My best friend’s father – pt. 4

Hello everyone

I finally finished the fourth part of my best friend’s father.
We’re nearing completion of the series, so I’m hoping you like where the story is headed.

It had been just one month since the start of their agreement and twice more Samuel had been given the opportunity to put his daughter’s best friend over his knee. Often he wondered if it was wrong of him to do this. But the girl obviously needed it, she had admitted as much herself. She was a grown up any way, so it was her own choice in the end. He often wondered if she enjoyed it, like she must know he did. It was an idle fancy, his emotions hoping there was more behind their relationship than there really was. He did his best to subdue those feelings, she was only half his age after all.
That’s why now he was surprised when Emma arrived at his door. She knew well that Jessica was at dance class and he knew they hadn’t had any school assignments or tests, for which she might come for a spanking.
“Hey…” She said when she entered. Even after all the time they had spent together, she didn’t really know how to call him. She quickly turned to sir on more formal occasions, but not now…
“Hello Sophie.” He replied. “Can I help you?”
She blushed deeply when she followed him to the living room. So Samuel imagined it was embarrassing. For a moment his heart sped up, wondering if she wanted a spanking after all. “Can I talk to you about something?” She asked.
“Of course.” He replied, fighting to hold back his curiosity. He tried to appear the reliable adult she needed.
“It’s kind of embarrassing.” She said. “I can’t talk to my parents about it… But since you’re used to seeing me embarrassed, I thought…”
“It’s ok.” Samuel replied. “I don’t mind seeing you blush.”
His words sparked her cheeks to turn even redder, but she bravely continued. “I’m going on a date tonight, with a boy, and it’s our third date, so I hoped you might have some advice…”
“Advice for a third date?” Samuel was confused, and strangely jealous that she was going out with some guy. He had hoped she’d wanted to talk about them.
“You know, the third date is normally when you… But I’ve never done that before…”
Suddenly Samuel was reminded of the film clichés and the meaning of her words became clear. “Sophie. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. Not even if you are on a hundredth date.” He said.
“I know, but I think I’m ready. I’m twenty one after all.”
Samuel smiled despite himself, he very much doubted his own daughter had reached adulthood as a virgin. “Do you like this boy?” He asked. “It is much more important to find the right person than the right time.”
“I think so…”
“Well, you wanted my advice, so I’m just going to say it. If he is the right person, you will know it. Until then I think it’s better to wait.”
Sophie nodded and a small blush returned to her face? “What if I can’t wait? I’ll be thinking about it all evening…”
Samuel laughed. “Well when I used to go on dates I’d take a shower before I left, to deal with certain… urges. Maybe that would work for you too.”
“Would you mind if I try?” Sophie replied, blushing scarlet.

She could hardly believe she was doing this when she closed the bathroom door behind her. As if asking her friend’s father for advice hadn’t been embarrassing enough, she now wanted to masturbate in his shower… While he knew!
But still she had felt more comfortable around him than if she had talked to her own parents. Actually she felt secretly naughty and excited because Samuel knew what she was doing. The water was hot by the time she had undressed and she didn’t wait long to aim the shower head at more pleasurable regions.
Her friend’s bathroom had a shower above the bath tub, which made it a lot more slippery than Sophie’s walk-in shower at home. She had to lean against the wall as she played with herself, but the cool tiles quickly warmed up. She tried to think of her date, but constantly she was reminded of Samuel, waiting for her downstairs, fully aware of what she was doing. The closer she came to climaxing, the harder it was to keep her balance. She felt herself slipping against the wall, but she could not stop. Then suddenly her feet slipped from under her and she fell with a heavy thud, pulling the shower curtain with her, the metal pipes that had carried it came crashing down.
Short moments later the door opened and Samuel burst in. “What happened?” He asked.
Sophie blushed deeply and tried to pull the curtain around her. Samuel might’ve bared her bottom before, but he had never seen her naked. She groaned reaching for the curtain however, wincing as she’d hurt her arm in the fall. It was no use anyway, Samuel hadn’t needed an answer to realize what had occurred and came to help. He turned off the water that was still running and pulled aside the fallen curtain. When he put his arms around her to help her up Sophie tried to forget she was wet and naked. Samuel was aware of her embarrassment luckily and quickly handed her a big towel she could use to cover herself with. “Are you okay?” He asked.
Sophie swallowed away her embarrassment and looked at the mess she’d made. “I’m okay.” She said.
“Don’t mind about that.” Samuel replied when he followed her gaze. “I’ll fix it later. You’re sure you’re not hurt?”
She nodded and Samuel left her to her privacy. Only then did she wonder how he had gotten there so fast. Had he been listening outside?

