Taxi driver pt.2

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You’ve waited a long time for the second part of this story, but it’s finally here.

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The taxi driver pt.2

All day at the beach Mia had been thinking about the taxi driver and her agreement with him. When she had left in the morning there had still been a trace of red left on her behind, not hidden by her small bikini bottom. She knew it was only visible up real close, but it felt as if anyone on the beach could see. It was… embarrassing, but strangely arousing as well. The events of the day before had been too overwhelming at the time, the naked car ride, undressing in the street, strangers watching as she got spanked. But a slightly pink bottom at the beach when no-one could really see was different. It felt naughty and sexy, an actual turn on, and it put the earlier events in perspective as well. She could no longer think of the day before without getting horny.

The spanking still scared her however. Not the part in the beginning, when he used his hand, but the hairbrush, which had hurt so much. She had it with her of course, in her purse, along with the money she’d need to pay for the ride, she wasn’t going to forget that again.
He arrived at the taxi stop quickly after she had called him. She blushed when he got out of the car to open the door for her. Instead of reaching for the door handle however he grabbed her butt, squeezing her softly. “Well, at least you’re dry.” He said before she could react. Her blush deepened.
The inside of the car, the smell of the leather seats, it immediately reminded her of how she had spend her time there before, naked and later moaning and bawling. He arranged his mirror to look at her, though the view was slightly less interesting this day. For a second she wished she’d gone swimming before calling him.

They didn’t talk much during the ride, just the driver’s “we have some unfinished business” and her hesitant yet slightly excited “yes sir”.
The private place he took her to turned out to be an alleyway behind an abandoned warehouse. Still a public place, she thought, but certainly better than a parking spot beside a busy lane. It felt a bit like the faded pink on her behind, just enough to turn her on and have her dream of more.
The driver quickly joined her on the back seat and quickly put her in that familiar position across his knee. Her bikini bottoms were pulled down and his hand explored her bum. She wondered if he could see she was turned on and blushed. She hadn’t been before she knew, but this time she actually enjoyed the forbidden touch of a stranger’s hand on her bottom. “Just fifteen smacks, right?” She said as she heard him rummage through her purse for the hairbrush.
“Later.” He replied. “First you need a good warmup.”
Mia blushed but didn’t complain. She might be remembering wrong, but something told her the hand spanking had been slightly enjoyable. When he finally did hit her she did not squeal, but moaned softly.
He spanked her slow and steady, her bottom quickly turned hot and pink. It stung of course and waves of embarrassment hit her as she remembered she was not here because she liked this, but because she was being punished. Still those feelings of embarrassment came fewer and fewer as her bottom turned sore and stinging. The day before she would have done anything to make him stop, now she just wanted him to continue.

When he finally did stop she moaned softly. “Please don’t stop, not the hairbrush please.”
He rubbed her bottom teasingly. “Just a day ago you were sobbing across my knee and now you’re enjoying it like a naughty girl that loves being spanked.”
She blushed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to act like this…”
“Oh, it’s fine.” He said. “I’m glad I thought you something. Perhaps this won’t be the last time we meet… But now is not the time for fun. You still have fifteen strokes with the hairbrush to go.”
Mia blushed as she followed him out of the car. Would she really want to see him again? She wondered. If the hairbrush was out of the picture perhaps… definitely.
The fear for the hairbrush was diminished by the sudden excitement as he ordered her to undress. Nobody would see her of course, but there was no towel to hide behind. No-one to protect her either of course, she realised as she remembered her initial fears for letting him take her somewhere no-one would see them. His hand cupped her behind as she bent over the car’s hood at his instructions and then slid between her legs, playing with her sex. She moaned loudly, she wouldn’t really need protection, she thought with a blush. Why should she want someone to stop him from taking her right then and there? He stopped himself though and then she felt the cool touch of her hairbrush on her sore behind. Just fifteen, she reminded herself. But she squealed as the first one landed.
He landed them quick and fast, just as hard as the day before and Mia groaned and struggled to keep her bottom ready for them. Still, when he finally reached fifteen, she was not crying, even though she had been sobbing the day before. Had it been worse the first time, or was she already getting used to the use of an implement, she wondered. Still, with how her bottom burned, she didn’t think she wanted to ask him to use that brush should he ever give her an erotic spanking.
When he told her to get in the car she obeyed him quickly. Her earlier lust had been diminished greatly by those fifteen merciless strokes. She took her towel to wrap around her naked body, but stopped and spread it across the seat as she noticed him looking through his rear-view mirror. His smile made her blush, but she liked him watching, never mind the others that might see through the car windows.

When they arrived at her home she waited for him to open the car door. He could have given her her bikini, she thought. But he was obviously teasing her again, wanting her to dress in the street. Blushingly she handed him her towel and got out. He held it open forming the same triangular dressing room, the car, it’s door and her towel the only things hiding her nudity from the busy street. “My bikini please?” She asked when he made her wait.
A look of surprise passed over his face. “I don’t have it.” He said.
She blushed. “Didn’t you pick it up?”
“No, I thought you did.”
A look of panic crossed her face. “Don’t tease me!” She cried.
“I’m not… Here, take the towel.”
Blushingly she wrapped the towel around her body. Here she was, naked in a busy street with her bikini forgotten somewere in an abandoned allyway. The worst part was the towel was too small. When she pulled it up high enough to cover her breasts she could feel the cool air on the bottom half of her behind. She could feel the taxi driver’s eyes – and others when they noticed – stare at her bright red cheeks peeking from under it. He could have parked closer, she thought with a blush as she quickly strode the last hundred meters to the safety of her front door.

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