Spank the police pt.2

Hello everyone,

A little while ago Emma opened a poll, asking you which of the old stories you would like a sequal to most.
The victor of this poll was the story: Spank the police, where a young police officer got spanked by the man she was supposed to give a ticket and to make matters worse, the whole ordeal was overheard by her colleagues over the radio.

Hope you enjoy part two.

Captain Reynolds had heard the story of one of his officers being humiliated on the streets shortly after it had happened. He hadn’t done anything about it then, the girl’s sergeant had done the right thing putting her on a desk job. He believed however that every personality trait could be made use of in the force and he had been thinking about how he could turn her situation into a more positive one.
He got the opportunity to test out his ideas only two weeks after the incident and made his way to her desk personally to invite her to his office. “Do you remember the case of Marc Peeters?” He asked her when she had seated herself. There were two large sofa’s in his office, of dark brown leather, to welcome guests.
“Yes, sir.” Maria replied. “I finished the paperwork on that case just last week.”
“Good, but what you probably don’t know is that there were some irregularities with the case.” The captain explained. “One of the warrants for searching mr. Peeter’s home was invalid. Now he’s threatening to file a formal complaint and could cost us thousands.”
The girl sat up straight in the sofa. “I only did the paperwork after the case was closed sir.”
The captain laughed softly. “Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble here.” He suddenly realised the girl must be confused to why he would invite her to his office. “Actually I wanted your help.”
Maria visibly relaxed, but with a look of confusion on her face. Wondering how the captain could need her help.
“When we searched Peeter’s house, we found something else, unrelated to the case. Something we could perhaps use to dissuade him from taking action against us and I know for a fact that you have some first-hand experience with this sort of thing.” Captain Reynolds stood up and walked to his desk as Maria tried to figure out what they could’ve found. “I’ve got it opened up on my laptop here, if you want to take a look.” He said. “Mr. Peeters will be here in a few moments. I’ll leave you so you can prepare…”

Maria stood up and quickly walked to the desk after the captain left. This was all too confusing, she couldn’t begin imagining what he needed her for. When she faced the laptop, at first she thought it was just porn she saw. Inappropriate, but not really something they could use against mr. Peeters, and not something she had any experience with at all. Then she realised it wasn’t just normal porn, it was all about spanking and other bdsm fantasies. They didn’t want to use this against him, they wanted to offer him something to placate him. Her, the captain wanted to offer her, well her bottom anyway, so mr. Peeters would forgive their transgression.
Maria realised she should leave the office right away. Her experience just two weeks ago had been embarrassing enough as it was – not to forget painful – and her job sitting behind a desk was a joke. She’d never get her old one back if she allowed this. But she found herself still looking at the pictures on the screen, mesmerized by what she saw, when there was a knock at the door.

The man who entered introduced himself as Marc. He was quite handsome, with dark curls and bright eyes. He looked angry or perhaps determined. Of course he anticipated a rough negotiation ahead. When he sat down in one of the sofa’s Maria closed the laptop and joined him. She could still walk out and get the captain, she knew. But her heart was racing and her whole body tingled, though mostly her bottom felt extra sensitive. “I thought I got to speak to captain Reynolds today.” The man said when she sat down.
“He will be with us shortly.” She replied. “He thought we should meet first. I’m Maria, I did some of the paperwork on your case.” Which wasn’t a lie.
“I see.” Marc replied, making the wrong conclusion, just like she had expected.
Maria’s heart raced, this was completely different from a stranger on the street pushing her across the hood of a car. Now she had to first bring up the topic of spanking and then ask for one herself. But that was what made it exciting and why she hadn’t yet run away. “I must say, I’m really sorry for the mistakes that were made with your case.” She continued.
Marc leaned forward. “So you agree there were mistakes? Does the captain see it like this as well.”
He was gathering intelligence for his complaint, Maria thought, but she still had a chance to change the outcome of his visit. “The captain agreed I could stand as a representative for the police force today.” She replied. “And deal with any consequences for it’s actions in this case.”
“That’s quite a responsibility.” Marc replied. “He seems very sure you could persuade me not to file a complaint.”
Maria blushed for the first time. “He thinks I could deal with any course of action you felt necessary.”

