Naughty in public

Deserves a punishment in public.

Hey everyone,
We’ve probably all dreamed of taking our spanking fantasies out of the privacy of the bedroom and into a more public area. But lets not go as far as a public spanking yet. Sometimes you just want to show the world, this naughty girl got a good spanking (or is going to get one), so people know she got what she deserved. Let’s look at some pictures.

The first girl in our picture is learning the valuable lesson that an elevator is not a toy. Don’t press all the buttons just to annoy other people, don’t let it get stuck between floors and ‘up-down-up-down’ is only an appropriate motion for the hand that will be spanking her bottom, after everyone who frequently uses this elevator has seen she well get her just deserves. And when that is done she might re-assume this position with a redder bottom on display.


The girl in our next picture finds out that the store she tried to steal from has a different way of dealing with naughty girls. They don’t call the police, but deal with them theirselves and instead of an anti-shoplifting sign, they use the naughty girls red bottom in the shopwindow as a warning sign to others.


What if the girl you are mentoring deserves a good spanking, but you’re not around to give it to her? Imagine you’re awy on a business-trip. You could instruct her to spank herself, but that never really works as well as a real spanking. Well, the solution is simple, provide her with a plackard and when needed instruct her to display it and herself in a public area. Soon enough she will get what she earned.


This stewardess seems to have misbehaved badly during the flight. Of course the pilot can’t really come out to spank her mid-flight. So it had to wait until they reached the airport. With her skirt raised all the way through the long walk through terminal all the passangers she mistreated – and everyone else that happens to be there – will know she will not get away with her behaviour.


Our last girl got a good paddling and is displayed right at her home’s front door. This naughty girl must be a neighbourhood menace, everyone in the street knows about her and will be happy to know she finally is being taken in hand. Perhaps some of the neighbour’s she’s mistreated the most will even get the opporunity to use that paddle they’ve provided right next to her.


Hope you enjoyed today’s pictures, don’t forget to vote for the next set.

Soon there will be more stories, I’m a bit swamped with a large project this month.

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I'm not a bad girl that needs to be punished, I'm a good girl that wants to be punished. --- emma1001f --- twitter: emma1001sf --- facebook: / Emma Timor View all posts by emma

9 responses to “Naughty in public

  • JackRose

    Emma, I’m intrigued by the idea in several of your images, of inviting neighbors or passers-by to take part in the spanking of a naughty girl. A lovely image, and I have to admit I enjoy the humiliation aspect of the punishment.

    (Especially the third image, where the passers-by are implicitly being invited to take those cute panties down).

  • emma

    Thanks JackRose, and it really is an interesting detail that she’s left her panties on, but the sign clearly states a bare bottom spanking.

    • JackRose

      Well, while I certainly wouldn’t say anything against a bottom being presented bare and ready for punishment, there is something to be said in favor of getting to undress a naughty bottom ones self.

  • Mr J

    Lovely pictures and fantasies Emma. Thank you very much. I really like them all.
    I particularly like the first picture where I like to think the naughty girl’s boyfriend, or perhaps an irate hotel guest, is in the lift (elevator 😉 ), just out of sight. He will spank her bare bottom between floors so her bottom gets redder and sorer. Perhaps all the way up and down, stopping at each floor, will leave her with a properly spanked bottom. Especially if it’s a skyscraper!
    The air stewardess wearing just tights (pantyhose 😉 ) over her bottom is a great picture too. I think a long hard spanking over those tights will be just right because as you may know, Emma, tights keep the heat and sting of a good spanking in so that the after effects last longer. She should walk back through the terminal to her next flight just the same way, except this time of course her bottom will be glowing red through those sheer tights.

  • donandy52

    Love your stories 🙂 some class pics also !!!!

  • Mike

    This might be the first time in my life I’ve thought pantyhose looked good. Real good. Great.

  • PDBB

    Corner time; the idea that you can be be in *isolation* and observed at the same time. I’ve seen it used as punishment by itself (very effective when it’s of especially long duration) but as an adjunct to a spanking, both before and after, increases the associated pain of embarrassment at *having to be punished* in the first place.
    How many willful young ladies would risk doing what was was expressly forbidden if they knew the extent of the punishment and *exposure* that behavior would bring?!
    Could you not hear the lecture that went with the young ladies paddling in the last picture? “You want to go out running around and drinking to all hours and waking up the neighborhood”?! “Let them see how we deal with such behavior in this house”! “You’ll stay exactly where you are,like you are until bedtime and I don’t care who sees what”!

  • Re

    Unisex persons should be spanked not ladies.

  • emma

    Hey Re, I know there are many people who like male spanked bottom just as much as female spanked bottoms. It does nothing for me though and that’s why you won’t encounter it on my blog. 🙂

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