grade like that.”
Evelyn blushed. Her best friend had an agreement with her father to be spanked? She knew Sophie had some trouble studying, but that felt so wrong. Still, her bottom tingled after witnessing the scene and it might be better to wait to talk about it until her friend was not on display in the corner. She quickly mumbled something and headed for the shower.

Evelyn still had her friend in mind when she left for her dance class – she still stood in that corner when she left – and distracted as she was forgot her slippers at home. Luckily she had time left to return and pick them up. But this time she saw a very different scene through the window. For a moment she stood still in shock, before bursting through the door with the image of her friend and her father etched in her mind. She half undressed, his hands on her breasts and tongue by her ear. “What the fuck!” She screamed when she ran in on them. Sophie jumped up in surprise, offering her a view on her father’s erection, upsetting her even more. They both seemed stunned and not able to speak. “How could you do this?” She asked her father, trying to ignore her friend who was straightening her clothes.
Slowly Samuel stood up and pulled up his pants. “What Sophie and I do in our free time is none of your business and you better watch your language young lady.”
Evelyn stared at her father. How could it not be her business? “I can’t say fuck, while you go around fucking my best friend? Did you force her to do this? Did you threaten to spank her again?”
“That’s it!” Samuel said, grabbing his daughter’s arm. And instead of the explanation she wanted, she suddenly found herself across her father’s lap. “I can’t believe you can even think I would do such a thing.” He said while raising her skirt.
Evelyn struggled to pull free, but her father was too strong. “What are you doing? Are you going to spank me now because I caught you fucking?”
Her father pulled down her panties in one swift motion. “I’m going to spank you because you’re crying about it like a little girl and using that foul language.” His hand smacked her bottom hard to prove that he meant it. “Perhaps when I’m done you’ll be able to act like an adult so we can talk about it.” He smacked her again and Evelyn realized she wasn’t going to be able to escape.

Sophie watched in shock how her friend got spanked. She felt slightly responsible of course, but mostly embarrassed about her friend’s reaction. She knew that more people would react like that. What surprised her more however, was that she didn’t really care. She liked Samuel, liked what they did together – even the spankings like the one she had earlier that weren’t for fun – and she felt her friend really deserved the spanking she was getting. Evelyn was squirming and moaning, her bottom turning red quickly. The fact that this turned her on had nothing to do with how she felt, Sophie decided.
When her friend’s bottom looked hot and ablaze Evelyn was sobbing and begging her father to stop. “We’ll talk about this later.” Her father said as he let her stand. He guided her to the corner of the room and made her stand there and wait. Then he approached her.

“I thought you were going to tell her?” He asked her.
Sophie blushed. “I hadn’t found the right time yet.”
Samuel scowled. “There is never a right time, you should’ve told her right away…. In fact, you told me you would.”
Sophie blushed again. “Can we deal with this later?” She asked, she felt like she had a spanking coming.
“We’ll deal with this right now.” Samuel said, grabbing her arm in turn and taking her to the sofa, confirming her suspicions.
She ended up over his knee, just like Sophie had. Unlike her however she didn’t struggle or argue. She let him lift her skirt, she still hadn’t had time to put her panties back on. Samuel stroked her bottom, like he always did. She tried not to groan because her friend was in the corner listening and perhaps even watching. Samuel hit her, just as hard as he’d hit her friend. She did groan then, and more when the smacks kept coming. Her bottom was still sensitive from her earlier spanking and it turned red after just a few smacks. But Samuel wasn’t quickly satisfied and had her kicking and moaning before he listened to her pleas and apologies. Not long after she was positioned next to her friend. Their hands on their heads and bared red bottoms right next to each other.

“I’m sorry I reacted the way I did.” Evelyn mumbled when Samuel left them alone.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before.” Sophie replied.
A short silence followed. “So are you like dating or something?” Sophie’s best friend asked.
“Kinda, yes.”
“But he still spanks you like a little girl when you misbehave?”
“Yes.” Sophie answered, and after a short silence. “Not just when I misbehave though. Sometimes just for fun too.”
Evelyn laughed. “Please, I don’t want any details.”
They were both giggling when Samuel returned.

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