Marc leaned back in the sofa. This meeting had turned out completely different than he had expected. Normally he’d been angry that he was left with a young officer to placate him, instead of the high ranking captain who had agreed to their meeting. But Maria was friendly and had an enjoyable flair about herself. It was hard to stay in a serious mood. “Now that you say it like that.” He said, getting in a teasing mode himself. “There might be other ways to deal with this mess.” The girl leaned closer to listen and he realised she’d been acting nervous this whole conversation. “If a young woman like you deserved a chastisement, I’d much rather give her a spanking than file a boring complaint.”
He leaned back to admire the effect of his words. The girl blushed, but not as deeply as he had expected. “Well… I am representing the force today.” She said. “If those are the consequences for our actions you’d prefer…” Her face finally did turn as red as he’d expected before.
Samuel fell back in his seat. Did she really just offer he spank her. In return for not filing a complaint against her department of course. But that definitely was not according to protocol. Had her captain arranged this? He wondered. If he had access to his computer, it seemed likely he knew about his fantasies and if this young lady was responsible for the mistake it even seemed possible he sacrificed her like this. He didn’t know of course that Marc had never spanked anyone before, he had seen many pictures and films, read many stories, but he never had a girl’s bare bottom across his knee. “Is captain Reynolds forcing you to do this?” He asked.
The girl blushed but quickly shook her head. “It was his idea.” She said, choosing finally for honesty. “But it was my own choice to go trough with it.”
Samuel breathed deeply. That meant there was no reason not to go through with it. Of course he’d have to give up the complaint. But why hurt a whole group of people if he had the one person who had made the mistake right here in front of him? Having already felt his erection grow and his excitement take hold of him he knew it would be too hard to decline her offer anyway. “So you did the paperwork on my case, right?” He asked.
Maria nodded. “Yes.” Still not a real lie.
“Well in at case, yes, I think I do prefer giving you a good spanking instead.”

Maria got up slowly as mr Peeters commanded her. It was too late to run now, but even if she’d been able to make up her mind, her own body wouldn’t have listened as it slowly made its way across his knee. Her uniform’s skirt was quite short and Marc easily pushed it out of the way. She wore plain cotton panties that decently covered her bottom, she hadn’t dared to wear anything sexy under the short skirt since her last spanking adventure. His hand grabbed her bottom softly, rubbing it up and down over her panties. It seemed he was gauging her reaction, she replied with a soft moan she could not suppress. Finally, when she started to think he might just touch her forever, he grabbed her panties and pulled them down. Maria blushed deeply as her bottom was bared and the cool air touch the private area between her legs that was hot, wet and completely exposed. Marc didn’t mention it, but she could feel the erection under her tightening at the view.
He hit her then, a soft wide-palmed smack across her left cheek. More smacks landed, but all they did was turn her on even more. She wondered how many girls he had spanked before, but before she could ask the force of his smacks increased. They landed harder and harder across her behind, until each of them made her moan or squirm. “That’s better.” Marc said, when he had her wiggling and gasping for breath across his knee. The smacks came quickly now, one after the other, turning her bottom bright pink. Maria squealed as a couple send a sharp sting through her buttocks. “Please, not so hard.” She begged.
But more and more of his smacks landed hard on her bottom. “This isn’t a fun spanking, young lady.” He replied to her pleas. “I have to make sure you’re not just enjoying yourself and I’m sure your cute little butt can take it.” Each time his hand hit her bottom after that she responded with a squeal.
The colour of her bottom had turned red and Maria was starting to regret her decision. This wasn’t like the quick short spanking she had received before, this was a long session across someone’s knee that wasn’t over until he was happy. And she hadn’t even done anything wrong this time.
Still, she did not have much time to evaluate her choices as the burning sensation in her behind, constantly refreshed by more smacks, had her otherwise occupied.