Samuel sat in the living room with his heart racing, remembering how Sophie had felt in his arms, hot, wet and naked. Perhaps he should’ve spanked her, for pulling down the shower curtain. But he had been too worried that she’d been hurt. When she got back later it would be too late, he had already told her it was okay, it had been just an accident.
Now she was out with her date. He hoped she would take his advice and that he would be the only one to see her naked that day. He had given her a wrapped condom to keep in her purse anyway, just to be safe. Oh how he loved to see her blush.

Later that day.
Sophie arrived late, Evelyn was already in bed. But Samuel had told her she could come over after her date, the ride to her parents would be much longer. “How did it go?” He asked when she hung up her coat.
“Fine.” She said with a blush and quickly ran up the stairs.
Samuel wanted to follow her, hoping to get more than ‘fine’ when he suddenly saw something that had dropped from her coat pocket. He picked up the empty condom wrapper and frowned. She hadn’t taken his advice… He had been a fool of course, thinking that she would. Still he followed her up the stairs, looking for an explanation though he wasn’t sure he wanted it. Sophie just returned from the bathroom when he got upstairs. “I take it you decided he was the right one after all?” Samuel asked, not wanting to ask where exactly they had done it.
Sophie blushed like she did so often. “I guess.” She replied, looking at the empty wrapper in his hand.
Samuel groaned. “You guess? Did you at least have a good time?” He felt himself becoming angry.
“Maybe.” Sophie fidgeted with her hands, not looking a him.
“You know, I think it was no accident when you dropped this.” Samuel said before he tucked the wrapper in his pocket. “You wanted me to find it, because deep down you’re ashamed of what you’ve done and wish you hadn’t ignored my advice.” A short silence followed and Samuel hoped dearly that he was right. He was rewarded finally by a nod of her head. “Well that’s a good start. Come along then.” Sophie willingly followed him back down the stairs.

Sophie’s heart was racing as she faced Samuel when he sat down on he sofa. He was going to spank her again, just as she’d hoped when she dropped that wrapper. But even though she’d instigated this herself, still she was slightly scared of what would follow. Scared and excited at the same time as he guided her across his lap. Excited and embarrassed just like when he had found her naked in the shower earlier that day.
That first smack was as stinging as ever and quickly she found herself moaning and squirming across his lap. It was always a wonder how she felt she liked it, despite the pain and embarrassment, but this time was no different. Her friend’s father reddened her bare bottom, making her moan and squeal and she could not get rid of that excitement that came with it. But as her bottom became truly red and he kept spanking, each smack harder still, she started to fear this had not been such a great idea. He had really seemed angry with her, he hadn’t even scolded her during her spanking like he used to.

Sophie’s bottom was bouncing on top of his knee. It was fiery red and he knew he was spanking her harder than usual. She deserved it of course, but secretly he knew he was being so strict because he was jealous, of what she’d done with her date. He hadn’t even taken the liberty yet to stroke her bottom, though he knew she wouldn’t have objected. When she told him she was sorry and promised she wouldn’t ignore is advice again, was normally the time he would relent. He didn’t, but kept the smacks raining down and the squeals coming. Please, stop. Stop!” She cried. “I didn’t do it, nothing happened.”
Stunned Samuel stopped the spanking and rested his hand on her glowing hot bottom. “You didn’t have sex, you mean?” He asked. Sophie had never lied to him before to get out of a spanking, so he didn’t think she would now. But then why would she had let him spank her for something she hadn’t done? Why had she made it seem like she had? He let her up, scrambling off his lap with a face almost as red as her bottom.
“I didn’t.” She said.
Explanations and possibilities were abundant in his head, but he asked. “Then why did you let me spank you? What happened to the condom?”
She seemed unable to look at him. “I just wanted you to think I had…” She said.
Samuel had to force back a smile. “Why?” Had she tried to make him jealous? He almost laughed, well if she had, she had succeeded. “Did you want a spanking?”
He could see her thinking, wondering how much of the truth she could safely hide. “Yes.” Was all she said in the end.

