Sinterklaas vs Santa

Hello everyone

Usually I skip the holiday posts, but for christmas I wanted to make an exception.
This time of year we get flooded with pictures of naughty girls turned over santa’s knee, instead of just sitting on it and telling him what they want for gifts. I do really like this fantasy. Santa knows when you’ve been good or bad, and it’s only naturally for us spanking enthusiast to imagine him spanking the bad ones.

But I have always wondered, is there any relation between Santa and spanking, outside our spanko fantasies? I want to make the comparison with a very similar holiday here in the Netherlands. On december the fifth, we celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ Or Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus are probably one and the same, they share their name and bring gifts and sweets to children at night through their chimneys. There are some differences of course, Saint Nicholas rides a horse, not a sled with reindeer, he’s from Spain, not the north pole, he’s not a fat man in red pyjamas with white fur, but a tall man in a red bisschop’s tabbard. But most importantly, he doesn’t have elves to help him, but manservants.

Why are these manservants important? Well, because Saint Nicholas doesn’t punish you with coal when you’ve been naughty, it’s his manservant that gets to spank you with a birch. And this isn’t just a spanko fantasy, it’s an actual part of the tradition. You almost never see it anymore, but when I was younger and Saint Nicholas came to visit you at school, his manservants carried around those birches and playfully chased the children across the playing grounds. I’ve never actually heard of anyone getting spanked, it is a children’s holiday after all. But the threat was always there.
Even now when they no longer carry them around, it still comes back, for examply in the children’s songs. One of the most important songs have a rhyme that goes: “Wie zoet is krijgt lekkers, wie stout is de roe…” Which roughly translates to: “When you’re good you’ll get sweets, when you’re bad it’s the birch…”

So that’s why Saint Nicholas is still my favorite holiday, even if christmas is now a widespread holiday here as well, under influence of American tv and such…
Please, if there is anything spanking related associated with the actual christmas tradition, please let me know in the comments, or perhaps share some other holidays/traditions you know of that gets your palm/bottom tingling.

Some pictures:

sint1 sint2


(You’ll see that Saint Nicholas’ manservant is black. I didn’t want to talk about this too much, because of the recent controversy about this. The general idea is he got black from the soot climbing down chimneys (Saint Nicholas doesn’t climb down himself), though historically it’s porbably more accurate that they were slaves. But this blog is about spanking and not about such politics)

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4 responses to “Sinterklaas vs Santa

  • Dave

    Some odd pictures there, I had never heard of the manservant theme before. A few Christmas morning spanking pictures for naughty girls who throw tantrums would be nice. Merry Christmas.

  • Mr J

    Thank you Emma. Very interesting. I had heard of this tradition before but not in the detail you have given here. Have a great Christmas with only ‘good girl’ spankings 🙂

  • JackRose

    Puts me in mind of Krampus. Krampus is the goatlike Christmas demon who comes to punish naughty children, but is thought to have his origins in certain Pre-Christian rituals, where young men would dress in frightening masks and act rowdy, including switching young ladies they fancied with birch wands. These are commonly believed to have a few purposes- one, acting as a sort of exorcism for evil spirits, and two, because young men like to switch comely young ladies with birch wands.

  • emma

    Hmm interesting, I did see a few pictures of Krampus popping up recently, but had no idea what it was about. This needs further investigation.

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