“Take off your uniform.” Marc said as he finally let her off his lap. Where Maria had started to rethink her decisions, he had grown more self-assured. The young officer did not argue, her bottom glowed red and probably smothered any resistance she might have had otherwise. Still, she blushed deeply when she was done and he could finally admire her fully. “Bend over the desk.” He said. And Maria moved across the room to bend over her boss’ desk.
Marc swallowed deeply. Shortly he enjoyed the view, feeling how his pants were too small for him. He wished he could just unzip them right now and take her while she lay there. But that’s not why they were there. Instead he picked up the leather belt that had been part of her uniform and moved behind her. He had never used such a thing before of course, but he didn’t hesitate as he swung it through the air, striking her bottom, painting a broad red stripe. Three, four more times he swung it and each time she squealed. “Please stop. Please, no more!” She begged.
Marc stopped and came to his senses. He couldn’t just experiment on her, that wasn’t fair, who knew how hard he was hitting? She didn’t even know he had never done this before. He couldn’t tell her that of course. “I will stop.” He said, she shivered under his touch as he let his fingers explore her. She was still wet and he no longer felt satisfied with just spanking her. “But while spanking you did bring me some satisfaction, it doesn’t feel like proper compensation for what was done to me. I still want you to give me something, to show me you wish to make up for your actions.”
The girl squirmed when his fingers touched her sensitive red cheeks. “What do you want?” She asked.
His hand slipped between her legs, finding her wet pussy between her fingers. “This.” He said.
“No.” She pulled away.
Marc quickly grabbed her bottom again. “Fine, I guess it’s finally time for negotiation.” He walked back to the sofa’s and Maria followed him. When she sat down, squirming softly when her bottom touched the leather he thought it would be hard to concentrate with her naked in front of him. “Do you have a different offer?” He asked.
“No sex.” Maria replied.
“That’s not really an offer.”
The girl blushed. “I could use my mouth.”
Samuel closed his eyes and breathed deeply. It wasn’t every day a pretty naked girl offered her services like that, definitely not a freshly spanked young police officer. “I would’ve enjoyed being able to see your freshly spanked bottom when I took you on the desk.” He said, not wanting to give in too easy.
“I could kneel in front of the mirror.” The girl said.
Marc smiled. “Fine, but I want you to wear the cap, stockings and scarf from your uniform, so I can see exactly who it is that’s kneeing for me.”
When Maria finally knelt in front of him, wearing the few attributes and her red bottom visible in the mirror Marc felt as if he was in a dream. It didn’t take the girl long to make him come and lick his juices from her lips.

Maria was fully dressed again and there were no signs left of what had happened when she called for captain Reynolds – except that she still squirmed a bit when sitting down.
“I hope you had a good conversation with my officer mr. Reynolds.” He said when he joined them. “I must apologize for not making it in time myself.
Marc shook his hand. “It was a very… interesting, conversation.” He answered, making Maria blush. “Actually, she managed to convince me to drop my complaint.”
They talked a bit more, while Maria just listened in, trying not to blush or squirm in her seat too much. But finally Marc left and she was alone with the captain. “You did a great job, Maria.” He said. “You really helped the force today.
Maria blushed. “Glad to be of assistance.”
“I’m glad to hear you say that.” Reynolds replied. “I had an offer for you.”
Maria smiled hesitantly, his previous offer had her sitting sorely right now.
“I want to promote you to sergeant and make you head of the complaints department.”
Maria was too surprised to think, she was too young for such a promotion. “Why?”
“It will be your job to find ways to lower the amount of complaints we get, and if you don’t succeed at that it will be your ass on the line. Literally. But you’ve shown me today your ass can take it, so that’s why I want you for the job.”
Maria blushed. “What makes you think something like today could work again?”
“You were just an officer today, imagine if someone could spank the sergeant of the complaints department… There comes a nice salary with the sergeants badge as well.”
Maria hesitated, the leather sofa reminding her of her stinging bottom. Her desk-job wasn’t going anywhere. “Ok.” She said. “I will do it.”

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