Samuel smiled when she had admitted it. But it had been easier to say she wanted a spanking than telling him she liked him and wanted to make him jealous. Suddenly she though that might have been why he had spanked her so hard and some of her embarrassment was replaced with excitement.
“Do you like being spanked, Sophie?” He asked and she felt he really wanted her to answer yes.
Knowing that, she felt more confident, the sting in her red bottom had faded to that after-spanking glow that always turned her on so much. “Yes sir.” She said, finally able to look at him again. She almost looked away again, there was such a hungry look in his eyes.
“Perhaps next time, you could just ask me instead of lying. Then I won’t have to spank you so hard.” He said.
Sophie blushed, if she asked for a spanking, it would really just be because she liked it and not for punishment. But she couldn’t pretend that she didn’t want to be across his knee every day of the week… Well perhaps not every day… “I think I can do that.” She said.
“Good girl.” Samuel said. “I’m glad you listened to my advice after all and are waiting for the right person.”
Those hungry eyes haunted her and the earlier spanking had her bottom aglow. With a courage she hadn’t expected of herself she leaned towards him and whispered. “I know who I want.” She said, finally saying out loud what she had been thinking all day. “But he’s much too old for me.”
Samuel took a deep breath as she leaned even closer, placing her hand on his thigh, almost unable to answer. “Hmm, well I must advice against that. If I find out you’ve gone to bed with someone so inappropriate, I will have to spank you again.” He finally said
Sophie crawled even closer, straddling his one knee, no longer able to contain herself. “I don’t care. I want him anyway.” She said.

Samuel grabbed her hips and pulled her on top of himself. He had already grown hard during the spanking and now felt himself press between her legs, with her panties missing from her punishment, only his own jeans and boxers stood in the way. “Are you sure?” He whispered.
Sophie was already grasping at his buttons, finally freeing him. She gasped softly when she finally held him in her hands, blushing softly. Suddenly she seemed unsure what to do.
“Get another condom.” Samuel said, she knew now where he kept them.
Reluctantly the girl climbed off and ran to the hallway. Samuel let out a deep breath. Could he really do this? He wondered. Sophie was his own daughter’s best friend and only half his age. But the way he felt about her wasn’t just like a father figure. He decided then to push aside all objections and just do what felt right. Sitting there with just his junk exposed felt weird, so he undressed. When Sophie returned he was fully naked. She blushed in surprise, but couldn’t take her eyes off him. “Do you want me to take off your clothes or would you rather do it yourself?” He asked.
The girl hesitated. Due to the spankings she must feel as a sub in their relationship – and he wasn’t planning on changing that since she seemed to like it – and was unsure whether that was a command or a suggestion. “I think it’s important that your first time isn’t just a quicky with your clothes still on.” He explained.
Sophie finally smiled and apparently decided she wanted to undress herself, as she slowly took off her clothes as he watched. Samuel had only seen her naked once before and was again aroused by her beauty. When she was finally completely undressed she quickly straddled his lap like before. Samuel had already made sure they were protected and softly slid inside her. There he stayed, letting her get used to the feeling of him inside her. Then he placed his hands on her still pink buttocks and slowly guided her back and forth. Quickly she started moaning and picked up the rhythm, it didn’t take much longer before he came inside her with a long groan.
“How was that for you?” He asked.
She leaned against him, her breasts against his bare chest. “Amazing.” She said. “Can we do it again?”
“Not now.” He replied. “I believe I warned you there were consequences should you decide to have sex with an older inappropriate man.”
Sophie blushed but cooperated quickly when he guided her across his lap…

Sophie lay gasping for breath over the sofa’s armrest. Her bottom was glowing red, Samuel had even used his belt on her poor buttocks. But in between his chastisements his fingers had made her come, twice. Now she was as tired as he was, and longed for her bed. “I just wish I could take you with me.” Samuel said and for a moment Sophie was confused.
Of course, she thought then. They wouldn’t want Evelyn to find her sleeping naked in her father’s bed. It was a soft blow to her mood that she would spent the night on a mattress on the floor and not in the bed of the man who had taken her virginity. “I’m too tired to do anything more anyway.” She said, trying to not let it show.
“Me too.” Samuel said with a smile. “Good night Sophie.”
“Good night, sir.”

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4 responses to “My best friend’s father – pt. 4

  • John

    Excellent story! In some future episode, Evelyn should catch her father and Sophie making love, throw a “temper tantrum” about it, and get a good spanking from her father for her lack of self-control. Then, Sophie should apologize to Evelyn for being so indiscreet as to get caught, and say that she also deserves a spanking, but that Evelyn should be the one to give it to her. Evelyn’s father will certainly enjoy watching.

  • Mr J

    Wow Emma. That was a great part 4 to this story. I loved it. And I must say that I love the direction the story is headed too. This is a spanking fantasy that is perfectly in tune with my own. Proper spankings and then the lovemaking that is the perfect and quite natural sequel. Terrific. Thank you very much again. And have a truly wonderful Christmas. 🙂

  • emma

    Thanks Mr J, have a wonderfull Christmas too.

    Lovely idea John, I already had something similar in mind, though I think I will keep to her father giving the spankings.

  • donandy52

    great if naughty story 🙂

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